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Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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Sat Feb 13, 2016 8:53 pm

besides making the upgrade - then back out to get fuel problem revert back to default so it's faster and you don't die after buying a reactor because you were changing armor...

My personal games have the &dsDryDock do that + sell "dock items" ( basically I robbed the Adventure Outfitters and stocked the station so you can get whatever comes up for that system )

but instead of holding onto your old reactor until Hell Freezes over and you can sell it : the &dsDryDock will either buy it or comp you for it on your purchase ( the comp thing I forgot how to do, so I just have it buy the reactor off you )

One interesting note : Corporate Shipyards : I never set them up in .xml but they use the &dsDryDock and ONLY sell reactors :) I always found that cool .

The Regular station screens for category / sub-category :
the dock items / non dock items is cool :
makes it faster to grab stuff and get back in a fight..

but If I am looking for , say, just ammo , I don't want to scroll through a dozen guns and launchers......
could just be me being spoiled by the Merchant Emporium Mod ( which I adjusted for my personal games because of this ) , but it was a thought
Flying Irresponsibly In Eridani......

I don't like to kill pirates in cold blood ..I do it.. but I don't like it..

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