CSC Terra & Pacifica destroyed

Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:29 pm

While I am not going to go the route of saying they should respawn ( but I am sure it would be nice if a new CSC ( basic one that simply completes mission senarios) entered the system and took over the Military Interests in that system -- but not to take over the explicit missions for Terra .. those can die with the ship except for the Prototype test: they should seek to reclaim the weapon or remove it if the player wants to do that ) : but it might be nice if the player can not complete the mission by docking back at those ships, the next CSC docked with could greet the player with a text that completes the mission for the player and recognizing the loss of a destroyed ship & crew ....

If the Player is given a flight of ships to complete a mission with, those ships could simply report to the next CSC : either a " basic" one that gates in to cover the system or the next one located in the game when the player enters another system.

But it was nice that they stayed around because there was no CSC to report to: I eventually lost them to 2 Ares Shipyards located next to each other, they were outgunned.

the Defending Critical doesn't seem to work : I have never seen it work and have lost many CSC over many games to Ares Phobos ( which is fine )- last night I lost one to a Ventari station calling in patrol ships.

I think that the Defending Critical needs to made to work
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