Kinetic explosion, more powerful than I thought.

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Militia Commander
Militia Commander
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Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:56 am

I see some red blip in LRS, and it's Corsair gunship. Just one shot with my CM1 (the damage is same with Bolide blaster) and they all are killed. It's because the starship kinetic explosion, which instantly kill his teammate nearby. It's funny because it more like a newbie boost.

The light gunships is too weak at early level, and I feel it's little bit cruel for Charon, Anarchist, and Centauri. So, I suggest kinetic explosion damage should be set to 0, or at least 1 hp. So make the game more balanced.
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Fri Apr 08, 2016 6:09 am

The explosions seem fine to me. The centauti are a bit weak, but their weapons are decent now, and there's logical justification for their inability to effectively fight things that hit back. They could do to get a bit more speed, but other than that I'd say they're okay.

The Corsair I, on the other hand, could do to receive an armor boost - it'd be a lot more balanced for where it shows up and the missions it spawns in if it could take more than two hits from a freighter's omni laser. At present, they're a bit of a hindrance to the enemies they show up with due to friendly fire avoidance, and the escort missions in which they feature end up not even requiring player involvement.

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