Solar items increase reactor efficiency instead of refueling

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Remember that the original discussion here was about how we should not be encouraging boring-but-optimal playstyles. It's pretty boring to have to rack up as many of an item as possible so you can sell them for maximum profit; it involves a lot of tedious rearranging of inventory, stashing items on destroyed stations, etc. Much more fun if the station pays you the same total credits regardless of how many transactions it takes.

Actually ,(* Warning : Opinion ) All I saw was limited experience players conjecturing based upon limited experience.
( Opinion over )

Since I started 1 -1.0, both the game and players have change dramatically, the longer one plays and the different incarnations of the game one changes the player..they evolve.

Surely one will go into the phases of doing things....but like picking onions, it's not a life decision and you will eventually retire from it because the universe is so much more, the object of the game itself is much more then just one thing.

I have played many games where I raced to get a TurboLaser.....or headed into Ares Space looking for a Ringer station to kill up some goodies that I can take back to the lower levels and put on my ship.

Everybody will eventually let their ego rule their game : but eventually they evolve, some of the Great Names in the highest ranks were extraordinarily violent game players, wealthy missionaries, creative flyers, engine breaking battle Bots.....

( * Rhetorical questions follow )

Have you lost all power to the ship ?
Have you played the Worst Case Scenario ?
tried every shield in the game?

How many times have you been executed, arrested, shot by the Corporate Cruiser, imprisoned in the Penal Colony ?

There is much to do in Transcendence & if you Hear the Call of Domina..
and you want to make it to the core ... you will have to evolve.

In order for one to evolve in their quest to reach the Core : Players will have to go through the many incarnations of Self.

Time and Experience are your primary weapons when the universe expands before you.
Flying Irresponsibly In Eridani......

I don't like to kill pirates in cold blood ..I do it.. but I don't like it..

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