Interior Design (Dynamic dockscreen backgrouds)

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Interior Design (Dynamic dockscreen backgrouds)

Post by Xephyr » Thu Oct 20, 2016 1:20 am

I'm not entirely sure how much of this is actually possible in the engine, but I've started working on building some scenes to go with this idea.

Dockscreens showing the interior image of a station has been a long-standing suggestion for the game. However, this hasn't been approached much because of the immense time investment involved, among other reasons. I think we can composite scenes to recycle a few good interiors all across the board.

We would probably start with three generic images to start out with - One for friendly stations, one for enemy stations, and one for asteroid stations. These scenes would then have images composited over top of them to make them more unique. Aside from texture reskins, we would have images for items, ships, and people. And, probably the most versatile option, is to have a 3Dv projector in the scene to generate advertisements, maps, or other things relevant to the station.

More elements to add character like dangling wires, exposed conduits, missing plating, and ships in dry dock would be helpful in setting an atmosphere.

Setting it up like this allows for some unique opportunities:
  • * When the image is loaded, we check if the station has barrels or other items with graphics in their hold. If true, we add those to the image (and remove them when looted) [this would be super cool i think]

    * We check if a special character (eg. Admiral Decker) is on the ship/station and add them to the scene if appropriate.

    * We keep a mask of all windows in the scene and add in the correct space background, corresponding to the star system

    * We keep a small library of "hero shots" of ships, and add them in to the scene in dry dock if a matching ship is docked
Hopefully this would allow for enough customization to recycle a lot of full scenes, since they are very time consuming to build. I'll post progress here if I follow through with this.
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Re: Interior Design (Dynamic dockscreen backgrouds)

Post by DigaRW » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:09 am

That's surely will be nice, as the game looks like need more interior image for most station. I once have post an ideas like this, but forgotten in time.

I suggest the all faction have their own interior images, like Charon bases filled with much korolov cargo, Sung with their slave experiment, etc.
I also think it would be interesting if they have more than one images and randomly generated.
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