Let the Freyr specialise in swivel guns.

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Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:47 am

This ship is fun, but needs a tweak. Its big bonus is the Rasiermesser swivel mount, which means you should prioritise boosting up guns that take advantage of that. You don't need 4 guns. You need a couple of good Rasiermesser guns with different damage types.

However, it only has 2 device slots, which means you can't fit in the enhancers to do that. Slot one is going to go on a hold, as the basic cargo isn't much greater than a Wolfen. Slot 2 can fit an enhancer early on, but later on you will have an ICX or Longreach in it. The ship feels like an inflexible Wolfen, without the ability to specialise towards its swivel gimmick.

Considering the focus on Rasiermesser weapons, I feel the Freyr would make a lot more sense with one of the following loadouts:
  • 7 slots, three of which are weapon-only.
  • 7 slots, three of which can only hold weapons, one (or even two) of which can only hold a weapon enhancer.

That means it can mount fewer weapons than a Wolfen, but has the number of devices you need to have both an Valjor and a Thorin gun buffed up to the max.

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Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:59 pm

I like the spirit of this post - the Freyr definitely feels like a worse version of the Wolfen past the point where the Flenser finally stops being the best weapon in the game by far. Of course, the Wolfen is the most powerful starting ship by quite a bit, having heavy armor, the best speed, and a very small profile - you're probably right to focus on shifting the Freyr rather than buffing it.

From my experience, the biggest issue with the Freyr is the huge dropoff in the usefulness of Rasiermesser guns in late game. The 'sniper' blasters deal heavy non - WMD damage across long distances, but there aren't really any enemies against which this is useful. Almost everything we encounter is either light enough to swat with an omnidirectional gun(which lacks the falloff in usefulness at close range) or heavy enough to need WMD damage. The Thorins just aren't all that good, having poor enough range that the benefit of swivel is negligible and poor enough DPS that a howitzer is a better choice by far. On the flip side, the dual flenser is both affordable and spawns almost every game at some shop, and can annihilate anything in its region of the game with ease. The Ion9 is also pretty good, though it's quite a task to acquire - having Dvalin move between factories and letting the player donate to any of them would go a ways towards fixing that.

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:21 pm

I agree. Free up one of the weapon slots!

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Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:38 pm

Maybe it could give every fixed gun the current amount of swivel, and more for Rasiermesser guns?

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Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:10 am

Two non-weapon slots only really hurt for any gunship with less than .25c and 50 or less cargo capacity. Not just Freyr, but also Raijin and Spartan. At least in Eternity Port, neither Wolfen playership nor Elysium gate cheese are available. If Wolfen was available in Eternity Port, it would be my no-brainer gunship pick. Corporate Command playerships have to compete with the original three, and Wolfen beats Freyr in the things that matter (small profile, speed). Wolfen is fast enough to not need an engine upgrade (though being unable to get enhanced Titan or Megadrive without giving up either cargo hold or jumpdrive hurts a bit). Other gunships want cargo hold expansion, a jumpdrive, and an engine upgrade, but can only have two. It hurts so much I just opt for Wolfen (or Sapphire) instead. At least jumpdrive is practically useless in Eternity Port, meaning I just get cargo hold and a big engine for Raijin and Spartan.

I generally do not bother Raisermesser weapons. For launchers, nothing beats NAMI for early and mid-game due to how ubitiquous and cheap the launcher and missiles are, not to mention tracking. Plenty of enemies use NAMI. Most users of MAGs are generally friendly, not something I can loot from enemies with any regularity. As for energy weapons, I generally loot one from enemies, which usually means EI lasers. Flensers are good, but (at least before level-aware shops) they were hard to find when I wanted one and did not have better. Akans are good, but I dislike ammo weapons (mostly because ammo gets in the way of cargo space and inventory management). Thorins are okay, but I usually have better by then. I do not bother trying to get the Ion9. (Usually because I get jumpdrive somewhat early, dive to endgame subsystems, and spawn a high level weapon at a Teraton fabricator.)
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