Laser/particle diffusion

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Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:47 pm

Omnithermo in CC with the autofac and lithium booster makes the Phobos trivial to kill. It can be whittled down from within range with an APA that has speedloader almost as easily.

There's also the slow but easy method of taking out the main gun with an omni weapon and then just cutting through the rest of the hull with whatever.

That said, kiting definitely needs to be fixed. For something like the Phobos, just fixing the AI's issues with using its weapons at max range would be enough. For things like the Ventari, Huari, and Tripoli - class, more creative solutions(like those demonstrated by my teleporting Iocrym) are needed.

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Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:17 pm

Shrike wrote:Re: ...overabundance of kinetic resistance.
It is not so much overabundance is that attackers in important escort missions are Charon pirates who have either balanced armor (Corsairs) or kinetic-resistant armor (Vikings and others). In those missions, you need to kill the enemy quickly before they kill whatever the player needs to defend. Early-game enemies who resist lasers, like some Outlaws, mind their own business and can be fled from without consequence if player cannot deal with them. May be different in expansions where players may get sent to kill fleeing Outlaws, but without expansions, Charon Pirates and Battle Arena are all that really matter (after Arco is gone).

And since Charon Pirates are the most common enemy, that means player gets shot at with lasers much, plus the occasional missile. After Eridani (where Centauri dominate), laser resistance is very good to defend against pirates (and those evil Salvagers). Back when Tinkers used to make Solon shields at 50 credits a pop, I would get a Solon shield as soon as I got particle beams or a high-end kinetic (like RK15 or Flensers).
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