Commonwealth Mining Colony

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Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:34 am

with the event of the Outlaw Miners I have lost many Mining Colonies from repeated attacks by the colony on the miners : it's regen is only "1" and so long as it has a weapon, the weapon is a liability.

Now, naturally, the first response is to say "pull the weapon" : but I don't think that is needed....
the Corporate Command Mining stations have their own Sov maybe the Commonwealth Mining colonies could have their own Sov that is tolerant of the Outlaw miners that it calls up.
( since it is the station that calls them up....they could avoid shooting at the miners unless they are defending themselves. )

I think having their weapon is a good option for Pirate ships, etc...but attacking the outlaws it has called out is just begging to get swarmed by mining lasers.
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