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Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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Fri Apr 06, 2018 1:00 am

George took interest in a multiplayer environment for players to enjoy transcendence with their friends. My suggestion was to use some rogue-like templates, so here I will list some possible games to emulate to a certain degree.
  • The first game I thought of was 'Heroes of Hammerwatch'.
    • I noticed that you cannot move to the next level until all players are near the exit. This is important since there are multiple portals in transcendence and the players need to agree on witch sector to go to next and keeps the party together.
    • The enemies do not gain strength in power nor are there more of them. The game is simply easier since it is such a difficult game in the first place. This is something to consider changing as multiplayer may make the game too easy, and since increasing armor enemies is more difficult, multiplayer mode could spawn an increased number of enemies; at stations, during special events,and when spawning random enemies
    • If one player dies the remaining player must assist the fallen comrade to continue. I was thinking this could be implemented through stations. If one player has fallen the friend can go to a station and respawn the ally; loading from the last save(saves disable during combat) to continue exploring.
    • All loot is your own but spawn individually. This kinda bypasses the need for a trade system since enemies drop loot for players ~equally~ it should not be much of an issue.
    • Shops spawn items separately for each player. This helps to reduce the need for a trade system as well with the variety of stations throughout out the game.
    • currency is your own as well. This, I think, is a very balanced approach; and again, reduces the need for a trade system.
    This is, as of now, the ideas I have for a multiplayer co-op. Please, if you have more, and or better, ideas I am sure George would greatly appreciate them. I am supposing stating the game title and or the mechanic(s) you would like him to consider, this would be a good place for it.

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