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Post ideas & suggestions you have pertaining to the game here.
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Fri May 04, 2018 12:31 am

1- Civilian
2- Smuggler
3- Enforcer
4- Sindikat Member
5- Sindikat Lieutenant
6- Sindikat Lord
1- Lord Mihko
2- Aubrey- Dark hair, young, wears neo-linen suit, lord Mikho’s assistant
3- Aeron- Non-descript man you meet on Victoria, psychopath
4- Rama- Silver hair, wears armor under flight suit

Civilian- ‘The Nobody’

Mission 1- Smuggle illegal electronics onto the Arcology in St. Kats (Major, Location: New Beyond)
(Use this first paragraph every time the player clicks on “Talk to Station Boss”)
You walk into the office area of the Black Market station. The place is completely at odds with the rest of the unruly station, more closely resembling a military headquarters than a criminal hive. Several people are there working at desks, no doubt coordinating many less than legal activities across the system.

As you walk further into the room, a dark-haired woman, seated at a desk opposite the door, lifts her head from her work and glares at you. A shiver runs down your spine as your eyes meet the cold, brown colored irises.

“What are you doing here?” She asks the question loudly enough to draw the attention of two nearby guards, who begin casually checking the large and very lethal looking rifles they carry.

“I’m looking for work.”

“We’re not in the business of handing out sensitive operations to anyone who happens to stumble in here, now get lost.”

“Surely there’s something you could have me do.”

Smuggler- ‘The Mule’

Mission 1- Supply Charon pirates with weapons (minor, Location: New Beyond)
(Player is given a “Crate of turbolasers” weighing 25 tons, and is sent to dock with a friendly Drake-class, after docking is given a Korolov shipping container in exchange, chance have Marauders attack and try to steal cargo) (would assume, given the last mission gave the player a free smugglers cargo hold, that they would have some spare space for this mission. If not, I believe there is a system in place that makes exceptions for mission essential items)

Mission ?- Retrieve military grade weapons from militia (minor, location: New Beyond)
(Player is given encrypted cash card and told to meet with high ranking militia member to exchange for a military grade weapon, possibly have the militia member be Rama or implied to be Rama, weapon should either be a kiloton cannon or other object that says it contains a kiloton cannon, chance to have the exchange be a militia ambush, if the player leaves the system with the weapon the Black market becomes hostile and sends bounty hunters, mission meant to imply trade route later on in the game where you can use your militia member discount to make money)

Mission ?- Rescue Aeron’s raider from militia (Major, Location: New Beyond)

Enforcer- ‘The Hound’

Mission ?- Protect Hierarchy double agent (Minor, Location: New Beyond)

Mission ?- Raid Corporate Hierarchy Convoy carrying artifacts (Major, Location: New Beyond)
(Player is tasked with retrieving valuable artifacts from a Corporate Hierarchy convoy, is given a disposable missile pod filled with a small number of either powerful radiation missiles or adapted neuro-plague missiles, convoy is heavily defended with several corporate Ronin’s and Signi’s, player will coordinate the attack with several friendly Charon frigates,)

We’ve managed to get information from one of our spies within the Corporate Hierarchy

Mission ?- Hunt down Corporate spy (Minor, Location: New Beyond)

Mission ?- Recover artifacts from Charon pirates (Major, Location: New Beyond)

Muffled yelling could be heard from Lord Mikho’s office, disturbing the purposeful and focused calm of the Black Market headquarters. You enter to see Lord Mihko, his jaw set angrily as he sat studying the void out his window, as well as a furious Aubrey towering over his desk, grasping the edge as if trying to crush the polished ebony with her grip.

“… kacking pirates.” mutters Lord Mihko.

“We can’t just let this go,” shouts Aubrey. “they’ve crossed the line.”

Lord Mihko turned to her, his cool collectedness meeting her fiery fury. “The Charon pirates have allowed us to operate widely with little accountability, I consider that just as valuable as any ancient artifact.”

“And what about the next time?” She retorted, not calmed in the slightest by his demeanor. “If we let them get away with this, they’ll never respect us again.”

“Waging war across an entire system is not an option!”

“Simply cutting ties won’t work, they know too much!” Aubrey lowered her head, sounding as if she had explained this point many times before. “They’ll expose our operations to the Commonwealth and laugh as we are torn apart!”

“Enough!” Lord Mihko stood, emphasizing the finality in his voice. “This isn’t a decision we can make rashly.” He glances at you for a second before moving to stare out the office window again. His back to the both of you, he gestures a taught, dismissive wave. “See if you can find where they’ve stashed the artifacts and get them back.”

You quickly clear out of the doorway as Aubrey nearly runs you over in the process of storming out of the room.

Mission ?- Crush the Charon pirates with Aeron (Major, Location: New Beyond)

(Player arrives in Charon system, Charon pirate raid on Korolov will have to no longer start automatically, Create invisible radius around Korolov, Spawn Aeron halfway between edge of radius and Korolov)

You hail Aeron’s Raider as your ship pulls up beside it. His face appears on your screen, showing an almost joyful expression. “<PlayerName>! You always have the perfect timing. I’ve just finished setting up our little operation here. I bet you’re eager to blast some pirates.”

“How are we going to track down every Pirate base in the system? That asteroid belt is massive!”

Aeron holds up a data pad that appeared to have a map of the Charon system on it. “The headmaster of that Korolov shipping station was more than happy to provide all the intel they had on the system. If it’s good, we’ll be able to catch most of them.”

“Are you sure just the two of us can handle every pirate ship in the system?”

“Don’t worry, Commie boy/girl,” Aeron smiles proudly as your ship’s proximity alert begins wailing, picking up hundreds of incoming pirate vessels, all bearing down on the nearby Korolov Shipping like a ravenous pack of wolves. “their ships will be occupied with something else.”

Sindikat Member- ‘The Albatross’

Mission ?- Raid Sung slave camp with Aeron to “rescue” slaves (Major, Location: Ungoverned Territories)
(Player and Anton raid a slave camp to get sung slaves to decode psionic artifact, turning on Anton and defeating him causes him to suicide run into camp kill slaves)
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Some nuances not yet explained:
1. "Commie boy" refers to the player being part of the commonwealth not being a communist
2. Black Market is actually a Ranx front within the commonwealth with the goal of disrupting sensitive military and civilian operations to nudge the Commonwealth/Ares war in favor of the Ares.
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Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:36 pm

Thanks for posting this. Despite advancing to Lieutenant through lots of smuggling, I've never been offered a mission other than the delivery to St. Kat's (which I was offered twice, lol). I was wondering if there were more missions.

Do you know the state of Black Market missions in the new beta (1.8b4)? I'd really like to see them developed further.
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Tue Dec 18, 2018 8:03 pm

There have been some small changes to the BM in the latest beta's but there still is only one mission.

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