Minor issues/glitches, and a major one (1.08j)

Bug reports for the different beta versions of transcendence.
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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:03 pm

Hello, it's another old-timer again. Wooo! Xenophobe's harder thanks to the shorter omni-ions!
Anyway, darksider reporting...

1. Docking clears the on-screen messages, which is sometimes annoying
(the game has improved so much and there are various one-liners now, so it's been a non-issue but I think it is sort of problematic now)

2. Game doesn't save the current scale of the system map screen (while the HUD status toggle is correctly stored)

3. Sometimes items with the seemingly same quality still don't stack
(like "an TeV9 Blaster" and "3 TeV9 Blasters" in different panes, though it happens less often compared to 0.99c, I don't know why)

4. It seems that Salvagers don't use the ICX missile defense turret (Okay, I admit I don't want them to use it, honestly)

5. You can have rewards from Korolov Shipping multiple times (not infinitely though) after promoted and then demoted
(not really an issue anymore since they are not particularly useful now)

6. Doing 2 missions (or more) at the same time (i.e. Korolov and a mining station, 2-3 mining stations, Huali and Militia)
only updates one mission pointer and sometimes confuses the player or game itself.

OK, most of the above are non-issue I guess, and here is what I found super-rare but kind of critical anyway.
At St K, I visited a container habitat and donated some fuel rods for "better equipment" information.
The station said the Sung slave camp (the only one in the system as far as I know) has a Makayev launcher.
And I got the coordinates but not interested in the weapon anyway.
So I went straight to Militia HQ. The mission was to destroy the slave camp.
Fought and destroyed the camp and returned to the HQ, the officer says "You haven't completed your mission!"
Um, what am I supposed to do then?

Fleet Admiral
Fleet Admiral
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Wed Oct 17, 2012 7:26 pm

darksider wrote:3. Sometimes items with the seemingly same quality still don't stack

This can happen when a hidden stat in one item is different that that from another otherwise identical looking item, such as when an item gets ionized then ionization wears off, or when an item uses charges as an all-purpose counter, such as the Jotun deflector. This can be exploited to bypass buying limits.
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