A few newbie questions.

Ask any question about playing and surviving in the Transcendence universe. Newbies welcome!
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A newbie questions but i
must know .
Hey since you have newbie as a
topic and i am the new guy i wil
just paste my q here( have to
start somewhere) any why as i
was reading i was like wtf is a
super charger call me stupid but
from my very limited car
knowledge i would think is it like
super speed upgrade and seeing
that is it way better to boost the
speed them the damage because
like with the x-ray laser or lazer
depending on your spelling from
3.5 to 5 is 1.5 that gives you 30%
boost right off the bat then you
can the lazer comulater that
pushes you x-ray to 105% extra
so you get 41 damage times 2 so
a direct hit is 82 damage so what
would a super charger weight in
at ? Oh and this could be made a
topic what is better speed &
device chargeing vs. Just
boosting the weapon damage i
would really like to know what
the rest of my allie transcendence
fans have to say i wil be standing
by for your messages
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A newbie questions but i
must know .
Ok now for round 2 where can
one download all transcendence
expantions , upgrades , newest
game releases and so on ps who
can tell me where i can get these
awesome ships that show just
below the player name and rank
in that format ?
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Re: A few newbie questions.
A supercharger forces more air
into the combustion chamber of
an engine and generally
increases torque dramatically at
the cost of lower fuel economy,
since the supercharger is
powered by the engine itself
rather than by waste exhaust
gases like a turbocharger. As for
how it would relate to a starship
weapon, it would probably
increase the rate of fire more
than a weapon optimizer but it
would take more energy to fire.
Here is the latest version of
You can get Transcendence
mods here:http://xelerus.de/
I believe the ship icons next to
our posts change as we post
more, so if you stick around then
it should change.
Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:54 pm

ok thanks for that but i skiped the hole thing what is does exactly in a car because it was just a shorter why to ask my Q but thanks for the rest i know the ship pictures wit change if i post enough times to earn it but i asked where i can download then since it is posible to get some the rest are like protected if i can say so

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