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Lone Wolf's
Hey guys! So what do you do when you're bored? Write strategy guides, ofcourse!
So I've written this guide by pouring all my Wolfen exp into a single page. Its by no means perfect (nothing is perfect, btw) and its appreciated if you add any points I'm missing or your own exp!

* * * * *

Huhu! So you think you can pilot the Wolfen (the ship of Gods) and make it to the galactic core? WRONG! Not because this ship ain't capable of doing that (believe me, its more than capable), but because the Galactic Core isn't coded into the game yet :P

WOLFEN, An Introduction:

As of vanilla game, the Wolfen is the fastest, meanest, and most kickarse piece of metal you'll ever meet.
The Wolfen has aggressive style (are those claws or canines?), small size, and quite some agility. By "agility", I mean that even without any modification, it can easily beat an entry level thruster. The Wolfen also sports a top class turn rate (so you can deliver those pi-ka-boo moments to enemies). This turn rate, however, is a double edged sword. It poses a problem to first timers (and some veterans as well) as they find its quickness difficult to control. But if you get adjusted, the game won't pose a problem! Also, the cargo space in the Wolfen is quite limited (35 tonnes to be exact) at first, but is expandable to 100 tonnes. If you like :D
The Wolfen has 8 device slots, 4 of which are purely for weapons. The remaining 4 are for those devices, so use em wisely!

Equipment Analysis

The Wolfen comes loaded with a Dual Laser Cannon. While its not da bomb, the power it displays in early levels is commendable. Its also pre-armed with a NAMI Launcher, which gives you a tactical advantage early in the game. In a nutshell, the Wolfen is made to kill!

For defences, the Wolfen comes with a Hull Plate Ioniser shield generator. In early game, most of the enemies use Kinetic and Laser. While this shield is great against Kinetic damage, its a bit weak against laser. So, its adviced to change it with a better one at first chance.
For armour, we have Light Plasteel. While essentially cardboard, it does quite well with early game challanges. It has larger resistance towards Laser, so it complements the shield generator. It has 60HP. You can (and must) change it for something better. Even Solar Armour works!

The Wolfen comes with the default 10MW Wolfen Reactor. Its also adviced to upgrade it to a Nova 25MW Reactor around the 3rd system.

To top that off, "This is the ship Wolfy uses to hunt Phobii"
Now thats quite something!


So here are my (or rather our) tips-n-tricks to make you a Wolf(en)!

1. Get the hang of it! If you won't, you'll die. Transcendence ain't Dark Souls, but its nearly as punishing! People tend to die quite often while playing the game. Like 20 times! So if you don't want to die, and get the score on the Top List, you better practise!

2. Learn space management! The Wolfen doesn't start with much cargo space, and if you think that you can work around by expanding it to 100T and packing it up with loot, it'll only nerf (decrease) its agility. And THAT we don't want! So to keep tugging at a minimum, I advice that you target only 1-2 stations at a time. Visit markets often. AND GET FILTHY RICH!

3. The Wolfen has 4 device slots. So you better put them to good use! Always have different weapon types in your sleeve at the same time. Its like owning pairs of socks! But instead of labelling them "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc" you label them as "Dogfighting, Station Busting, Genocide, and making things go boom!"

4. Try Hit-and-Run tactics! The Germans (badarse people) called it Blitz. It involves (in Trans) hitting the accelerator -> going guns blazing -> killing as many as possible -> quick looting -> running away -> repeating!

5. Watch the recoil! Large weapons, like the Howitzers and Archcannons have a tendency to cause quite some recoil to light ships. They can slow you down severely (if you fire where you're going) or change your direction (you can definately use it to pull some dodging stunts)! So use them wisely!

6. Never stay down! Always keep moving (unless docked) when using the Wolfen. Its beauty lies in its speed. And what use is speed if you don't use it?

7. Using +Fast Fire Omnidirectional weapons can be useful in the Wolfen. It lets you dodge and shoot at the same time.

8. Never get Stealth Armour or Inertialess drive!

9. The IM90 Multitarget Cannon is quite useful with any ship. Especially the Wolfen.

10. Equipping fast firing over heavy hitters can be a boon for you. Find a weapon with both, and you shine!

11. Mining isn't quite that profitable with the Wolfen.

12. Gain proficiency in 1-on-1 fights. You'll be singling enemies out often!


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