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Sat Jun 30, 2012 7:08 pm

I have a bio-tech starship type planet (manual says I have to have starship level for starship type, but it is not true). I don' know penetrator technology.


The planet is very bad designated, it doesn't produce any ships. 30% of the planet "is building" starships, but in fact this 30% is wasting. The planet builds defense (GDMs etc.) but I think defense is not building from starships factories. Because even agrocultural, trillum mine etc. worlds can build defense and they don't have shipyards.

Another example:


Almost the same population and efficiency, the same techlevel (this is the same planet), so this planets (let's say they are different planets) must have almost the same industry points. But the planet on the right side builds only 114 satellites. Why? It doesn't have to build ships and other defense (it doesn't know techs to build starships and it has the optimal amount of GDMs and Ions) all factories can build satellites. The planet on the left builds so much more stuff!

I don't say it is bad, I just describe what I have discovered. Maybe it will help some beginners.

That probably means base planet (b) is always better than independent planet (i), because b can build LAMs for free (not at the expense of the other stuff).

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Yeah, Anacreon is based on optimizing planets, so I'm not surprised that you can maximize production that way. Although now I'm wondering why you aren't focusing on spamming jumpship fleets at this point D:
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As you can see from the modifiers, you should be pulling chemicals or supplies from that planet and bringing them somewheer else for use. Don't even worry about ships.
Also note the right site has a Low+ Revolution whlie the left has none.
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