Another Infantry Error (Not so epic)

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Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:16 am

So here's what happened. I had an eldritch fleet attacking a planet. Once the planet was cleared I moved transports in. But as soon as the watch ended, instead of moving the ships just...disappeared. :shock: Along with all onboard troops. This has happened twice in the last hour, costing me hundreds of thousands of transports and a full tenth of my ground forces on Beta. Needless to say I'm getting a little annoyed... :x

I suspect that it's another lag-related error like the one that allowed my to wipe a few ten thousand space forces out of existance with 600 eldritch, :mrgreen: but it may be game itself if anyone else is experiencing this. Why do i get the feeling that karma is making up for my earlier success? :roll:
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