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Wed Aug 19, 2015 6:51 pm

Because planet specialization extremely boosts ship production efficency, there is no way to have a decent planetary defence without huge sacrifices. I suggest to add a planetary defence designation which would allow to export an arbitary proportion of planetary defence produced on the designated planet to other planets.

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Wed Aug 19, 2015 7:28 pm

It's probably currently impossible to defend any specific individual planet against a mature empire, since big empires can assemble jump fleets so overwhelmingly large that they will eliminate all planetary defense structures without taking appreciable losses and can only be realistically harmed by another jumpfleet of similar size or by a painstakingly-assembled starship fleet, which is unlikely to be able to catch said jumpfleet.

A mature planet that has been dedicating like 80-100% of labor to defense structures for weeks on end will still go down against a big jumpfleet without causing significant losses, and I don't see how letting multiple planets export defense structures to other planets would substantially change this equation.

Existing planetary defense structures would remain vulnerable even if they could be exported because they don't enjoy any range advantage against Eldritches and will continue to get first-strike annihilated by Eldritch swarms.

Exportable planetary defenses already exist, in a sense- some players have used starfrigates in this role with varying levels of success. Starfrigates have attrition rates comparable to or better than defense structures and, most critically, enjoy a significant range advantage over them.

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Fri Aug 21, 2015 2:56 am

By the way to any who see this, the website appears to be down again if anybody knows how to contact George.

Ok. As Watch tv says, the best defense right now is starships. You can never protect all your individual planets against a mature empire.

1st, use trading hubs.
2nd, connect up your trillium, hex, and consumer worlds to the hub.

3rd, click on your trade routes and adjust the percentages. If 2 trill worlds are connected to a hub, that hub will import 50% of its needs from each world. If you set one trade route to import 25%, the other will automaticaly adjust to 75%. Go in and set the amount to import to 999%. Let the Hub suck up and stockpile all the resources. To this for the Hex and consumer worlds too. The trill world will use what it needs, and export all the rest to the hub. Same for other resources. Do this for every world in the network. Once you manually set a percentage, it will stay that way even when you change the other trade routes. This stockpiles resources at the hub, so an enemy can't come in and snipe your trillium worlds and screw everything up. The hub will have enough stuff stockpiled to export for a few days.

4th, Now you can ignore defending the trill and consumer worlds. Just take them back if conquered. Defend the hub, the sector capital, and the foundation. The best way to do this is to have a starship world nearby, and park your starship fleets on the worlds you need to protect.

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Fri Aug 21, 2015 6:10 am

An interesting strategy; I shall have to try it, once we get a new start.

I usually keep as many staryards as one or two component autofacs can support, then split the ships between 2-3 trillum, one foundation, and the sector capital. Alternatively, I say "the heck with ships" and instead defend my capital with overwhelming numbers of ground forces. A mature capital making IBGs can support a standing army of a little over 5000 ground forces if managed correctly and troopyards can make far more.
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