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I have this grandiose idea for Anacreon and that is script trading. Tired of micromanaging bases? Then buy a efficiency script. Ugh! That jerk keeps using jumpships to attack while I'm sleeping. Then employ a citadel defense script! All for the better.

What are scripts?
In Anacreon terms, they are lines of code that affects the game play. That includes features that haven't been implemented yet. For example, marauding pirates would be a new problem in the next update, so buy a script that gets you prepared against these marauding pirates.

There are a variety of scripts; however, a player can only have a certain number of scripts. The number of scripts a player has depends on their Status Quo that I will discuss later. A sector capital can have their own script. The number of scripts depends on many variables, but let's just use tech level for now. A script that is employed by a sector capital can only be applied to the region that the capital controls. If there are overlapping regions, then sector capitals are ranked by priority or its regions would be divided among the sector capital.

Status Quo is the nation's rank in the galaxy. Ranks are divided based on a player's influence. If they are strong enough, they can influence other players and take control of their nation indirectly. A higher ranked player can always influence a lower rank player. The ability to influence varies on technology and population. A Regional Power of 300 billion will have a much harder time influencing a lower power of 800 billion than an upper power of 300 billion. I believe in order for a nation to gain the next rank, a nation would need a script or be recognized by several powers. Otherwise, the potential power would require lots of time to attain the next rank and thus will miss out on lots of benefits.
Superpower, Great Power, Regional Power, Upper Power, Lower Power, and Minor Power.

Scripts can be traded through many things; however, scripts cannot be bought from a store. Otherwise, players would just buy the strongest scripts. This would give payers a huge advantage over other players, so it wouldn't be unfair for casual players. So scripts can be traded at regional markets. If a player wants to get a script that is in a faraway trade depot, he has to send a fleet to gain that script. The path would be treacherous without a proper escort fleet. There would be raiding pirates who won't recognize your influence in that region, so they will harass your fleet no matter what size. Or perhaps, players could set up an ambush to prevent one nation from gaining a prized script, because they themselves cannot afford the script.

How a script should be implemented in-game:
1. Make a script.
2. Copy + Paste to a box.
3. The box would evaluate the minimum value and adjust it based on inflation.
4. Player would then decide if they want to sell this script for in-game money or premium currency. Premium currency can be exchanged for real life money at a deficit. For example, $100 for 3,000 premium coins, but 3,000 premium coins for $10. The player decides how many scripts he wants to be premium and how many he wants it to be free.
5. Multiple copies of the script will be sent throughout the galaxy. The value determines the quantity.
6. The player would receive the copy of the script his/her self. The player can sell it or bound the script to himself.

If a player bounds a script to himself, then the player cannot trade the script. However, the player can unbound the script at a great price. This is to prevent exploits and unfair trades. Scripts have an expiration date to prevent issues, such as an invulnerable player that has been afk for months.

That's what I can do for now. I will write more once I have more stamina. Please comment below.

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