Sudden uncontrollable civil wars?

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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Mon Aug 15, 2016 11:38 am

So the Imperium has fallen :(

No matter, we will rise again as always. Logged on to see my economy down the shitter and half my worlds in civil war. Not worth the trouble to reclaim them but I am wondering where I went wrong with the economy?

Imperium was churning out hundreds of ships per watch then suddenly almost every world seemed to have a shortage of luxuries and durable goods. No resource worlds were conquered and I didn't attack any smaller empires either.

Yes and I'm a veteran so I know my stuff, played both Alpha and Beta I. But this IS the first time I've tried building an Autocracy-like cluster... and failed miserably evidently. Oh well, lesson learned.

So... any tips from the (formerly) great Autocracy? Or Watch TV (your guides are great btw!)?
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Commonwealth Pilot
Commonwealth Pilot
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Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:45 am

it sounds like you had a trillium shortage that spiraled out of control. As you develop your sectors, you can have problems as they mature, for example.

A. You set up a new sector capital with a hub and a foundation. You connect up all your worlds and have plenty of resources. BUT, as you raise the tech level of your worlds, they require more resources. You can also have the same problem by building hab structures. You can build a bunch of hab structures, come back 2 real time days later, and all of a sudden a bunch of worlds went from having a 5 billion population to 8 or 9 billion.

B. Say for example you conquer a new area, and you have to designate a bunch of tech level 2 or 3 worlds to get them up to tech level 5 so you can build a space port and connect them to other worlds. Say you did this by designating them consumer autofacs. Several days later, when you got that world up to tech level 9 and made it a jumpyard, it might have several million durable goods and other resources left over on the planet. When you connect it to the hub, it will draw on its own stockpiled resources first, making you think the hub system is ok, up unitll the stockpiles run out and you find the hub doesn't have enough for everybody. This can take weeks to play out.

Basically the needs of a group of planets will keep going up as you raise tech levels and build structures and designate ship yards. Make sure you have plenty of slack. I'm guessing you were producing as much trillium as you needed and not much more so a hiccup in the system caused a cascade failure.

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