Were some bugfixes from Alpha 4 never commited or reversed?

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Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:19 pm

The Alpha 4 changelog from 2013 reports the following changes (among others):
  • Fixed a ligature bug in Firefox ("ffi" was displaying as a block).
  • Combat groups now attack targets of opportunity.
  • Fixed a bug in which orbital defenses where not attacking.
The ligature bug is still present in Firefox and Chrome and also appears on the Ministry page for Anacreon (follow the first URL in this post and search for "ffi")

In Beta II, combat groups still do not appear to attack targets of opportunity.

The description of the orbital defenses bug is a little vague but in Beta II satellite-type defenses do not attack hostile wings under certain circumstances and they don't fire on ships that are orbiting lower than the satellites.

My question is: were some of these fixes implemented but then subsequently removed from later releases? The absence of opportunity fire in particular results in very poor combat performance battles by unit types with short firing range (Sirius, Stinger, explorers, all ships armed with missiles) that are not manually controlled by a player. These units are already extra-vulnerable to planetary defenses due to their short range, and during ship-vs-ship combat they spend considerably less time per orbit firing their weapons because they are in range for shorter periods (they spend more time maneuvering into range and less time in range and firing at their target) and the absence of opportunity fire prevents them from exploiting a target-rich environment to compensate.

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