Infantry defection mechanics

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Infantry defection mechanics

Post by --Imperator-- » Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:21 am

How difficult would it be to reduce the infantry defection chance? It's just that it's too easy to capture defecting infantry in ground battles and players can end up with MORE infantry then they started out with in some cases. If this is an easy tweak of some numbers like the ship stats, any chance we could have it this release? Thanks!

I propose:

1. Imperial Guards should fight to the death. Where's that fanatical devotion to the one true Empire etc etc.
2. If regular infantry are confronted with other infantry but in greater numbers they should fight to the death.
3. If infantry are outnumbered by armored infantry or exotroops, they have a 50% chance of surrendering.
4. If armored infantry are outnumbered by exotroops, they have a 50% chance of surrendering.
5. Exotroops never surrender except to greater numbers of exotroops.
6. All units have a 50% chance of surrendering vs. Imperial Guards.


To put it more concisely: Infantry never surrender when outnumbered by the same class, but have a 50% chance of surrendering when outnumbered by a higher class, where exotroops > armored infantry > ground infantry. Imperial guards always keep fighting to the end AND have a 50% chance of capturing other infantry of any type when they win a battle.

In case the logic for these changes would be too difficult to code, could we at least make the defection chance 50% overall for any ground battle scenario?

What does everyone else think?
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Re: Infantry defection mechanics

Post by starxplor » Fri Mar 10, 2017 6:49 am

It would also help to not have to swing through with more transports to pick up all the left over troops in case they decide to revolt and join the opposition to my new GLORIOUS ruling of their puny world... sorry, a bit off topic, ha!

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