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Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:35 am

Recently I'm having people spawn next to my empire, take out a few undefended worlds and abdicate shortly afterwards. Namely "Federation of Sol", who even had the same capital name as me (Terra) for a while, which is why I'm guessing it was deliberate. This is getting quite annoying especially since it's an excellent method for trolling with little to no consequences (except wasted time, maybe?). Probably something to be addressed in future iterations of the game. Perhaps a cooldown timer on the abdication option after attacking a larger empire unprovoked? Or this timer could scale in proportion to the Imperial Might difference between attacker and defender.

Edit: upon further thought, it seems this still wouldn't have much of an effect beyond obligating the larger defending empire to take the trouble of sending out a fleet to annihilate the potential troll empire, essentially having the same effect as abdication except with extra work being done on the part of the victim.

A better solution might be to prevent spamming new empire creation/abdication from the same IP address? This would dissuade trolls from respawning their empire until they get close enough to their target, as well as preventing legitimate players from spawn-scumming good starting world locations (although I must admit I was guilty of this myself as I re-spawned my empire until I could get the "good" strategic nebula-locked starting capital world :wink: )
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