Request for help from Era 3 players

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Thu Dec 07, 2017 3:25 am

I am working on a mysterious secret project that I hope will make strategic planning easier for all players, but I need access to a complete galactic map and I don't currently have an account with a fully-explored galaxy.

If you are a player in Era 3 and have fully explored the galaxy, could you follow the following steps (per 6cef):

Log in to the game in Chrome
Press Ctrl-Shift-I to open Chrome's developer tools.
Go to the "network" tab.
Reload the page. You see a bunch of output in the dev tools pane.
Probably at the bottom, see the getObjects entry in the "Name" column.
Right click and select "Copy response".
Paste this output into a text editor and save as "output.json", PM it to me and let me know in this thread.

I only need one person to do this. Note that I will only using some of the data in the getObjects response and that information about your empire, fleet positions, efficiency, etc. will not be used in the project.

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