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Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:26 pm

The AoFk is pleased to report that the so called "Vassalization Fleet" of the the empire of the false earth has bean brushed aside whit few casualty's then the attrition faced by the fleet in moving to reclaiming the handful of worlds that were lost in the initial assault. and with the destruction of approximately 1/6 of there jumpfleat the AoFK is will to let the Imperium surrender with the fallowing terms for now

1) The renaming of there capital to Mote, and the revocation of all calms said planet being earth. all enlightened minds know that the true home of humanity is under AoFK control.

2) The return of Londor District to The Saxophon Traders Union, such a peaceful and kind people should not have to suffer such needless cruelty.

3) the ceding of all reaming clusters to the Aofk, her ally's, Vassal's, and any other power that that might join in to scavenge from the corrupted bloated carcass of the Imperium.

the rejection of this treaty, will be meat whit stronger demands as time passes.
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Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:35 pm

...Delineating Targets
...Aligning Polaron Beam
...Aligning Entangled Pairs
....Begin Transmission

Hear the words of the Auroran Hegemony:

Behold, the terrible face of war when two great powers clash:


True to its word, the Hegemony has struck a blow against the Imperium, destroying 3 million Eldritch and damaging the ship producing worlds in the Imperium's outer clusters. The Imperium soon surrendered and attempted to negotiate a new non aggression treaty. Since the Imperium has proved unable to keep to a treaty, the Hegemony will take a different approach. The Hegemony will now publicly states that it will not launch an attack against the Imperium so long as it keeps to the following terms demanded in the surrender:

- The Imperium will stay North of the Great Rift
- The Imperium will stop trying to turn minor powers against the Hegemony
- The Imperium will respect the sovereignty of the AHGHN worlds.

The Hegemony will enforce these terms with the only thing the Imperium respects, raw force. The Hegemony will not be the first power to kill trillions by starting an all out galactic war to the death, but it will be the ones to finish it.

Despite it's recent defeat, the Imperium has managed to somewhat recover its fleet loses by looting the rotting carcass of the Gospel of a New Century, bringing their jumpleet up to 4 million Eldritch and an impressive 7 million Minotaurs. With it's proven history of warmongering and still powerful fleet, it is well to remind the galaxy that the direct translation of the Auroran word for peace is "period of rearmament before the next war."

In other news, the Auroran Hegemony now has an official flag, making it superior in yet another way to all the other flagless powers:

Here end the words of the Hegemony, return to your designated work tasks or be killed slowly over several cycles by experts.

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