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Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:55 pm

I am doing some planning on implementing sets and have run into a problem. onInstall gets called whenever something gets put on the ship even when first created.

So when something is added you need to go through the sets to check if any match. (onUninstall is a simpler case and uninstalling is rare enough not to care) The problem comes from there could be lots of sets and lots of armors and devices on a ship for example the xenophobe ark. This would cause the creation of a ship to become slow.

Are there any ways to speed it up without over riding all the ships?

edit: just had a thought when first installed onto something an item makes a list of all possible sets it can belong to and use that so you don't have to check every set every time it is installed just the ones the item belongs to. This would save some time but would like more idea on how to save even more time. 8)
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