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Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:43 am

A playership based on Fiona's Scorpion gunship.
AK15 Partisan cannon, NAMI launcher and Solon shield.

Also has the circular HUD elements as used in the Benedict mission.
Thanks to xephyr for posting that info.

More info.
The scorpion already has a large or HeroImage in the game so no new images were needed for this mod.
The circular armor HUD uses the first image in the 40/120 facing playership image so no need to make an armor HUD.
If large images are available in the HD expansion then this makes it very easy to make playership mods.

Notes on making a playership mod with these circular displays.
You need to install an exisiting reactor or make your own as the reactor HUD uses the image of the installed reactor. If you rely on the game to generate a default reactor no image will appear.
No need for armor segments or <ShieldDisplay> code. Auto-generated by the game.
The file is only 100 lines long. Much easier to modify with your own specs.
Hugo's Armstrong-class transport should be easy to convert to a playership because there is already a HeroImage.
EDIT: There are also large images for the Asterion Heavy Gunship, Elixir Megayacht and the Sisters Hand Of Domina EI700 if anyone wants to make a playership for them.
Scorpion PlayerShip.xml
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