The Official Download is 1.6.4

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Sun Nov 27, 2016 4:42 am

I learned this today :() LOL

Anyway, I know that as a new player seeking out the Forums and maybe Mods after finally finishing a game in one piece ....
I did see there were Mods for several versions ( which I did not have at the time ) And being as I did not know what those other versions might hold when I barely escaped the one I had..... get the idea...

So, I was thinking of re-visiting 1.6.4 and looking for things to do an .xml with .
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Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:12 am

OK. It took a while for this to click for me.

What sjf is politely saying is if you put apiVersion="29" or higher in your mod, anyone using the latest stable version, 1.6.4, from the Kronosaur website or (I assume) Steam can't play your mod. The API for 1.6.4 is 28. Anything higher gives a (no-doubt dreaded by now) "[Requires a newer version of Transendence.exe]" message and disables the selection box.

Thanks, sjf, for pointing this out. I'm working through my mods now and will reupload them to be available to as many game versions as possible. I'll include info on what version or above is required to play the mod so people don't have to download it to find out,

Note that some mods use functions or images that aren't included in earlier game versions. eg the Scorpion GodPlayership obviously needs the Scorpion images so can't be used in version 1.6.4 because the Scorpion images didn't exist then.

Nice work, shane.

EDIT: Of course as soon as I work this out George releases 1.7 as the new stable version. :roll: Back to the drawing board! :lol:

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