Playership dockscreen color customization

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Tue Nov 29, 2016 4:53 am

A quick example of what is now possible with playership dockscreens.

From the API 30 ministry post by George.

Dock Screen Customization
API 30 allows a player ship class to customize the look of the dock screen elements. The <PlayerSettings> element can have a <DockScreenDisplay> element, which specifies images and colors to use for the dock screen. The <DockScreenDisplay> element has the following attributes:
⦁ backgroundImage: The UNID for the background image to use. It should be 1280×528 pixels in size. The default is &rsDefaultDockScreenBkgnd;.
⦁ contentMask: The UNID for the mask used to paint images. It should be 1280×528 pixels in size. The default is &rsDefaultDockScreenMask;.
⦁ textBackgroundColor: The RGB color of the background area behind normal text.
⦁ textColor: The RGB color of normal text in dock screen.
⦁ titleTextBackgroundColor: The RGB color of the background behind the title.
⦁ titleTextColor: The RGB color of title and header text.

See the image for color variations from this code in the <PlayerSettings> section of the Scorpion playership.

Code: Select all

		backgroundImage=		"&rsWhitePlateDockscreen;"
		contentMask=			"&rsDefaultDockScreenMask;"
		textBackgroundColor=	"#b63718"
		textColor=			        "#f7ffc6"
		titleTextBackgroundColor=	"#feff00"
		titleTextColor=			"#008000"
The white plate dockscreen is one of xephyr's textures resized and cropped.
The colors were picked at random from the Transcendence_Source code. Search "color=" for more.

Note the ship's stats are not visible nor the PageUp or Esc descriptions, but I don't know much about masks and stuff so not sure what's happening there.
Dockscreen color variation (800 x 480).jpg
Dockscreen color variation (800 x 480).jpg (91.5 KiB) Viewed 1451 times

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