Help with art direction for character portraits

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Thu Dec 15, 2016 2:00 am

I've been creating character portraits for my upcoming adventure - Since there's only four characters, its a good place to start, rather than tackling all of vanilla. We can't say for sure how humans should look in the game. The only instance, currently, is a couple frames on the trading post advertisement.

Transcendence is generally semi-photo realistic - that is, things aren't particularly stylized. Unfortunately photo realism is about the hardest thing to do when you're painting or creating a 3D model. I'm not sure if we should aim for 100% photo realism, or else modders might not be able to match up to the art style (should portraits ever make it into vanilla).

That said, here's one of my attempts (still a WIP). Would you say this is a good direction to take? 3D sculpting is time consuming but ultimately allows a lot of freedom, especially when we consider neohuman and alien portraits.
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