something Always bothered me in Starton Eridani

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Fri Mar 17, 2017 5:53 am

And that "something" was always the distance the furthest station was in the Arc.

Code: Select all

<!-- Container Habitat -->
<Siblings arcInc="110-121">

<!-- Container Habitat -->
<Siblings arcInc="-110--121">

The rest of the stations are about Ranged at around 13 apart - except for these two endcaps.
Sooo, I tightened it up by reducing them to 88-90 on each and it's a nice tight look.


Sorry about sounding like a guy that cares about the drapes...but Fuel Use is still Fuel Use
and If the Player doesn't have to go that extra thrust........
Flying Irresponsibly In Eridani......

I don't like to kill pirates in cold blood ..I do it.. but I don't like it..

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