thanks to giantcabbage and George for debug console improvements

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Tue Oct 03, 2017 3:32 am

I was overjoyed at one of giantcabbages's contributions which greatly improved the debug console. See
This magnificent piece of work made it much easier to edit code in the debug screen. Among other features it allows you to to fix typos in your code inside the line of code without having to delete everything after the typo. It also allows quick navigation to the beginning or end of a line of code with the Home and End keys. Many thanks for this.

What I had missed was this additional contribution. See
This is another outstanding addition. The easiest way I can think of to describe it is as a menu, hotkey and description for every function in the game.
As an example, instead of typing in "scrAddMinorAction" all that is now needed is to type "scrA", press Tab, type "M" and then press Tab again. The function "scrAddMinorAction" is then automatically printed into the debug screen.

Not only is this much quicker, it also completely removes the chance of typos (which for me was always very time consuming).

Even better, once the function is autoprinted to the debug console, pressing Tab again brings up the function help text for that particular function. In this example:

(scrAddMinorAction screen actionID pos label [key] [special] code) -> True/Nil

Wow. Thanks again and again. This is truly excellent work and I have also seen more ideas for improvements as well. Well done, gc. And also George for pulling these into the game.

Also thanks to:
AssumedPseudonym/digdug for the function list for every version,
digdug for the changelog,
xephyr (and possibly others, not sure) for the additions/updating of the wiki, and
whoever updates the function help text. I don't know who you are but it is appreciated.

All of this has made modding much easier. Thanks everyone.

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Sun Oct 08, 2017 2:48 pm

Glad you liked it! Tab is probably one of the most used keys on my keyboard ;o)

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