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Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:05 pm

Thanks, the terminology can get a bit confusing sometimes.
I'm hoping to do some more git work in the next couple of days.
George accepted/pulled/commited/merged (which is most appropriate term?) my pull request a couple of weeks ago.
Since then this has happened twice:

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Merge branch 'master' of https//
So I think I need to (quoting NMS elsewhere) "update my offline copy ("local repository")" "to keep my fork up to date with changes to George's master version".
The easy way to do this is use OxABCDEF's code from a post above:

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;This adds all the commits from kronosaur/master to your local master without requiring you to keep an annoying merge commit.
git rebase kronosaur/master master
Is that right?

After that will I still have a branch called 'master'? I assume a 'master' branch is always present but I'm not sure.
For info, if a pull request from another branch, say called 'othercommits', was merged by George does that delete that branch? If not, is it necessary to delete the branch or can it just sit there or be reused?
Apologies if the questions seem too simple but I find I have less time online for git work than I anticipated.
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