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Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:43 pm

 Multiverse is now an option for uploading mods, but there’s a catch: They have to be in TDB format. Fortunately, there’s a utility provided by George to create TDB files, called TransCompiler, which is included with the TransData utility. The ZIP archive for TransData can be found here. Once you have that, you’ve got what you need to make a TDB version of your mod.

 TransCompiler can be a bit of a finicky beast, much like Transcendence itself. The setup is the hardest part, but fortunately it only needs done once.

 Obviously, you’ll need to unzip the archive, but my suggestion is to not unzip the archive into the Transcendence folder. I’ll get into why momentarily. Unzip it into Downloads, Documents, your home folder, or somewhere like that; I recommend just using your home folder, and it’s what I’ll be using for this tutorial. It should decompress into a folder named TransData containing TransData.exe, TransCompiler.exe, and a README file. The nest thing you should do is copy the Transcendence.tdb file from the Transcendence folder into the TransData folder. (I’ve had weird results with having multiple copies of Transcendence.tdb in the Transcendence folder, even when tucked into subfolders, which is why I suggested keeping the TransData folder elsewhere.) With that done, you’ve got the basic setup done.

 When you’re ready to make your mod into a Multiverse-ready TDB file, copy it and any files it needs into the TransData folder. This includes graphics, sounds, XML files, and the like. If any of the files used by the mod are in a folder, copy the folder over. Basically, you want to put a copy of the mod into the TransData folder in the same configuration as it would be in the Extensions folder.

 Open a command prompt window and type the following:

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cd Transdata
 You should see something like this:

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 To create the TDB file, type:

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TransCompiler.exe /input:ModFilename.xml /output:ModFilename.tdb
 Everything should compile and give you a TDB version of your mod.

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error: Unable to open 'Transcendence.tdb': Unable to open file: Transcendence.tdb..
 This means you either did not make a copy of Transcendence.tdb in the TransData folder or you did not cd to the TransData folder before trying to run TransCompiler.

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error : Unable to open 'Graphic2.jpg'.

C:\Users\YOURNAME\TransData\ModFile.tdb - 1 error
 This means that a file used by your mod did not get copied into the TransData folder with the rest of your mod, or that it was not where TransCompiler expected it to be (possibly because it was in a different folder inside the Extensions folder). The TDB file compiled without it, but it will cause an error trying to use the mod in the game.

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error : Line(56): Invalid entity: unidName
 This will happen if your mod uses UNIDs not defined either in Transcendence.tdb or your mod. It means there’s either a typo in the mod or the mod relies on a UNID defined elsewhere (which, to be fair, I didn’t cover earlier). Try adding a copy of the file that defines those UNIDs to the TransData folder and adding “/entities:OtherFileName.xml” or “/entities:OtherFileName.tdb” to the TransCompiler command.

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Wed Sep 27, 2017 1:23 am

Thank you.

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