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Discuss the community, including forums, xelerus, wiki, chat, and trac.
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This board is for the discussion of suggestions, policy, and ideas for the various community gathering places, including the Official Transcendence Forums (these forums), Xelerus (our mod hosting website), our IRC chat channel on freenode.net, the Transcendence Wiki, the Transcendence bug tracker, and any other community sites we have!

As a part of our community, we value your input, suggestions and ideas! So please, voice your thoughts on how things are going, what could be used, and how you think the community could be improved!


[We would also like to recommend the use of our IRC channel (see: http://wiki.neurohack.com/transcendence/wiki/irc for details on how to access it), as it is a great medium in which to give your input, and in real-time!]
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