Strange forum bugs (non-critical)

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Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:20 pm

I've noticed a couple of odd, non-critical, issues with the forums. First is the most annoying, which is that sometimes, when I log in, I get shown as logged in in the 'who's online' member list, though I'm still not actually logged in. This bug ends up removing the 'unread post' markers, thus posts end up evading me. This is an issue I've had with numerous phpbb2 forums when using mobile browsers, but only recently has it been cropping up with normal browsers (IE, FF & opera have all been affected; I have not tested any chrome-based ones or any others)

Second is less of an issue, but I noticed that a number of old posts aren't showing up in people's postcounts correctly. I was browsing the member list to see who I knew (because I was bored and had nothing better to do while I wait for some HDDs to format & I dont have transcendence w/ me) and came across an apparent anamoly. Felekar, who had the honor of starting the formerly longest thread on the forums, the UNID thread, I had thought originally only had 2 posts on his post count; the statistic now read three. Intrigued, I went to his profile to view what posts he had made, to see where this phantom post arose from. I was amazed that there were actually /15/ posts that he had made, 12 of which were not recorded for no apparent reason. Thus, this leads me to the conclusion that my count of 285 active members (287 now I believe with a couple new members?) [which I was rather wary of as being too low to begin with] was actually off target; it may have been too low. I've seen this happen on other phpbb2 forums, so it's not a single issue here.

And now for some random trivia that has been bugging me simply because I'm that kind of person (same sort of thing that motivates me to fill in and flesh out the plot)

Oh, lastly, who is this? They have an email public @ neurohack... I assume this is a test account? ... rofile&u=3
And where did the real user #2 go?
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Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:35 am

Another issue I have is that the forum will not keep me logged in indefinetally (and I still have teh cookie too)

Also when I log in the forum logs me out right away. :/
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Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:27 pm

Just a couple days ago, when I would open a thread or change forum topics, it would go to a white page displaying some error code about the forum. Reloading would fix it and bring up the page I wanted but it was annoying. I notice today it hasn't done it at all though. NE1 else have that happen to them???
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