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Sun Dec 10, 2006 4:38 pm

I've not played Transcrendence for ages, or posted any mods in a while, but 0.97a is a brilliant upgrade in that it's given me some fun new ideas, specifically for multiple turret weapons etc to fit on large modships.

Usually IMO, a smaller ship works out better, as larger modded ships like the Raid Platform are too slow, and don't get multiple omni weapons like the AI do, so wind slavers etc tend to eat you for breakfast. Plus, the IM90 is currently the only weapon to exploit multiple targeting.

So, here are my first weapons:
The AEGIS Mk1 Defense System.
It's a dual omni laser that can shoot 2 targets.

The Vinkan Cannon:
A thermo minigun that fires at targets in a 40 degree arc to the front of the ship. It has a slight bullet spread and suffers from overheating.

And also a link to my Red Dwarf theme ship, because I like it. If anyone could do any Red Dwarf themed graphics, I'd love to use em. ...

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