Haunted Starship

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The New Beyond, Human Space

Somewhere in the space, which is the place that Earth can't reach it. Darkest space, but adored with thousand stars and nebulas, without pressure. The New Beyond, a zone where the human space bound together building their life, far from wars between Commonwealth and Ares. Though still fearing Charon Pirates, raiding every freighter in their route to trading

One of many freighter ship is Queen Nova, an EI-100 type ship, travelling alone to stargate that leading to Charon system. Leaded by Captain Nathan Caphman, with his daughter, named after the ship, Nova Caphman, and over twenties crew joined his journey.

Suddenly, enemy ship detected in radar. Two Viking and a Corsair-II in their sight, and the battle can't be avoided. Queen Nova is shooting at pirates, fight them to survive, or at least scare them. But seem laser cannon even not matched the pirates armors, and the Viking's Turbolaser is quickly depleting their shield.

Not have any chance, Captain Nathan immediately order his men to escort Nova to the Escape Capsule, but she refuse.

"No! I not leaving you, dad!"

"But I don't want lost you like your mother did!"

Suddenly, a missile launched by pirates hiting the ship, right on captain cabin. Leaving a big hole, empty pressure making crews including Nova pulled to the space. Nova doesn't wearing space suit, her blood quickly slowing. Within few minutes, she surely will dead.

But then, a briliance white light flashing her eyes. She woke up in middle in space, covered with strange glowing purple light. Strangely, she even can breath in space. She then watch by herself when pirates launching missile to her ship and explode.

"Dad!" She cried as she see the ship become a wreck.

She then cover her face with her hand and crying. In her grief, she began hearing strange voices whispering her ear. Soft, but clear.

"Don't cry, child."

Nova open her eyes, and see nothing but a briliance light. Then it burst into a glowing platform, connected to wreckage of Queen Nova.


She began to walk in platform to her ship. Arriving at starboard, she touch a cold hull of ship, then sinking to inside of the ship. Queen Nova's engine then became alive and then begin traveling to nowhere.


Three months later

A group of Ronin are travelling together in Charon system to st.Katharine system. Before they reach a stargate, they saw something.

"Hey, look at that!"

"Looks like a wreck of EI-100, maybe there is goodies that useful for us. Let's check it out."

They then go to wreck of EI-100, which there is name engraved in it's body, Queen Nova. As they dock the wreck, they began search anything that survived. But only scraps and device that seem damaged that can be found.

"Have you find anything?

"No, not yet. Looks like Salvager has take it before us."

"So then, we should leave. We wasting time here."

As they arrive in their ship, they hear a strange sounds from Queen Nova ship. And then, Queen Nova ship begin moving. They suprised and freightened, in fact it's impossible a wreck even can activating drive thruster. But now they are see it in real.

Queen Nova began travelling to somewhere else. Suddenly, a briliance light emerges from inside it, and then Queen Nova disappear.
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