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Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:26 pm

The AoFk is pleased to report that the so called "Vassalization Fleet" of the the empire of the false earth has bean brushed aside whit few casualty's then the attrition faced by the fleet in moving to reclaiming the handful of worlds that were lost in the initial assault. and with the destruction of approximately 1/6 of there jumpfleat the AoFK is will to let the Imperium surrender with the fallowing terms for now

1) The renaming of there capital to Mote, and the revocation of all calms said planet being earth. all enlightened minds know that the true home of humanity is under AoFK control.

2) The return of Londor District to The Saxophon Traders Union, such a peaceful and kind people should not have to suffer such needless cruelty.

3) the ceding of all reaming clusters to the Aofk, her ally's, Vassal's, and any other power that that might join in to scavenge from the corrupted bloated carcass of the Imperium.

the rejection of this treaty, will be meat whit stronger demands as time passes.
Diplomacy is the art of saying 'Nice doggie' until you can find a rock.
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Wayward Device
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Militia Lieutenant
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Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:35 pm

...Delineating Targets
...Aligning Polaron Beam
...Aligning Entangled Pairs
....Begin Transmission

Hear the words of the Auroran Hegemony:

Behold, the terrible face of war when two great powers clash:


True to its word, the Hegemony has struck a blow against the Imperium, destroying 3 million Eldritch and damaging the ship producing worlds in the Imperium's outer clusters. The Imperium soon surrendered and attempted to negotiate a new non aggression treaty. Since the Imperium has proved unable to keep to a treaty, the Hegemony will take a different approach. The Hegemony will now publicly states that it will not launch an attack against the Imperium so long as it keeps to the following terms demanded in the surrender:

- The Imperium will stay North of the Great Rift
- The Imperium will stop trying to turn minor powers against the Hegemony
- The Imperium will respect the sovereignty of the AHGHN worlds.

The Hegemony will enforce these terms with the only thing the Imperium respects, raw force. The Hegemony will not be the first power to kill trillions by starting an all out galactic war to the death, but it will be the ones to finish it.

Despite it's recent defeat, the Imperium has managed to somewhat recover its fleet loses by looting the rotting carcass of the Gospel of a New Century, bringing their jumpleet up to 4 million Eldritch and an impressive 7 million Minotaurs. With it's proven history of warmongering and still powerful fleet, it is well to remind the galaxy that the direct translation of the Auroran word for peace is "period of rearmament before the next war."

In other news, the Auroran Hegemony now has an official flag, making it superior in yet another way to all the other flagless powers:

Here end the words of the Hegemony, return to your designated work tasks or be killed slowly over several cycles by experts.

L.W., Windsor
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Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:16 am

Report of 4388

Empire Report:

War has returned to the Galaxy. After a slow start the Alince of Free Kingdoms picked up a few viruses along the way and their systems began to fall one by one to the onslaught of electronic warfare. Today has been a blood day. The Hegemony attack under false pretense of defending the Alince, but it was only a ploy to close some gaps in their defenses and build another cluster in the Western part of the Galaxy. None too tricky, but what can be done at the moment. Perhaps disaster has been averted, perhaps not. Time will tell.

War Report (short):

The war with the Alince has gone well. Windsor scouts report such an abundance of Hexacarbide that we will not need any worlds outside of the war region. Spectators place the estimates at over 500 Million Hexacarbide. I am positive their numbers are on the low side because not all of the worlds have been assessed. As a result, the empire of Windsor and L.W. Windsor accept the unconditional surrender of the Alince of Free Kingdoms and will cease our attacking of worlds within the greater Alince empire. Those worlds within the war zone are now under the control of Windsor, in order to be properly solidify the empire. We shall now proceed to ignore the indistinguishable crease of fear that grows thick upon the brow of the Hegemony and continue to build the HIC. Warmongering tactics will not dissuade us from our Hexacarbide ambitions.

Galactic Report:

The Bugs seem to have returned. Although I heard a faint rustle of something a few days ago, I dismissed it as the leaves on the trees. I'm sure that is what is was, just wind in the trees, because so far I have seen no bugs. Maybe the empire of Windsor is only nieeve, but never the less we will prepare in some way... Perhaps bug zappers at Star-Mart?

L.W., Windsor
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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Sat Apr 21, 2018 9:02 pm

Terran Propaganda Broadcast III and Declaration of War:

It is the 47th Cycle of the Imperium's foundation, and dark times are now upon us. Greater powers once again threaten our sovereignty, and we stand ready to answer the call to arms. It is said that history repeats itself: true words indeed as on this day, the Imperial Legions again assemble to rain destruction down upon those who would seek to do us harm.

This cold war with the Hegemony is over. They have attempted to curb the exponential growth of Imperial fleet power by attacking our shipyards, out of fear that their long-time rival would ascend from being merely the second greatest power to displacing them as the Apex Predator of the galaxy.

Heed this warning: the Hegemony is a tyrannical oppressor, its bloated mass occupying over a quarter of the galactic volume south of the Rift. Not to mention their so-called Galactic Highway Network looming menacingly over every smaller power's capital. The Auroran regime claims to promote order and stability in the galaxy, but in reality promotes only their Hegemonic dominion above all. Placing jumpbeacons throughout space in such a manner as to encroach on every single empires' territory, providing them instant access to core worlds while those same empires have neither similar access nor the means to challenge them, is simply an injustice that can no longer be tolerated.

This ends today. So begins the Last Great War, the War To End All Wars. I, Imperator Eternal, Highlord of Terra and all her colonies, Lion of the North, and Liberator of the Galaxy, do solemnly and officially declare a state of open warfare between the Imperium and the Auroran Hegemony.

It will NOT be a war of annihilation. We will capture a number of capitals and hubs to drive our point home, but will not seek to capture every single sector capital. The Imperium's grievances have been made clear in our casus belli, and we will accept nothing less than an unconditional surrender:

1. This war will continue until the Hegemony relinquishes claim on all AHGHN worlds. Anything outside of a cluster is forfeit and must be either surrendered to the Imperium, or to a lesser power.

2. The Hegemony's domain shall be confined to the South East. Their two clusters: Citadel of the Dawn and Serpent Gate north of it are forfeit, as is all the territory to the West they conquered from the late Q. These must all be offered as gift worlds to other empires.

3. Nothing resembling a galaxy-spanning network of beacons with infinite reach shall ever be constructed again.

The building of this "highway" all over space is a travesty and a menace to true peace and stability. We are returning to the barbaric ways of past Eras where an empire lives or dies by the strength of its jumpfleet alone. How can other empires be assured in their dominions with the everpresent threat of Hegemony jumpships lurking in the shadows? The AHGHN will be demolished, and balance restored. I shall make it so.


Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:30 am

Fire, Fire, Fire;
Streaks of golden light,
Rays of cosmic waves crashing through still dead night.

Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:51 am

Here are some meaningful words spoken unto the Auroran Hegemony.

The Bug King, King of the Bugz and Emperor of Aelion does hereby decrees Auroran Hegemony, who is Wayward Device, you may have no more than 500 worlds, till era 4. George knows when that is.

We the Bugzzzzzzz have returned from the underside of the Universe, it was a bit chilly, and with the superior might of the combined forces of Imperium and Bugz threw you down. You are down.

Aururan Hegemony, you are charged with having Hegemony. Bad.

You are charged with having highways. Bad.

You are charged with having free citizens. Also bad.

From this day until the 4th era you will be subjected to Imerpiums decree or else be spanked, and by spanked I mean have your fleets turned to chard carbon, your worlds bombarded into oblivion and your "free citizens" banished to the corner until they apologize for being free!

As the rare occasion permits, we are allied "temporarily" the Imperium. We will not destroy your empire or aspire to do such. Unless you abdicate, then we will be gleeful. Otherwise, you are permited to subsist on what worlds are left of your tattered remains of an empire.

You are officially banished from the Nebula.
You are officially banished from the West.
You are officially banished from the NE above the rift.
You will remain with no greater than 500 worlds.

Failure to comply will assure destruction. Fleets in the Bugshpere will be eliminated with extreme prejudice.

We will go now, upon our return, if you have more than 500 worlds there shall be no place in the galaxy for you to hide. There will be one term: extinction.

The Bug King
Fire, Fire, Fire;
Streaks of golden light,
Rays of cosmic waves crashing through still dead night.

Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Sun Apr 22, 2018 6:01 am

The first Cycle of the Great War was a resounding success. Imperial legionaries conducted themselves admirably on the field of battle, unwavering as the formidable Auroran forces broke upon their lines.

Total casualties on the Imperial side add up to some 500k Helions and 100k Minotaurs. In contrast, the Hegemony has lost 500k Undines, 100k Gorgos and 50k Megatheres in direct combat alone. The count of fleet losses from civil war, rebellions and defections remain unknown, but are estimated to be staggeringly high.

In an astonishing turn of events, the Imperium's "ally" Windsor revealed themselves to be led by the Bug King, who even created a separate persona as L.W. Windsor to add authenticity to the deception. Very impressive! This far surpasses all the underhanded tactics employed by the Imperium to date. Whether this conflict was planned and prepared for all along, or even instigated by them is unknown. The motives are clear, though: revenge for the destruction of Mercutio many cycles past. The old saying, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" has proven true on this day.

This situation places the Imperium in a precarious position, however. We had hoped for a swift conclusion to the conflict and planned to accept the Hegemony's unconditional surrender within the cycle. But the Bug King/Windsor advocated for the total and complete destruction of the Hegemony, and only recently amended terms to limiting them to 500 worlds.

The Imperium does not condone genocide. It is reasonable, despite being uncompromising in its quest for ultimate dominion. We have achieved our goal of weakening the Hegemony's economy to the point where they can no longer hold the position of Alpha Wolf, while ensuring their AHGHN was also demolished. Now, our fleets shall withdraw to fortify Terra against the coming storm.

We will seek peace with the Aurorans under the (non-negotiable) terms outlined above. If they accept, then this Imperium formally withdraws from the Great War and leaves Aurora to fight Windsor if they so desire. We will not participate in a war of annihilation. If they accept the Bug King's much harsher terms as well, then there will be peace overall. If, however, the Hegemony unwisely decides against surrendering at all to either set of demands, and elects to strike back at the Imperium instead, then we have no other recourse but to purify the entire Southeast with cleansing fire.


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Fri Apr 27, 2018 11:32 pm

Greetings from the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Systems, Marshal Fred Longsword!

We come in peace.

The motion to ratify the edict of agreement to the invitation to the Galactic Forum has just been approved by the Counsel of the Soviets, and I hereby notify this to you eminent and honoured diplomatic envoys of all the civilised worlds of the galaxy.

I guarantee that all the red tape, modules and procedures to come to this conclusion were expedited as hastily as our bureaus could handle the file, and our overseer office could check on the work done by the first level bureaucrats, and our supervision commission could examine the scrutiny of the overseer office on the procedure.

The most renown products of our glorious industries include vodka, rocket engines, caviar and red tape: we are leaders in the galactic production of mouse-printed paperwork, we have a form for anything you could possibly imagine.
Average efficiency over all the systems has skyrocketed to 15% during the course of the current Quinquennial Plan, a stratospheric result that shows the greater achievements of the united proletariat under the enlightened rule of the Communist Party, the organised avantgarde of the Revolution.

You may have heard of pockets of rebellion on some planets, but I deny these false allegations coming from imperialist propaganda. We have evidence that the ringleaders of the so called rebel forces are drug lords, leading armies of mercenaries and criminals, instigated by foreign powers to hamper the people's efforts to improve the living standards in our lands, through sabotage and other offences, in a conspiracy aimed at stunting the success of the 5-years plan.

With kind regards,
Marshal Fred Longsword - General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Systems.

Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Sun May 06, 2018 3:35 am

Terran Propaganda Broadcast IV:

Here is a galactic map as of cycle 4404.

In the 61st year of the Imperium's foundation, the might of Terra reigns absolute and unchallenged throughout the galaxy. The Imperium has undoubtedly replaced the Hegemony as the True Great Power: its dominion of a thousand worlds shall stand eternally in pride and glory.

Every single Imperial world now contributes to reinforcing our prime industry: military strength. At present, the sum of our standing forces total 90k Megatheres, 600k Gorgos, 22M Minotaurs (!), 1.6M Cerberus, 2.2M Undines, 4.5M Adamants, 6M Eldritch, 12M Helions and 900k Warphants. This Grand Imperial Navy enforces Terran authority over all, bringing both minor and major powers in check. No beacons will be established where they shouldn't be, no worlds colonized beyond where we permit. Given these numbers, it is supremely improbable that Terran might shall ever falter: no single empire possesses the fleet power necessary to present anything more than a laughable threat, barring a Grand Alliance of all other empires... which would then only be a close match.

The events of the Great War shattered the once mighty Hegemony jumpfleet, being reduced to a mere 80k Undines, 500k Eldritch, 4.3M Adamants, 2.2M Helions and 4.4M Warphants. The sum of their offensive forces lies barely above the minor powers, while being outmatched by the Saxophon Traders altogether. Interestingly, they have opted for an all-in defensive doctrine to even further reinforce their still formidable starfleet of 1.7M Megatheres, 3.3M Gorgos and 4.3M Minotaurs.

The brief alliance with Windsor has dissolved, following their abdication after an unsuccessful ploy to sow chaos as the two Great Powers battled for supremacy in a War In Heaven. Their actions have only replaced one hegemony with another. How fitting. We commend their actions as a valuable ally and cunning opponent.

Having survived for 347 cycles, the ancient Saxophon Traders Union remains a beacon of stability in the south. While not warlike in nature, they nevertheless still possess a powerful fleet of 350k Gorgos, 1.6M Minotaurs, 1.8M Adamants and 2.6M Eldritch. Imperial officers wonder if this fleet will ever be put to good use, as it stands they are pacifistic in nature to the point of not resisting the ongoing Imperial occupation of the northern Londor District.

There are two newcomers in recent cycles: the Grome Collective in the south neighbouring the Saxophons, who have initiated diplomatic contact with the Imperium. And the mysterious empire of O3 in the north, presumably some kind of ozone-based sentients actively colonizing the small buffer zones between the Imperial Capital Complex and its outer clusters.

The minor powers of AOFK, Soviet, Meklon, NEWBIE and Aelion still stand, and all have recognised Imperial authority as paramount. Any past diplomatic influence of the Hegemony is long ended, and the future galactic rule of law shall be shaped on Terra alone.

All hail the New Order!

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Sun May 13, 2018 4:12 am

It is with great pride that the Empire of Sol announces our arrival as an independent and autonomous people.

Once under the control of the oppressive Imperium, we have successfully claimed independence. We, citizens of New Mars, were rapidly able to spread the message of enlightenment to surrounding worlds, before realizing a potentially fatal dilemma: New Mars was not on the outskirts of Imperium territories, as propaganda had foretold, but was rather directly in the center of Imperium territory. It would seem Imperium uses this trick to fool their people into accepting what can only be described as "pioneer-esque conditions and amenities," despite being a mere 150 light years from the legendarily luxurious capitol planet, Terra, also known as Old Earth.

Putting our past differences aside, the citizens of New Mars and the collective Empire of Sol would like to extend an offering of peace and free enterprise between ourselves and Imperium. We need time to grow and solidify our meager holdings, and once proper arrangements are made, shall send our best and brightest out into the unexplored void to colonize and enlighten the untamed worlds beyond Imperium space.

Until such an expedition is prepared, we merely ask to not be annihilated.

With respect,
Executive President of the New Martian Government and Grand Emperor of the Empire of Sol,
Geegaw Washingburg

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