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by Foxbat_25
Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:19 pm
Forum: Commonwealth
Topic: missions are too hard
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Re: missions are too hard

These last ones do look good, I'd be glad to play them! Especially the escort one; plus, it could even have a sub-task in case of failure! For example, if the carrier is destroyed, you could pick up important data from it and bring it back home while being attacked by a strong enemy force... It'd ma...
by Foxbat_25
Sun Aug 25, 2019 3:00 pm
Forum: Shipyards
Topic: adding ships to commonwealth traffic
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Re: adding ships to commonwealth traffic

This sounds interesting, I'm sometimes mildly displeased (it's a minor annoyance, I still enjoy playing the game, don't worry!) at the low-ish number of other ships. Sure, it's better in terms of realism, but I'd still enjoy a more populated universe sometimes. I'll try to go further into the game a...
by Foxbat_25
Sun Aug 25, 2019 2:47 pm
Forum: Commonwealth
Topic: Full Galactic Map
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Re: Full Galactic Map

Thanks for the map, it is really, REALLY a huge help for me! I'm not the greenest of newbies out there, but I'm still not that far in the game and do get lost quite often... I'm starting to wonder if I should go all low tech and print it out so that it's always by my side when I play without me havi...
by Foxbat_25
Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:39 pm
Forum: Beginner's Luck
Topic: Saving Jenna
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Re: Saving Jenna

Storing >200k goods in an abandoned station after having destroyed and looted 3 salvagers in the system. Finding out there was a fourth one that stole all my stored loot. Killing a randomly passing ship, to act as bait for the salvager. As the salvager shows up, it is met with my missiles, blows up...