The Redemption of Common Wealth Freighter Madhvi-

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1500hrs- Commonwealth Standard Time: Ulom System

The CSC Pacifica, a Townsend class CSC, manuvered slowly into position near a barren planet having just decimated a flight of Ares transports and their Sandstorm escorts at the Eta Ceti stargate. This was no ordinary day for the Pacifica as news had reached about a flight of mercenary Wolfens and a Centurion-Xi coming in from St. Katherines to help with the Ares in the system.

Captain Halo 'Cowboy' Jonah waited eagerly. He had been the speartip on the Ares Campaign in the Ulom system. He was confident enough to take out the entire Ares domination but when a Phobo's was spotted unconstruction at an Ares shipyard orders were given from St. Kats to lay low- much to his dismay.

"Gar! Friggin Kat Generals! I can shove a Katana up that Phobo's dreadshit any-day! Instead of Aquilas they send me some friggen sport cars to help me!" he snorted to his XO.

After about five minutes the radar came alive and the communications officer live-fed the transmission to the deck.

"-- Pacifica, this is Steel Sabre requesting permission to dock Over."
"Steel Sabre this is Pacifica; state your flight and military ID Over"
"Roger roger: I have a Wolfen VIX piloted by Flt.Lt Volkov Putin and a Centurion Xi with Lt. Rama Sherbatsky, other than myself; MI: Alpha-Niner Zulu Charlie-Checkmate- Over"
"Rodger Steel Sabre; MI-ID has been cleared. You're clear to land at Dock-45-zulu check landpads down."

The Wolfens landed without much thrust usage but the Centurion thrust out large amounts of fire before landing.

The three men along with their support crew were immediately escorted to the tower and presented before the Captain. They bowed with respect and placed their swords on the ground as per the custom of the Commonwealth military.
"So you're the boys they sent to do a man's job! Pity! You think you can do with three what my entire squadron of Britannia's couldnt do?" snorted the captain.
"Glory be to my captain; No sir, I couldnt. Your starships are damaged and we have been sent by St.Kats to defend your ship until they are spaceworthy."
replied Lt.Rama with an uncanny humility.
Just as the Captain was about to reply red lights began to flash violently all over the bridge.

"Mayday! Mayday! This is Freighter Madhvi we're under attack! Requesting immediate support! We're surrounded by Sandstorms and a couple of Chasms! request immediate support!" yelled a frantic female voice with a bleak Indian accent.
"This CSC Pacifica Madhvi our squadrons are grounded and we're to far away for direct assistance! Advised to eject and head in our direction over!"
replied the communications officer.
"Pacifica negetive! our escape pods have been damaged! requesting immediate assistance please! help us!" she cried back.

The Captain looked up for a moment and then towards the three men.
"This is your chance to prove you're worthy of serving on my ship! Whats your status!" he yelled.
The lead Wolfen pilot looked down as the carrier's crew got busy refueling their three ships.
"Can you spare me some Lucifers?" he replied to the Captain. The captain looked at the weapons officer who nodded and sent orders to have the gunships loaded with KM900s. "We wont let you down Cap!" said Rama as the three men rushed towards their ships.
The Pacifica then send the messege to Madhvi to hold on until help arrived.

1800hrs:- Outer Ulom system;
"Freighter Madhvi this Steel Sabre flight, we're inbound on your position! Prepare for rescue. Concentrate shieds- I say again concentrate shields we're armed with nuclear weapons we dont any collateral damage." said the lead wolfen.
"Oh my God! thank you! you have come to save us! Shields are being charged!" she replied
"Volkov break left and engage the Sandstorms! Rama we've got positron cannon on those Chasms attack their ass!" yelled the lead pilot again.
"Volkov roger! lets put out a Sandstorm!" yelled back the second Wolfen pilot.
"Sir, we dont want any blue on blue. I'll distract the Chasms" replied Rama
"Rodger Sabre 3 KM900 armed! Release Fox2!"

After about fifteen intense minutes all eight Ares ships were dispatched and some pilots captured.
"Sabre lead this is Madhvi, thank you so, so much on behalf of my entire crew we thank you. Oh and my name is Christine, i'm from Rigel Aurelius" spoke the freighter pilot as she docked with the Pacifica.
The Wolfen lead chose not to reply but meet her on the CSC instead.

Onboard the Pacfica panamonium greeted the crew as loud voices heaped praise and open bottles of Europa Chardonay. A proud Captain Jonah approached the three men along with their support crew.
"Well looky-do Clint Eastwood! I guess I am proud to have you cooties on my ship." he said as he attached Pacifica crew insignia on their uniforms.
"Pr't of the job Cap'n" replied a jubiliant Rama.

Christine the freighter pilot finally arrived on the brige after taking a shower and seeing to some minor cuts and bruises. She bowed before the three men and the Captain and placed her sword before their feet before picking it up.

"You didnt reply sir, I'm Christine from Rigel Aurelius. I'm greatful..." she said as she looked deep into the lead Wolfen's eyes and almost threw a kiss.
"I'm very glad with what I did today and I'm extreamly glad to have this moment with you- Christine... my name is....."
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Very good Mikeangora. I would really like to see more soon. :mrgreen: well done!
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