Lost Hope-- a continuation of a thread by Chase

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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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Captain James D Aldrin sipped his coffee and enjoyed the moment. His eyes glittered as lights from distant stars flooded his chamber.
It was a very auspicious day for him as he had been chosen from the thousands of militia captains for a special task--- to Captain the C.W.S Tabinka Mark VII.
The Tabinka, an experimental ship created at the Xelerus Dockyards by the Auto-hammer Corporation, was designed as an experimental compact ship capable of delivering unprecedented firepower swiftly.
In the brief Aldrin had been informed that it was capable enough to turn a Phobos into moon-dust. He didn't doubt especially after having decimated three entire planet sized asteroids with it's broadside cannons over the last thee months of weapons' tests.

He began to discuss plans on further weapons testing with his XO, Sate Singh when they suddenly received a blaring distress signal. The communications clerk rushed into the Captain's quarters forgetting to ask for permission in the hurry. " Sir, it's a distress signal from the Heretic. Frequency 121.500. An Aquila class cruiser sir, they're in proximity with unidentified hostile forces and request immediate assistance. They also report fires in their engine compartment" the young man cried hurriedly. Aldrin gestured to him and he replayed the message.

"May Day! May Day! We're engaged with multiple hostiles! Threat due north! Range 100 light seconds! Requesting immediate assistance!" cried a young female.

The Captain looked quizzically at his XO. The XO took a brief moment and replied somberly, "Well, there are no other military ships this far out sir. Most of the carrier groups are engaged with Ares and Centaurs in the lower systems. However, I question jeopardizing our ship for one Aquila."
"How long will it take to get an update from CSC Terra?" asked Aldrin motioning to the communications officer.
"More than 35 days sir. They're more than 25 light-days away." replied the officer. "There are over 800 men and women on-board that Aquila sir" he continued, almost grovelling before his seniors.

The captain looked calmly at his XO and stood up and closed his eyes. Silence ensued and both the communications officer and the XO tried in vain to contemplate what thoughts were passing through their captain's mind. After no less than ten minutes of intense contemplation the captain walked out of the room. The other two men speculatively followed as their captain lead them to the bridge.

"Lieutenant Singh" announced captain Aldrin. His XO had by now deduced what his orders will be.. "Set all personnel to battle stations! Alert the hospital staff! Set course for Heretic Star-gate!" yelled the captain.
Singh began repeating his captain's orders on the intercom and his voice blared throughout the massive ship. Within minutes the entire crew of approximately 1500 men and women and hundreds of robotic assistants began moving about the ship and prepared eagerly for their first live military encounter.
"Hyper-drive is fully charged and on standby. Requesting to engage hyper-drive!" cried the helms-woman.
"Rodger, all personnel standby for warp!. Engage hyper-drive on my mark." called back the XO. "MARK!!"

Within moments the entire ship seemed as if turning into pixels. Distant stars appeared to be speeding towards the ship leaving a long tail as of comets and meteors. The ship thundered violently as its 12 Hyperion reactors pelted out copious amounts of energy. Energy enough to power Eridani for 5 months without shortages. After a mere five minute burst the ship burst into the star-gate. Once in the star-gate the crew disengaged their hyper-drive and allowed the ancient alien forces within the star-gate to power the ship at approximate 1000 times faster than the speed of light. No one could speak, no one could move, no one could see anything more than bright lights. The entire ship disintegrated into hyper-tachyons and stopped 100 light hours in-front of the star-gate in the Heretic system.
The crew were used to such punishment.

They glared in awe at the blue Heretic star. It was unlike something they've ever seen. The star was surrounded by colossal blue devices. The awe however was ephemeral as everyone took cognizance of the deadly rescue mission that lie ahead.

"Attention Aquila, we are inbound on your position. ETA 50 light minutes. Requesting your SIT REP", announced Aldrin on the com-wave.
There was no response. The entire crew of the Tabinka remained silent expecting an answer but after almost 10 minutes it became apparent that there wont be one.
"Attention Aquila! This is C.W.S Tabinka, please respond!" cried the captain again. There was still no response.
The captain and crew tried this several times during the next hour and began to lose hope when suddenly the com-waves lit up.
" Tabinka this is Aquila. Acknowledged. There is a large nebula just beyond us. It's hampering communications. We are heavily engaged with hostiles requesting immediate support!" cried a voice, much to everyone's relief.

The Tabinka immediately began it's warp and soon arrived at the scene but were dumbfounded at what they saw. The Aquila Cruiser was floating completely alone and was in near perfect condition. No dents, no marks, nothing to show that it was ever attacked. Captain Aldrin became increasingly suspicious at this. He immediately ordered his crew to engage the active stealth. The ship's deflector immediately began to disperse all radiation (including light) making it nearly invisible to the human eye. "Send off another transmission to the Aquila, say 'We are inbound, state your situation'" he ordered somberly.

"We need help!! We are heavily engaged! Please respond!" the Aquila responded again.

The XO stared at the captain. "Sir? Should we send a landing party?"
"Turn the ship and prepare to 'full broadside' at my command and engage all self defense mechanisms' whispered the awestruck captain.

To be continued...
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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