The Motivation

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Chapter 1:- Where it all began

Arcology of New Victoria, St. Katherine's System

"You wretched bitch! How many times have I told you not to bring this abomination to the royal court!" screamed father as she tossed my mom on the large king sized bed. Father had a very intimidating British English baritone and it resonated across the large palatial suite. Father was in his golden robe that had a red cape attached to it at the shoulders. Mother was in a simple while flower-print frock.
"He's just as much your son as Heather's children! I am your wi...aah! aah!" mother screamed as father's ring studded hands pulled on her golden brown hair.
"You'll never take Heather's place! You are just a glorified whore and your abomination is a filthy mongrel that carries my blood!" father screamed back and lifted up mother's frock revealing her naked body.
"No! Please don't do this! Michael is in the closet, please don't make him witness to this evil!" mother shrieked in horror as I peed through the small keyhole.
"Oh? You've hid the rascal have you? Bring out the little bastard!" father's words hadn't left his mouth that two men in Commonwealth Marine armor ripped open the closet door. My eyes cowered by the sudden flash of light.
"Mike! No!" mother screamed but to deaf ears. I began to cry loudly as the two men lifted me up by both hands. I saw the fear in mother's eyes and became deathly silent at this point. She was breathing very heavily and her stomach pumped vigorously as father pulled out a small rubber whip.
"You've had this planned all along didn't you! With my real sons dead, you're putting this bastard up to be my heir! You're projecting him as the next Emperor of the Commonwealth! That's what you always wanted isn't it Valeria? For your son to be the bloody supreme commander of the Commonwealth!!" father roared and ripped off my mother's clothes in a single swipe.

Father then proceeded to rape the twenty-eight year old blonde woman beneath him. He landed many punches to her abdomen and rib-cage- she screamed but not for her pain, she screamed that I bore witness to this.
"Arcturus please! No! Take him away, for Domina's sake please take him away! He's only five years old! Please! He's your son!" mother shrieked but he callously ignored her pleading. The two marines held me steady and I watched my mother take strike after strike of father's rubber whip and eventual penetration with his organ. Her violent groans tore into my ears but I stayed silent.
The ordeal continued for ten more minutes when Emperor finally tired. He walked over to me and squeezed my cheeks hard enough for them to touch each other in my mouth.
"Next time you bring this @#$! into the court and declare him as my son, I will pull out your intestines and hang him by them!" he declared furiously and stomped out of the room.

I continued to stare at the naked woman as she wept silently on the bed making no attempts to cover her body. Her stomach had gone blue from the beating and red strike marks littered her chest. I got up on the bed and dabbed the blue sterile fluid on her body with a ball of cotton. She rubbed her hands on my cheeks and continued to weep.

A few days later I was called into a hospital room within the palatial suite. Mother lay on the hospital stretcher surrounded by nurses and a few ladies of the royal court. They were in blue skin hugging spacesuits and all had silent tears flowing from their eyes like gentle waterfalls. I climbed up onto the gurney and sat down facing sideways.
"Are you gonna be okay mommy?" I asked the woman on the bed- her eyes barely open.
"My little Slicer, mommy has to go home now. I will be back very soon, I promise." she replied in a raspy voice.
"No! I wanna go home with mo..."
"Shh!! Not a word more Mikey. Mommy has a special job for you here. Will you do that for mommy?"
"Yes mommy! I promise!" I replied.
"You carry your father's blood in your veins. Be a better man than your father Slicer, be kind to everyone and never hurt an innocent. I love you more than you'll ever know Michael Valerian Anderson." mother declared even as her breathing slowed down to near nil.
"I will take out all of the blood. Daddy is bad!" my innocent voice sent waves across the room.
"I loved your father Michael, as much as I loved you. I'm sorry for everything" mother's breathing stopped.
"Mommy? Mommy? Wake up mommy!"
"She needs some rest young prince. Come, lets go outside and wait for her to be well." one of the ladies picked me up and took me outside but I needed no explanation.

Mommy was dead.


"You are filth compared to my real sons! I would've already sent you to the pathetic whore that was your mother were you not carrying my name! You better start behaving like a prince you little runt or I swear you'll join your mother in the royal cemetery!" the Emperor bellowed to me in the presence of the full court. I was sixteen now and had become very well cognizant of my status as a prince, whether my father liked it or not.
"Yes Father, Your Grace! I shall be a good prince from now on!" I replied. I had inherited father's deep baritone but it was yet to mature.

Unfortunately, behaving like a prince is something that I just wasn't too good at. I became your typical prince- drinking, bossing people around, cutting open anyone who dared oppose me- in short- I became an epic asshole. I started drinking at an age when most children drank Coca Cola or Pepsi and lost my dignity at the age of fifteen. Anne, my first fling, was the daughter of a spice merchant working for the Honoko Tomashi hotel chain. I bumped into her on a trip to the Battle Arena and after her ecstatic groans of pleasure confirmed it's full potential, I took my ion cannon on an adventurous spree deep into every good looking cave it could find.

The Emperor of course, was not oblivious to my escapades, and I would often receive full floggings- right in front of the gathered court of around a hundred Lords from across human space. The court was a large white hall decorated with 3D paintings of great leaders, soldiers and other dignitaries. My father's throne hovered on a raise platform that was just high enough for all to see him and other officials sat on hovering seats in a setting similar to a courtroom. I was often made to sit beside my father as the obvious 'heir apparent' but my father scorned under his breath at the very thought. The floggings were done in full view to set an example for all in the Commonwealth to facilitate the propagation of my father's fear. 'If the prince doesn't get spared, you wont either'- was the lucid message sent throughout the galaxy.
Far from being afraid of these flogging sessions however, I somehow became addicted to them. Every strike sent waves of pleasure racing down into my body and my lurid smirks would often send shivers down the aggrieved parents of the girls whose bellies carried Anderson sperm.
"The next girl I find in your bed will be made your wife!" my father would thunder every now and then but I knew well these were empty threats. Marriage for me would mean an immediate claim to the throne and that is something my father was not willing to see during his lifetime.

As I continued my self-destructive way of life, I realized one day that my cousin Tanya was about make a dramatic entry into my life. She was the orphaned daughter of my father's brother, Lord Commander Jamison Anderson. When news of her parent's death in an encounter with Sung slavers made it's way to the royal court, my father became obliged to take their daughter into his care- he being the closest relative they had surviving. Father was very reluctant at first since he had an itchy relationship with uncle Jamie, but following wisdom-laced pleas by the court officials, he relented and ordered Tanya to be brought to St. Katherine's from their home in the Janus system.

"Tanya is a brilliant example of your father's bloodline Arcturus. She can train this filth you have in your home and turn him into a real Anderson." declared a tall white man in full naval uniform. This man was the only living human in the entirety of human space permitted to address my father by his first name. I had seen him occasionally in the Royal Palace area of the Arcology while growing up but never got a chance to interact with him. The man had a very pronounced Texan accent and one of his eyes was covered with a bright grey Head's Up Display contact-lens- the other eye being it's normal brown color.
"You're certainly right Conrad. As bad my relationship with James was, he was at least a pure blood- quiet unlike this one. I'll hand over his care to Tanya." my father replied in his usual dark baritone and accented British English. Both men continued to stare at me with their eyes-full of indignation and I could do nothing but sheepishly stare at the floor.
"Well decided Arcturus. I'll have her brought in by this evening." Admiral Conrad Decker replied and walked out of the Palatial suite- an entire section dedicated to the Royal Family in the Arcology.
"You! You're going to receive your cousin tonight at the docking bays. Don't @#$! it up like you @#$! everything else up! Get a gift ready for her when she comes and if I should hear so much as a whisper of a complaint- it's iron stripes for you." father scorned and walked off.
"Of course Your Grace." I replied.

My life as I knew was on the verge of ending in it's tracks. No more whoring, no drinking, no more battle arena flings, nothing. The Emperor was unleashing his pet bitch to monitor my every move and report every 'unprincely' activity I did. I prepared mentally for the onslaught and finally came to a decision- I would not let my life be controlled, not by the Emperor, not by Tanya, not by anyone. As my father walked out, I pulled out my trusty ion saber which was essentially, a normal knife with an ion laser tip that could cut through steel like hot iron through butter. My fear of death died with my mother as did my fear of killing. I gripped the knife firm into my hands and then hid it in the royal robes that I was to wear to greet Tanya- that night was going to be the end.

I tore through my final beef jerky and my final glass of wine before putting on my medieval style red prince's robe and heading over to the Royal Docks. The Royal Docks were large basically large dark hangars hangars reserved for the transport of the Royalty and their personal body-guards. A single clear force-field wall around fifteen stories high, ran along the concave docking ports. Massive magnetic and suction arms and pressurized walkways reached outward from the glass walls to secure ships and allow safe entry of it's passengers.
It was around six in the evening at the time and cold enough for us to be wearing heavy overcoats. The hangars were kept dark and chilled to around five degrees Celsius from within to prevent passing ships from peeping in with eyes and thermals. Two of my father's pets in full Marine Armor escorted me to the specially selected landing bay where Tanya's Aurochs Transport was to dock. I reached into my pocket and gripped the Saber with force as the transport finally began it's approach. A squadron of four Britannia heavy gunships broke away escort and allowed the transport to dock face-on into the docking bay. The airlock opened and a small army of fifteen Commonwealth Marines towering over a smaller female figure in full royal robes, stomped into the welcoming area. The large shadows became real faces as they entered into the light. Tanya had grown much taller than when I last saw her. She was wearing a white leather jacket over black military cargoes and had a red cape to boot. Her hair stopped at the shoulder and a small pony tail rose over the back of her head.

"Presenting before you, her majesty, Princess Tanya Jennifer Anderson!" one of her Marines announced and my men saluted. I gave a slight bow for formality's sake.
Being a royal second-class citizen, I wasn't expecting to be presented but then the she-beast spoke up.
"This is Prince Michael Valerian Anderson, heir to the Anderson throne and a royal @#$! of epic proportions." she declared in a faux formal tone. Her Marines saluted while mine gave a slight chuckle.

Tanya looked at the two men behind me before tearing into my brown eyes with her green ones. With a wave of her finger, her walking tanks clunked away into the Marine chambers leaving only my men with us. I readied my blade, I had to make it quick and painless.

"So? I'm supposed to be baby sitting this little @#$! for the rest of my life." she said and walked over to me. She was only a couple of inches taller than me but her heeled boots elevated her by around two additional feet- providing her with the 'looking-down-on-you' bragging rights that all Anderson pups so craved.
I was not intending on a verbal reply. My mother's body flashed before me and I almost half started seeing stars as I prepared to end Roland Arcturus Anderson's bloodline for good. The blade rocketed out of the robe and headed straight for a collision course with my neck- the kill shot- but before I could blink, it stopped millimeters away from the skin. I could feel the heat from the battery powered ion laser and tried to thrust in but Tanya's hands were much stronger than I expected. The laser powered down as the she-beast easily overpowered my hand and pulled it down. My neck broadcasted an intense burning sensation but I ignored it.

"Now why on Incandescence would the sole heir of the Anderson family do that?" she declared with an almost fiendish smile.
"That's none of your business you sniggering little bitch! This little Mikey has suffered enough for one life! It's time I head off to be with my mother!" I scorned back.
"It's about time you stop sucking your mother's @#$! young prince. Come here!" she smiled again and rubbed her handkerchief on my neck. I shivered at her touch- it felt very familiar.
"His Royal Turd-ness and his pet Admiral says you're here to turn me into an Anderson. I'd rather prefer to be dead in the water than be a 'pure' Anderson. Just let me die, and you can go on living your happy princess life!"
"Why would I let you die? You are my little Slicer. Walk with me." she said referring to me by mother's given name 'Slicer' and leaving me stunned to my bone-marrow.
"But?" I managed to spit but she placed her finger on my lips before pulling me along.

We walked on for about five minutes in stunned silence until we reached her Royal Suite. The Marines stood attention at the side of large wooden door.
The suite was a grey themed hall with a Jacuzzi, a small swimming poor and many large holographic TV sets. In the center, a single bed with flowered curtains lay with a variety of electronic equipment.
Tanya still hadn't let go of my hand yet. She led me through a black door behind her bed that led into a dark, black painted room barely two hundred square feet in area. Two black leather sofas facing each other were the only furniture inside the room- no tables or anything else. A large convex glass wall provided a full panoramic view of the space outside and we could see the stations surrounding the Arcology and countless ships flying around. I sat down on one sofa and Tanya sat down on the opposite.

"Okay 'Pure Anderson Princess', tell me what you're up to or I shove a blade down my throat and end your beloved uncle's bloodline right here. Of course, you'll be blamed for it since you have, so kindly, marked my saber with your filthy fingerprints!" I roared as I regained myself.
"You're still the same filthy little runt that I remember all those years ago- arrogant, stupid and stinking of fish... but mine all the same." came back the reply.
"Why didn't you let me kill myself and how do you know me by the name 'Slicer'?! Speak or..." I began but she stopped me.
"Mike, I've known you since you were a toddler. You're my brother, my blood. I know you probably won't remember, but you used to love me almost as much as you loved aunt Valeria- your mother. When I first saw you when you were only three years old- I was only five myself then. One day I was getting a beating from my father for spilling ice-cream on my clothes and when you saw me you jumped out of your mother's hands and clung to me like a baby monkey. Father tried to fight you off but you just didn't let go- even took a few hits over it. I love you Michael, more than you'll ever know. I know of every single little pain you've been going through and I've been feeling every little cut you made on your body." she articulated and pulled up my sleeve to reveal the ten or so partly healed apertures on my skin.

There was complete silence in the darkened room and I stared into her green eyes. A small lump began to build up my throat as I recalled the like last time I saw my other eleven years ago.
"Is this some kind of trick? Has the Emperor set you up to this to win my trust?" I finally whispered.
A single tear then ran down Tanya's left eye followed by several from both eyes even as they dug into mine like drill bits.
"This is not a trick by uncle Roland Mike. Your whoring, drinking, messing around... It's all just a facade to hide the real you ain't it? The courtroom beatings, the admonishments, the death of your mother... It's all still inside there isn't it? " Tanya got up and sat down next to me. She checked the small burn mark on my neck and some other cuts and burns that I can inflicted on my body.
"You don't get to talk about my mom Tanya! You Anderson pups only know how to inflict pain! Emotions are merely pawns in the game for you! Tell me what you want and leave me alone!" I pushed her back and walked up to the glass wall and stared out towards the stars.
"I want you." she whispered silently and grasped by right hand with both of hers. "I want you Mike. You are the reason I'm here. Aunt Valeria was more than just a relative to me, she was my friend, my guide my everything and you are the last remaining sign I have left of her. I promised her that I'll keep you safe." she finished and entwined her arms around my left.

The lump in my throat grew more painful as my thoughts ran wild and emotions flooded into my stone body.
"What if I don't? What if I think you're a lying bitch and you're playing me for fun's sake like Anderson's real sons did? They would take care of me and let me happy but would turn violent and have me beaten for mere laughter. Anderson pups are..." I couldn't finish. Tanya pulled out my dagger and pressed against her neck and her hand hovered over the ion laser switch.
"Mother left me when I was at my weakest. Will you do that too then?" I finally surrendered and sat down on the sofa.
"No. I will only leave you when I know you're strong enough to fight for yourself." she sat down next me and within a near instant, pulled my head into her breasts. "I will never leave you Michael. Not this time, not ever." she said and kissed my forehead followed by a little crying session.

I had finally found the motivation I needed to keep living. My sister Tanya was The Motivation.

Tanya was very adapt at fighting both in close combat and long range attacks with projectile and laser based weapons. She taught me the tricks and turned me into the warrior that I always wanted to become. She didn't try to change me however- she loved me to an extent that she allowed me to be 'me'. She would often bring girls to my chambers for my pleasure and hid many of my wrongdoings from my father- once even killing a maid who saw me bedding a palace guest's daughter.

As time went on, Tanya became fiercely protective of me and on one fateful day, she spoke up against my father during my flogging sessions. A senior officer- Real Admiral Conrad Decker, happened to be in my room when my father was beating me and this only exacerbated the situation since it was a direct insult to my father's authority. Admiral Decker burst into lurid insults and demanded my sister be punished for this insolence.
I felt the hatred towards my father run in my veins like a dark black liquid as I witnessed my sister's naked body taking strike after strike from a rubber whip. Tanya screamed in agony from every strike as two men held her firmly on the table while a third commanded the whip.
I screamed and I shrieked but to no avail- all 150 members of the Royal Court bore witness as the fifteen strikes tore into her body. Admiral Decker smirked on nefariously but stopped when he saw my bloodshot eyes digging into him.
"Stop, enough! I'm sure Major Jamison's daughter has learned her lesson. Don't stare at me like that Prince- she directly insulted your father. This is punishable by death, I have only given her 10 strikes." The Rear Admiral said and walked over to me.
"I swear to you by every drop of blood that my sister has shed, you will be on this table and I will recite these same words- except that I will not stop at ten." I growled as blood red tears flowed down from my eyes like honey- slow and painful.
"Humph! Don't let your anger get to you young Prince. You'll be serving under my command sooner than you know it." Decker snorted and walked away with his entourage of officers and guards.

The Royal court also became empty and I rushed over to my sister.
"Tanya!! Tanya!! Why?! You did this for me!!" I cried in anguish.
"No Mikey, I did this for me. I can't let anything happen to you- you're my little Slicer." she whimpered and closed her eyes.
I spent that entire night rubbing rejuv ointments on Tanya's back and the tears didn't stop flowing.
For the first time in my life as a prince, I felt uneasy, tormented, vulnerable- I felt fear. Tanya had become my biggest strength and weakness- and I could not let anything happen to her. I put my life in her body, my faith, my love, my inner most parts- everything. If anything was to happen to Tanya- it would be the end of me.
That moment onward, I began what was to a transformation of sorts for me. I stopped the drinking and whoring and became more reserved in nature. I would only come out openly when I was with Tanya and having noticed this behavior, Tanya began to spend more and more time with me. She would often take me out on trips to the back-water systems like Starlton in our Sapphire yacht and teach me the ropes on how to become street-smart. I loved Tanya like anything but deep within I could feel we would part soon.

That fateful day came exactly two years later when I turned 18. Tanya had passed out from the George Moromisato Flying Academy and was assigned to an elite unit of the Commonwealth Marine Corps known as the War-Wolves as a Flight Lieutenant. I knew full well what this meant- she would have to depart to the outer systems and report to a Commonwealth Star Carrier as a ghost unit. It was also my first day in the Academy as a greenhorn.
A large ceremony was organized to bid farewell to the departing students and simultaneously welcome the greenhorns into the prestigious flying school.
This Academy was under command of Commodore Frederic Watson- a man known for not showing any disparity between the plebeians and 'high borns- sons of officers and emperors like me'.
A large stage was set up in an open ground on the planet Incandescence. We were surrounded by trees and many spaceships were landing and taking off around us at the Academy Headquarters.
Twenty Fleet officers and my own father- a bald headed man wearing a white royal robes- stood with medals in their hands.
I was in the front row in clothes similar to my father and I had small golden crown on my head.
Turn by turn each graduating pilot came up from underneath the stage through a small opening and received medals and applauds. It was then that I noticed my Motivation- the reason for my life. My sister Tanya Jamison- she was in a navy blue flight suit and her face shone with a starlight that could overpower the Heretic sun. She stepped forward, eyes fixated on me and a gentle stream of tears flowing down her face.
My father smirked as he clipped the medal to her shirt.
"Well done Tanya. I just hope that pathetic mistake you're rearing, turns out as good as you." my father said openly into the mic to laughter from the crowd.
"Michael is already much better than I can ever be Your Grace. He is after all, your blood." Tanya replied back into the mic and the gathered students and their families applauded.
Tanya nodded and stood inline with the other pilots.

The ceremony went on for another half and hour and I was finally able to meet my sister at the airfield where twenty five Britannia class heavy gunships with their pilot's names printed neatly on their sides waited. That moment I dug my face into my sister's breasts and squeezed- my growing biceps dug into her ribs from the side.
"This what I've always wanted Mike- to relive my father's life as a Marine but here you are, making me want to throw it all away for just one more hour with you. I love you, more than you can imagine, more than you know. Every strike from that whip was worth it for you Mikey and I could do it all over again for you. I'm proud of what I've done with you, what I've made you- you are my child, my creation and I will always be with you, wherever you go. I promise." she said as I pulled myself away.
"You're carrying around my life in your body Tanya. Keep me safe because if so much as a scratch should appear on your body, I will..."
"Shush... If want you to die fighting. You're my little Slicer and Slicers die in battle. I must leave now. Stand tall Marine!" we saluted each other and my sister floated away into the large Britannia.
The mighty Britannias roared away towards the Arcology of St. Victoria- one came back and waved side-to-side giving the traditional aerial salute.

-The G.M Academy-

After the departure of my sister, I largely remained in a state of depression. I would not speak to anyone nor engage in any extra-curricular activities except those involving shooting.
Many girls tried to come near me because of my royalty but I was far from those things. I never slept with anyone nor did I try to make any friends. I spent most of my time in my Princely Suite crying and sobbing for my sister. I would often cut myself and watch the blood drain into my bed and then sleep on my own blood spill.
At the months went by, I went further into darkness and totally cut off all connections with my father- something he didn't object to even once.

When I cleared the first year of theoretical studies and graduated to the 'actual flying' semester, I was introduced to a very bulky and mountain of a man named Tychus Edward Findley- referred to as 'The Goliath'.
Tychus, an orphan of peasant birth, was your typical academy bully who would walk around with a fat cigar in his mouth and dragon tattoos on his shoulders and forearms.
Unlike most of the people at the Academy, Tychus was not a 'high born'. His parents were common-folks working for the Lord Mihko of the Black Market Syndicate. His father (Mafioso Edward Findley) died while protecting Lord Mihko from an assassination attempt when Tychus was 3 years old and his mother (Jolene Findley) commit suicide shortly afterwards. The indebted Lord Mihko then took on personal responsibility of the lad but kept him away from the Black Market ops until he was older. He retained his father's name to carry on the linage but strictly named Lord Mihko as his true father.
Tychus was generally friendly with his co-students but was brutal with the novices. He would often mentally and physically torture newbie pilots to 'make them stronger men' as he would say it.

I was first properly acquainted with the Goliath during our first orientation mission in the Ronin C fast attack crafts used by the Commonwealth Militia. We were tasked to engage and destroy a small aggressor task force being led by a senior student- Captain Wulfric Taylor. He and his team were flying captured Centauri raiders and Centauri heavy raiders and were defending a derelict raider outpost. Tychus and I were leading a team of five Ronin C light attack craft armed with dummy missiles and false lasers. Cadet Wulfric and his team would fire rubber recoiless cannon cartridges that our Ronin skins would detect and relay kill shots.
Initially, Tychus hated me for being the popular prince but this particular training mission would change everything.

The five of us set off and followed our way-points into an asteroid belt towards the South of the system.
"Attention Tango flight; this is Tango lead. Call in please." I called in.
"Tango 2 is ready for action. Don't threaten your way to an 'A' grade on this mission Princess. I eat Princesses for lunch!" Tychus thundered back but I ignored.
"Tango 3 is ready Prince Anderson. Harold Connolly at your service, Your Grace."
"Tango 4 is standing by. Sarah Thomson here Great Prince."
"Tango 5 is rearing to go boss. Glen Stannis at your command sir!"
"Roger Tango flight; assume Echelon right formation on my wing. Tango 2- you're on my left."
The group formed a diagonal left formation while Tychus flew close by my right.

When we were a few clicks away from the derelict station I noticed the Centauri raiders patrolling in a circular orbit.
"Okay guys, here we go. Tychus and I are engaging the leader's Heavy Cs ; the rest are engaging targets of opportunity. Once the Raiders are down, we hit the station. Oorah?"
"Lets get it done Princess!" Tychus declared.
I set my target on Wulfric's heavy raider and increased speed.

"Well, well, well. If it ain't the Princess herself! And what do we have here? If it isn't the overgrown orphan! I'm gonna have fun ripping your little Ronins to shreds!" Wulfric laughed on the radio as I approached.
I ignored him and sped ahead of my squadron and fired the first rubber-sensor tipped KM100 Longbow missile.
"Bring it on Princess! Come on boys, lets teach these kids how to dance!" Wulfric roared as he evaded my missile with ease.

The Raiders converged on the Ronins and began their barrage of rubber.
"Tango 3; we're taking fire! I'm heading for the station Tychus; keep those raiders away!" Harold cried but soon got eliminated by the Raiders-
"Fight for yourself punk! I'm going for the Wulf!" Tychus yelled back
"I gotcha Tango 3!"

The dogfight commenced and there was chaos in the area. Tychus was focusing fire on Wulfric while I engaged his number two.
Wulfric easily out maneuvered Tychus with superior tactics and controlled fire. Wulfric Taylor was well known for his flying skills but it was here I actually witness the master at his art.
I also singled out a heavy raider and fired the false lasers and a Longbow- it hit.
"Splash one!" I declared but the joy was short-lived. I lost two of my Ronins in quick successions.
"Looks like the Princess can prick with her sewing... What the @#$!?!!! Tango 4 watch out! Live KM100!" Wulfric gave a horror filled scream as a Ronin exploded into tiny pieces.
"Holy @#$!! It's Sarah! She's hit!" I screamed.
"This is Raider 3, she's alive- I've got her." one of Wulfric's men said and docked with the downed Ronin.
"Charon pirates!! ALL UNITS MISSION ABORT!!" Tychus thundered.
"We can't let the kids die! Send the kids home! We'll provide cover!" Wulfric declared but none of us were willing.

Two Corsairs then came into radar range and a Stiletto came into view.
"It's heading towards Tychus! Holy @#$!!" I yelled and somehow out of pure instinct I charge head first towards the approaching missile.
"What the hell are you doing Prince?" Tychus and Wulfric yelled as everyone commenced evasive maneuvers.
"I dunno!" I said and fired two rubber KM100s at the missile- my trick worked and the missile exploded at a safe distance.
"Sweet mother of mercy! The Princess nearly killed himself to save Tychus!" one of Wulfric's comrades spoke in amazement.
"If you call him that again, I'm skinning you alive! Holy @#$! kid, you risked it for me!" Tychus thundered back.

Three Corsair II class shielded pirateships came into view and the fighting commenced- they didn't know we had training weapons so we engaged as would normally do in training missions.
"Well, look Ooo we ave E-ya! Li-cle kids train'in to be big warriors to atta-k our bay-sis! Oh! We can'c lek thaat appen now cun we? Sick em boys!" The lead Corsair yelled and sent waves of terror among the students.
"I'm calling for help! Just keep evading them! This is our real test guys! DONT DIE!" Wulfric said as the Corsairs began their barrage of laser fire and missiles.
5 Centauri raiders and 4 Ronins struggled desperately to evade the Corsairs as much as they could. Most of the Ronins however, were taking multiple laser hits and losing their deflectors.
"This is Raider 4; We've got inbound! Britannias? Wulfric? Sir?"
"Ghosts! They're Emperor's guard!" I yelled happily.

The Corsairs saw this and tried to flee as fast as they came but a single XM900 Lucifer missile insta-killed two while a single Katana Star cannon shot killed the last one. The lightening flash almost blinded us and we were forced to evade the light shrapnel.
Four of our ships were badly damaged but the pilots were breathing. We floated out in front of the two Golden stripped Britannias.
"Your Grace, Prince Michael Anderson. Students of the Academy." The leader greeted.
"Sir Ahmed Hatim and Sir William Bishop. Thank you for the save, unfortunately I've lost Sarah Thomson." Wulfric responded- being the most senior. I stayed quiet because I was a little shaken by the loss of my squady.
"Wulfric Taylor. We are impressed by your leadership skills and how you handled the situation before we got here and also for keeping the safety of the Prince above all. You shall hear a good from us back at the Academy. We regret the loss your Ronin, we're glad Ms. Sarah is safe. Follow us back to the Academy for now."

We followed the Britannias who flanked us from both sides to ensure our safety. As we reached the half-way point a 5 ship squadron of fully armed Centurion X heavy gunships joined us and aided in the escort.

At the Academy, we were greeting with roaring cheers. I also got my first true look at Wulfric Taylor- a tall white man with shoulder length hair and blue eyes. He was in a full sleeve shirt that he had rolled up to his elbows and dark aviator goggles.
After the hour long briefing in front of the entire academy in the main hall and lots of congratulations and 'I'm sorry for your loss' es later a large man came up to me and gave me a bear hug.
"You and I are gonna go a long away together Mikey! I'm gonna keep your back like you're my own!" Tychus said as he finally released me.
He was in his black jeans and white T- shirt.
Wulfric also approached me.
"Good flying out there kid. Looks like you're not a princess after all." he said and gave me a pat on the back.
"Yeah, good going down there Cadet- oh, I'm Rias." a young lady with red hair wearing a simple flight suit approached and shook my hands. She moved back and introduced me to a young man who was strikingly similar to Wulfric.
"Looks like the Princess has a cock and two balls under those legs. Pleased to meet your Prince Anderson. It's Calvin, Calvin Edward Taylor." the young man shook my hand with calculated force.
"And it looks like you carry your balls and cock in your mouth. Pleased to meet you too Cadet Taylor. It's Mike." I replied.
I then left the trio and went back into my room- a large open suite with a full-sized bed and a balcony to boot. Just outside my room was a large park where people would jog, exercise and sometimes make out in public. A small road divided the room from the park. I dutifully sent a record of the day's events off to the Hospital Ship C.S.C America where my sister was stationed. I had been doing that for every day since my sister left and as of this writing I was yet to receive a response. All I knew from the Royal Data-linkers was that Tanya had been promoted to the rank of Commander and was now carrying out covert missions into the ungoverned territories with the War-wolves. I felt as if a part of me was separated from my body and its absence left a constant burning pain- a longing that refused to be fulfilled.

My days continued to pass painfully by at the academy and I gained mastery in dog-fighting and advanced space-space combat. I continued to have encounters with the brilliant man that was Mr. Wulfric Taylor. He was your typical 'older brother' man who would go out of the way to assist- I actually owe much of my dog-fighting and long range assault skills to him. His brother Calvin was not so approachable as he was but he wasn't exactly an asshole either- we had our share of laughs time to time. Tychus on the other hand, became my right-hand-man and he even shifted into my room. He wasn't your 'best loving' friend and would often get me in trouble for trivial reasons but he got the job done when needed.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Chapter 2

Life after the Fleet Academy moved by relatively quicker than expected. I spent two years working under Admiral Decker and led many missions against the Sung and Ares in the outer systems- including one operation that would change my life forever. The operation in question resulted in my demotion and severe admonishment from both Admiral Decker and my father, the emperor. It also cost me a two year suspension from active duty. I went on an self imposed exile from the St. Kat's Arcology and opened up a small office offering mercenary services. It was here that I was approached by Tychus to work with him in the Black Market Syndicate. I had option but to join him- after all- I was flying my personal Royal Sapphire yacht that wasn't any good for mercenary work anyway. I was introduced to Tychus' adoptive father and Lord of the Syndicate- Don Mihko and he welcome me with open arms. I got initiated into the Mafia with a hot iron brand to my forearm that read 'Ĉiuj Homoj Devas Morti, the motto of the Black Market.
Tychus and I conducted several mafia missions together in his Molotok Bounty Hunter including extortion, drug deliveries and quiet a few terminations. Lord Mihko was greatly impressed by my flying skills in the Molotok and gifted to me a ship that would become my home for eternity to come- a Makayev Corporation Manticore Class Heavy Gunship. Lord Mihko had gone overboard in upgrading it, arming it with an Omni-directional Mark V howitzer, MAG Launchers, active and passive projectile defense systems, deflector shields, upgraded armor and basically everything needed to turn spaceships into space-dust- and that's exactly what my next assignment would be for the next full year.

I was sent to the Battle Arena and fought with the ominous name ' "The Slicer"- and 'slicing' I did. I remained undefeated and unopposed, sending many a warrior to oblivion and earning millions in credits for the Mafia. My lucked stopped when I faced a female Domina pilgrim in a heavily upgraded Super-Wolfen. She was using special powers granted by the supernatural entity Domina and blocked my attacks with ease and instantly regenerated her shields on the rare occasions that I did land shots with my Mark V. The killing blow came with two well programmed XM900 Lucifer missiles and tore through my Manticore's armor and caused a near instant hull breach. The crowd cheered on demanding death and I had pretty much prepared for it myself when the female voice radioed me.
"You'll leave to fight another day Commander Anderson, son of Emperor Roland Anderson" she said and flew out and away from the arena- effectively ending my career as a gladiator with her. I was too ashamed to go back to the Mafia and too arrogant to let Tychus hammer it down on me. I spent the next year doing escort jobs for the Korolov shipping company and grew up in their ranks to the post of Journeyman.

One day, I received an urgent call from scientist and former colleague, Dr. Kate Morgental about an urgent meeting at the Korolov Shipping Charon Base regarding pirate activity. I knew Dr. Morgental from our days in the C.S.C Terra, she was serving at the chief weapons officer at the time. I had no job and was recovering from a bruised ego after being defeated in the arena, and I knew Kate's body all to well to say no.

It was supposed to be a very normal flight that day. Everything was routine and normal except for one thing- A lone Britannia parked at the Korolov Docks. I knew this Britannia all too well and my heartbeat went through the roof as I approached.

"Magic-Control, this is War-wolf ONE-NINER, requesting docking clearance" I announced.
"War-Wolf flight, identified- Manticore Gunship- you are cleared to dock. Please disarm weapon systems. Docking port Foxtrot-Hotel- 6-5" came the reply.
I disengaged the master weapon control. This became standard procedure to prevent accidental or intentional misfires within the docking bays.

I walked into the large docking bays and took a lift to the officer's quarters. The meeting itself was not due until a few days but owing to the vast distance and uncertainties of space travel, most the attendees preferred to come earlier and stay in the officer accommodations.
The Korolov station was a large cylindrical building with flat spanning docking bays. There were lots of people in blue and grey uniforms walking around on the faux-gravity floors. The interiors were mainly white with spots of grey here and there but no colors.
I walked into the large officer quarters that had been pre-booked for us. They had a large balcony overlooking the docking ports, protected by military grade glass canopy.
I was quick to jump into the shower and freshened off. Although I did have some really nice showers in my Manticore, you can never compare them to the comfort of the officer suites.
Once cleaned up, I put on a sleeveless shirt and headed down to the bar. I had bulked up during my time with the Mafia and went heavy with my muscles and overall shape.

The bar- located on the 135th floor- was very large hall with a blue yellowish theme. It was crowed with people but was relatively quiet. I headed over to a private area reserved for officers and poured myself a drink - a simple Mescal without a worm (I hated them). I sat calmly thinking over some unnecessary things. I heard footsteps heading my way from behind. These footsteps were different to the usual background noise, they were heavy and sounded sinister as they approached. I lowered my left hand towards my belt and unbuttoned the holster carrying my Colt Magnum.
Then a dark cowboy voice pounded into my ears...
"Well, well, well. If it isn't little ole Mikey from the War-wolves. Hell, I thought them mongrels had been dissolved for being too pussy-whipped to fight." thundered the voice.
"Tychus! As if I should've known already. Pirate lords shipping alien drugs into the lower systems and killing the Mafia's profit margin. I can imagine your friends must be really pissed" I turned around to see a very large figure standing behind me in a black and grey Marine combat suit- complete with tags and military markings and the green hexagonal black market emblem with the 'Ĉiuj Homoj Devas Morti printed clearly around it.
"Damn straight Mikey! Dem pirate lords need an ass whooping of a Tychus kind. The Korolov folks have lost quiet a few of their little ships to them. Hence our little 'parley'. Oh and I heard you got your ass kicked in the Arena. Mihko's pissed but he knows these cotton pick'n pilgrims!" he thundered back.
I laughed and poured him a drink.
"There's a Brit parked outside." I remarked.
"And we know who that belongs to don't we Mikey? She's been waiting for five years boy."

As we began catching up on our time spent together we noticed an attractive young lady in her early thirties chatting with men in fancy suits. She was wearing a typical white uniform and her hair hung loosely coming to about shoulder length. I looked at Tychus and he gestured back.
"This young lady is NOT someone you wanna bed anytime soon." he said, having almost guessed what I was thinking.
"That young lady is Kate Morgental. She is a very important scientist and I'll put forward a wager for you. He who beds her first gets 10,000 commonwealth credits." I replied in a faux serious tone.
"Ha ha ha! Just like old times eh Mikey? I'll pass, she wont bed a criminal like me. Speaking of which; Ms Morgental here is on some secret mission. " he laughed back.
"Secret mission?" I replied inquisitively.
"There's a pirate fortress here in Charon. Heard that they've gotten their filthy hands on some alien tech that can do a lot of harm. Despite its detrimental effects everyone's wiling to pay top dollar for it - Ringers, Teratons, Commonwealth folks; hell even the Martians are offering their @#$! for it." he replied, becoming quieter
I understood now exactly why Tychus was here.
"You see Mikey," he continued. " St. Kat's knows that this new tech can easily win wars for Human space but at a great cost and therefore won't risk nailing the pirates over it. They intend therefore to let all the rats kill themselves over it and pay the winning rat from their sundry funds so to speak. Ms. Morgental is their civilian representative." he declared.
"I didn't see any Corporate Cruiser. This means she's not..."
"Officially here Mikey boy." He interjected "That means you can bed her and possibly find out what Ms. Sunshine has to offer us" he continued.
I looked at him bewilderingly. "Us?!" I almost screamed.
"This is my wager Mikey. You help me get my hands on that alien tech and you get your percentage.The Boss would be very proud of you. "
"The Boss? The Boss is involved?" I became deathly serious at this point.
"The Boss is involved and is the author of all things Mikey". he replied.
"The Boss is a @#$!. There's something more here than meets the eye big man. I wanna go meet a special person first."
I left the bar without another word and headed towards the specially reserved officers' quarters at towards the top section of the station.

When I entered I saw her, sitting back towards the door at a bar taking down tequila shots. She was wearing grey flight pants and a blue sports bra while her long brown hair covered most of her upper back.
The lights were very dim and her room as filled with darkness save the glittering lights from the bar lamps.
"I've been waiting for you. You're finally here." she said without turning her head. The sound of her voice flooded into my mind like a river of ecstasy and my eyes watered up- preparing to unleash their flood on my cheeks.
"You never called, you never answered- nothing." I replied, my voice wavering like water.
"Just how many people know you're a War-Wolf, eh cowboy? You know the rules." she replied, head still turned to the bar.
The dams around my eyes collapsed and the river of tears flooded my cheeks. I walked over to her and gentle began to kiss her back and worked by way up to her shoulder- giving her goosebumps but she still hid her face in her hair.
I pulled on her cheeks and she finally turned around- her pale cheeks gone damp with the constant flow of crystal liquid from her eyes. She pulled my arm and we sat down on a brown sofa.
"You're all grown up now little brother- you've become a warrior! You still wanna shelter your head in li'l ol Tanya's breasts?" she smiled but it it was already too late for an answer. I dove nose-in into to her cleavage and wrapped my bulky arms around her and let out a gentle cry.
"Every single day Tanya, every single minute and every single second. My, mother! My mother! The chariots and horsemen of Starlton!" my tears raced down through her bra and unto her stomach.
"You're still an egg under that hard shell of yours aren't you? Ha! I heard about that little operation of yours with the Terra Mike. I'm sorry it went the way it did." she said and pulled me still further into her body- I could tell she had no intention to let go anytime soon and neither did I.
"Hell, it's all been downhill without you. Just promise me you won't go away again." I said and finally pulled myself back. She handed me a glass full of Jack Daniel's Bourbon- she still remembered it as my favorite.
"I've been given command of the Point Juno Supply Base Mike. You can see me anytime you want now. I wanna talk to you about this Lamplighter thing Mike. Father has taken personal interest in it along with Decker. I hope you've already noticed Decker's pet snickering around- she's heading the meeting." she said she sipped her drink.
"Morgental? She's overseeing the meeting of mercenaries? I thought she called me to get a taste of my cock."
"The boss is gonna be tasting your cock tomorrow. You and Tychus are going over to meet him on Planet Hubble tomorrow. You've had a long journey little brother. You better get some rest. I need to have a chat with Ms. Morgental right now. I'm sending a girl of mine over to your suite, her name is Scarlet- take good care of her." she said and stood up.

I stood up and kissed Tanya on her lips and embraced her again.
"I love you Tanya. Thank you for coming back." I said as I walked out of the door.
"I love you too Michael. You're still my little Slicer and you always will be." Tanya reached up and kissed my forehead- I had become taller than her now.

When I went back to my suite, I saw the young girl Scarlet waiting for me at the dining table- completely naked.
"Greetings Prince Anderson." she said in a forced sexy tone.
"I won't eat and neither will you. I'd like to have you on an empty stomach." I said and callously threw the young girl onto my bed.
"Your sister said you'd help me!" she cried back, emotions building up in her eyes.

"I will but she also gave me strict instructions to help myself first. I'm the faking prince of the Commonwealth, I can get you a bloody nun's job tomorrow morning!" I said and turned off the lighting.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Chapter 3:- Surprise, Surprise- How the Charon Korolov base got attacked.

My eyes barely opened when I noticed Scarlet lying next to me on my bed- sans her clothing. Looks like I did end up having her for dinner. I got up with a jerk and quickly put on my uniform. She also woke up and put her clothes on. She quickly got to work making breakfast- Megathere meat steak with prime beef jerky and European ice vodka. I asked her if she wanted to leave but she said she was appointed to me for the duration of my stay. She put on her escort uniform that she came in with and had room service clean up our room.
It was still early but the station was bustling with people. We both went down to the bar area and I asked Scarlet to disappear in the crowd for a while. I went back to the private area and as expected I saw the hulking marine armor sitting at the bar puffing away on cigars.

"Mikey!" he exclaimed even before seeing me. I imagined he was expecting me. "How'd you like that little present Tanya sent over. Ha ha ha, she's one of a kind ain't she?" he continued.
"Scarlet" I said calmly.
"Hope she give you all the fun you need and then some." he snorted back.
"I assumed she wasn't a Commonwealth whore. I saw the black market tattoo on her..."
"I planted it there Mikey... ha ha ha. With a hot laser." he interrupted slyly.
"Tychus. If the Lamplighter gets built and ends up in the wrong hands, it could spell the end of humanity." I said as I took a hard sip of my cognac.
"Heard the Chinese folks are making a replica of it. Something called a Qianlong arch-cannon. The pirate lords have no idea that the tech they have is the god damn trigger mechanism. Mikey, we're gonna sell this baby to the Commonwealth. Do you know what happens if the Sung-s get their hands on it? or worse the Ranx Empire?- THAT Mikey will be the end of humanity! " he exclaimed loudly.

I sat quietly and sunk my head into my hands. I looked over my shoulder and noticed Scarlet coming over- she had changed back into her 'normal' clothes. She came quietly and sat next to Tychus after giving me a wink. I ignored her and looked towards Tychus.
"Aright partner. 80-20 my way" I knew I was screwing myself my thinking he'd accept but no harm trying.
"70-30 my way" he laughed back.
"55-45 my way, take it or leave it."
"Ha ha ha! Still the same old bastard you were in the pussy brigade eh Mikey? Aright you have it." he gave a hard laugh while Scarlet merely smiled.
"Tell me what I gotta do." I said plainly.

Tychus then went to explain an intricate plan to get our hands on the Iocrym fusion triggers before the Korolov meeting took place. It involved very- very dangerous activities that would either get us killed or worse, have us imprisoned for life in St. Kat's. We had to prevent that meeting from taking place.

The first step involved sending a encrypted signal to the Charon Pirate Fortress to reveal our position and our intentions.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Awesome story! Looks like it's take place before Star of Pilgrim.
I'm actually have a fanfiction story, but yet finished.
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DigaRW wrote:Awesome story! Looks like it's take place before Star of Pilgrim.
I'm actually have a fanfiction story, but yet finished.
I'm looking forward to reading it. :D :wink:
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Chapter 3- Ship Ahoy

I drank a few more shots of Vodka and we got up and walked out of the bar. Tanya had arranged a meeting on a planet near the Al Maisan Star-gate. I followed Tychus down to the docking bay.
His military green Molotok was being prepped up by some of the Korolov mechanics. The Molotok was a large gunship but much smaller than my Manticore. A slip door opened up underneath it and we floated up into the cockpit. The cockpit was small and glowed red. It had just four combat seats and a small bunk bed at the back side. There was also a closet sized restroom just beside the bed. I sat shotgun beside Tychus and Scarlet sat behind me. This wasn't the first time I had been inside this ship- my training missions involved frequent 'off the record' missions for the mafia and Tychus and I had worked on them.

The ship blasted through the sound barrier quietly and within the next minute we were at light speed. 'It's about a light hour away', commented Scarlet- growing more and more restless of my ignoring her.
"I hope we're good Commander Anderson. No hard feelings, its just..." she began but quickly I looked back and smiled. 'We're good Scarlet. One of these days I'm going to take you down to Incandescence. I planning to set up a little Wild Space Tourism company. I'd love to have you as my manager. '
"I've not known any other life than this Commander Anderson- but I would love to be your manger there" she smiled brightly.
We reached exactly within an hour and braced for the jerk. The ship immediately decreased speed from 310,000 kilometers per second to a snail-speed of 15000 kilometers per hour. It was a blue planet with a large ocean and chunks of land scattered over it. 'Welcome to the planet Hubble ladies" announced Tychus.
The ship entered the atmosphere and rode out the burn. The ship glowed red from the heat produced by the nitrogen rich atmosphere. Once through, I peered outside the cockpit window and looked down. The ground was mainly a mountainous desert with lots of sand dunes but no greenery- not even shrubs. We headed towards a large force field enclosed settlement. As we began to descend, the radio lights came on.
I gave our call signs and had us cleared for entry. A large hole opened up in the transparent shield and we flew through.

We landed at a large space-ship parking area near a dusty road. There were barely any ships parked. I got out and felt the Charon star beating down on me. A hover-technical (essentially a hover-jeep with mounted laser cannons) stopped immediately in front of us. Five men wearing rag-tag military outfits jumped out carrying laser rifles.
"The boss wants to see you" the lead said to me in an intimidating tone.
"NO! We want to see the boss!" Tychus yelled, appearing out of the bounty hunter. Tychus' heavy marine armor dwarfed the men and a single bullet from his C4 Gauss rifle could turn their vehicle into molten steel. The lead soldier looked up at the 10 foot tall heavy armor and shifted backward while trying desperately to look unafraid.
The second soldier signaled something into his radio and within about five minutes a heavy military size hover-truck rolled onto the road. We got into the back of the truck and began to move.

After around 15 minutes on the dusty road, we reached a very large building that I had noticed while landing.
I thought this was our destination but to my surprise the soldiers led us towards a small and broken up bar directly next to it. It had a broken metal gate barely hanging on the hinges. The truck glided in and stopped just short of the entrance. We jumped out of the truck and went in through the glass doors.
Inside was a small bar area with a few sofas and bean bags. It was relatively dark with just a few ceiling lights lighting the place. Some girls in skimpy clothes sat on some of the tables and entertained guests. There was a large holographic image projector that played bootleg 3DVs while a couple of people sat at the bar drinking and smoking.
No one noticed us as we entered- except for a few who passed a wandering gaze at Scarlet. I assumed they were used to seeing walking tanks and high level officers entering their bar every now and then.
We continued to follow the guards into a small room at the back of the bar.
The ground opened up beneath us and we floated downwards on a jet of air. The basement was the complete opposite of the bar area- it was completely white lit with white walls. It was a large hall probably 5000 square feet in area- much larger that what it was on the surface. In the middle of the hall was a single black table wherein sat a well built, bald man with a long beard.
I knew this person very well.

"Sit down gentlemen. I've been waiting for you." the Boss said in a heavy southern accent. Scarlet and I sat down opposite him while Tychus stood behind us. He motioned to Scarlet and she walked out with the guards. I twitched anxiously but didn't dare to speak. The man whose table we were sitting at today had more control over human space than Admiral Decker or even the good people in St. Kat's- so saying anything out of turn was not in the script.
"Kind greetings to you sir. We understand that you realize our intention for meeting your kind self." began Tychus.
"Get rid your armor Tychus. You're spoiling the look of this room." The Boss commanded.
"Yes sir" Tychus said and immediately engaged the armor's automatic detachment. It opened up from the front and Tychus stepped out. There was not much difference visually- Tychus had a body that resembled the armor. He sat down next to me.
"The Mafia wants control over the Lamp Lighter fusion triggers. An anti-matter cannon capable of wiping out entire solar systems with a few shots. You wish to steal it from the pirates and sell it to the Commonwealth." he said calmly while puffing away on his cigar.
"My point exactly sir. The pirates have got their dirty hands on it and are planning a fire sale within the next few days. They have invited all the crooks in the galaxy- Sungs, Ares, Ranxs- the works. The kind folks at the Black Market feel that one ought not to let these wicked people acquire the above mentioned" replied Tychus- staring directly into the boss's eyes.
"And make a clean profit from it too. The Charon pirates are weaklings. No one is paying anything to them for the triggers- a single Ranx dreadnought in the system will have them pissing their pants." the Boss began.
"And therefore, it has become absolutely IMPERATIVE that we acquire those triggers before that happens." finished Tychus. I was surprised at how audaciously Tychus was speaking to the boss. Whether it was blind avarice or a truly serious concern- I saw in Tychus a determination that I had never seen in our time with the Marine Corps.
"The pirates have used alien cloaking devices to hide their location in the system and the only way to find the Fortress is to follow a pirate ship back- and the only way you boys can find a pirate ship is to send an invitation to them to attack Korolov Shipping.- Fine, you have my blessings. Make it look convincing." the Boss replied. I was yet to say anything in this conversation however I chose to remain quiet and see where it went- besides, something else was already bothering me- Scarlet.
"Many innocents will die sir" Tychus said showing minor signs of empathy.
"Innocents die everyday Tychus. Fight hard against the Pirates- They'll be flying Frigates and possibly a few Tripoli class destroyers. Get me the weapon at all costs" the Boss instructed.

Tychus stood up and jumped back into his armor. I was also about to stand but the Boss waved me to sit down. Tychus walked out and left me alone in the hall with the boss.
"Michael. I want you to see something." The Boss spoke to me for the first time. He stood up and then led me towards a door facing his back.
It was a small room divided into two parts by a sound proof glass- like a music recording studio. The lights flicked on on the other side of the room.
I noticed Scarlet tied down to a metal gurney. She wasn't struggling and stared quietly at the ceiling. The lights turned on in our side of the room. She immediately looked towards me.
The Boss instructed that the sound be turned on.
"Hey Mikey... I'm sorry I couldn't join up with you in St. Kat's . Just take care of yourself and don't join me anytime soon." she smiled widely and turned her head back towards the ceiling.
I didn't reply nor did I give any reaction. I stared blankly at her.
"She knew too much about our little arrangement. We can't risk critical information with a mafia hooker. Minor sacrifices are required for the greater good. You'll understand Michael." The Boss said to me.

I looked at Scarlet one final time. Then a soldier quietly dug a titanium knife into her stomach. She didn't flinch- except the minor wrinkle on her face when the knife first touched. Within a few seconds blood ran down from her mouth and her eyes closed.
"Minor sacrifices Michael. Do you understand?"
I looked at the Boss directly in the eye.
"Minor sacrifices for a greater good. Like Scarlet, like those innocent people at Korolov, like everyone. Yes FATHER. I UNDERSTAND". I said calmly and walked out of the room to join Tychus.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Chapter 4:- Warning

I floated back up into the bar where Tychus was waiting for me with a drink. He looked down at me from his heavy suit and patted my shoulder.
"Damn shame Mikey. You developed a fondness for the poor girl over a one night stand. I really didn't want your father to show you that" he said.
"I've seen worse Tychus. I just feel bad about that promise I made her for." I replied and got up from the bar.
As we walked outside the lead soldier ran to me and saluted- now knowing full well who I was. "You small boss? Sir. I am very sorry for misbehavior." he said but I just smiled and waved him off.

We got into the truck and hovered back to the waiting Molotok. A group of soldiers were busy cleaning it up.
"I'm going to the Korolov station and initiating an evacuation. You're going into the Charon Asteroid belt." I told Tychus.
"There's a small outlaw miner camp in the asteroids. Damn straight! Those miners are gonna signal those pirates for us." he laughed. "Just how are you intending to get back to Korolov?" he asked sheepishly.
As he spoke, a ripple went through the large shield covering the settlement and a large hole opened up in the shield.
"You know I never travel without my baby." I laughed back as my Manticore began to thunder over the ship parking area. The Manticore was much larger than the Molotok and mine in particular was much more powerful too. Tychus laughed and pointed his finger upwards as the large gunship began to land. The soldiers moved back abruptly.

I called the lead soldier over to me. "You want to do me a big favor?" I asked
"Yes small boss! Whatever you say!" he replied enthusiastically.
"Tell me how many people are there on this planet right now?"
"Around one hundred sir. All in this settlement."
"Good. I want you to make sure everyone of these people-including you and your men- are off this planet in less than 20 minutes." I said firmly.
"Sir? Why?" he asked in bewilderingly.
"The Boss has a tendency to sterilize his meeting places-you see" Tychus laughed at the soldiers.
We didn't have to explain much after this. The soldiers immediately got into their truck and sped off. I elevated into my Manticore and began lift off along side Tychus.
As I cleared the atmosphere I could see small green blips on my radar scrambling off the planet.
A message came in from one of the ships. "Small boss! My men owe you our lives! Big bomb in settlement in under five minutes! You call me commander. I go to Lucas system." cried a jubilant voice.
Moments later I also noticed a much larger blip- the Corporate Cruiser.

I approached the Korolov station and docked. I immediately headed towards Kate Morgental 's chambers. It was on the top most part the station. A large hall overlooking the eastern docking bays, it was about as ornate as a 10 star hotel on drugs- complete with gold plated ivory furniture and state of the art comm and tech systems. A receptionist was seated to the right of the entrance and just beside her an elaborate arrangement of security sensors. The two guards in combat armor saluted me as I walked in. The receptionist ( a young dusky lady of about 25 years of age) stood up and greeted me.
"Greetings Commander. Ms. Morgental is waiting for you" she said in a heavily accented English accent.
I waved and went in through the security systems. I walked through the large hall and then through a large door at the opposite end. Inside was a medium sized cabin with around five or six seats and a few tables. A large table was in the center with a plethora of files, books and holographic projectors on it. Ms Morgental was busy looking through some files. She was wearing a Star-trek blue uniform with a pair of clear glasses sitting on her nose.
"Michael? What's the matter?" she looked up and adjusted her glasses.
"Kate, there's a wave of pirates heading this way as I speak. It seems someone has informed the pira..." I began but she cut me.
"Tychus Findley, I know. He was with me on the night you were with that black market hooker."
"Scarlet." I interjected. She sighed and stood up.
"The mafia wants all the money for itself it seems. There are over a hundred people here for that meeting and everyone one of them can take those fusion triggers from the pirates- but your father 'The Boss' wants all of it to himself right Mike?" she said as she walked over to me and waved her hands over my cheeks.
"It's a fair deal Kate. You'll get that funding you want for the Heretic research; the mafia gets their money and I get to prevent millions of people from getting killed by random warlords." I replied- having thankfully stopped my pretense of being innocent.
She thought over it with her face down and finally looked at me.
"Okay Mike. What do you want?"
"I want all unarmed personnel to be gone in under an hour. I want all armed spacecraft to help 'defend' the station. We gotta make it look convincing for the pirates." I stated firmly.

The alarm bells began to resonate throughout the station. A female computerized voice announced the impending pirate attack and the entire station broke into complete turmoil.
Aurochs transport ships began to fill up with hordes people. The freighters also began to dispatch quickly to save their precious cargo from pirates.
I took Kate down with me to the hangars. I'd imagined the other attendees of the meeting would be breathing fire on Kate over it but I also knew that most would prefer to run for their lives once they hear about the Tripoli class destroyers.
I instructed Kate to return to Rigel Aurelius and meet Mr. Katami - the owner of the Battle Arena Maximus as quickly as possible- I had a matter to handle there. She got into a Sapphire Yacht along with her entourage of security personnel and her receptionist. Within moments the Yacht undocked and headed off towards the star-gate.

I looked at the time on my watch and became very concerned. The pirates would probably be warping in at any moment and there were still many people on the station.
I got into my Manticore and sped out away for the station. I then went on the restricted Black-Market frequency and made an attempt to contact Tychus.
He confirmed my worst fears- our guests were on their way- fast.
"Mikey! I'm being chased by a god-damn armada of pirate ships! Maybe a hundred Corsairs and Vikings, fifteen or something drakes and a couple of bad ass frigates!" he screamed.
"I need ETA Tychus! WHAT IS YOUR ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL?!" I screamed back.
"Not long hillbilly! Prepare for hell in 10 light minutes tops!" he replied.
I didn't wait to reply. If Tychus was 10 light minutes away then that message had come to me 10 minutes too late... There were still five or six transports loading people on the station.

I got on the radio with the Korolov station.
"Korolov this is War-wolf, Evac now!!! Pirate ships inbound!!!" I screamed.
"Copy that War-wolf. All remaining ships are leaving the dock. We have escort pilots leading them over to the star-gate." they replied.

The large Earth class freighters warped away towards the star-gate and now only the fighters remained. Around twenty Ronin-Cs, a couple of centurions and one bad-ass Manticore.
The first KM100 landed just a few thousand kilometers short of the station. I guess they were testing their range.

Now came the time for them to meet The Slicer!

This is the armor i based the Commonwealth marine armor on.
This is the armor i based the Commonwealth marine armor on.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Great story, More, please. After reading this I'll check out more of these stories.
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Chapter 5 BEEHIVE

Tychus came in and immediately docked to refuel. I floated idly in space near the station. The station commander was still in the station with his maintenance crew.
"Attention all defense units. The station is assuming call-sign BEEHIVE. We're manning the defense turrets on the docking ports so stay well away from them. All units are requested to call in. " he requested. I could hear fear in his voice but at least he was brave enough to stay back.
"This is Foxtrot flight, Roger BEEHIVE. Foxtrot flight is assuming defense of east sectors." , "This is Tango flight, affirmative commander." the Ronin gunships responded.
"Beehive this is War-wolf and Phantom. We're gonna run up ahead and start hunting the larger ships. We need you folks to handle the Vikings and Corsairs" I called in. Tychus and I were the only ones with the MAGs and Mark V howitzers required to take out the Drakes, Frigates and Tripoli Destroyers ergo, it only made sense for us to ignore the small fry.

Before anyone had a chance to respond the first wave of the smaller ships entered the security radius. Tychus and I immediately maneuvered our gunships towards them and deployed our attack autons. The autons marked the targets and began their mission of distracting -or possibly destroying- the weaker Corsairs and Vikings, while we raced towards the yet unseen Drakes before they could come within firing range.
Chaos immediately broke loose as the fifty or so pirate-ships roared towards the station. The Ronins formed up and immediately began obliterating them. The Vikings and Corsairs didn't attack the station though. They were doing their job of distracting the defending ships so their larger friends could blast the station with their heavy artillery.

"I've got five bandits on my six!" I cried as I pulled my ship haphazardly to avoid their missiles.
" War-wolf, this is Foxtrot; I've got em! Firing Fox 1! Firing Fox 2!" the young Ronin pilot yelled and within a few seconds 4 red blips vanished from the screen.
The relief was ephemeral. I noticed 5 really big blips appearing on the far section of my screen.
" Attention all units, this is War-wolf. I detect Drakes and Frigates inbound ETA 50 seconds. I'm going in to engage. Requesting cover from bandits." I said.
"Roger War-wolf. Tango flight, we're moving in to cover War-wolf." the second Ronin responded. They immediately formed up on me and began to engage enemy ships.
"This is Tango 2. Where the damn hell is Phantom? War-wolf? Sir?" yelled a young female Ronin pilot. She had a point. The Molotok had indeed disappeared- but only I knew where.
"Negative Tango 2, I have no idea. Keep these damn fighters off my ass for now. He'll show up when we need him." I tried to sound as real as possible.

I headed towards the Drakes and let loose a barrage of MAGS. They were no match for my Manticore. In fact, two of them blew up into space debris with just a single well place MAG between them. The others fell victim to my Mark V. So far I was having fun but the thought of Tychus made me very- very anxious.
The good pilots of the Korolov Shipping corporation continued to fight hard however the first casualty gave us a rude reality check.
"This is Foxtrot 3; I'm on fire! I'm bailing out! Someone please check my escape pod!" cried one of the Ronins. I was within immediate vicinity and saw the small escape capsule eject from the Ronin moments before the spherical ship exploded. A Viking made a beeline for the escape pod. I had to act fast so I rammed my gunship into it from the side. My two frontal Mag launchers tore through the ship. The pilot and his co ejected and 'went splat' into my windshield but managed to escape injury due to their heavy space suits. I opened my ship's airlock and the Ronin pilot's ejection pod entered in. I also pulled the Viking pilots on board and locked them in the airlock.
The young female rushed into the cockpit and I released her now useless ejection pod into space.
"Thank you commander. You took a big one for me." she cried.
"No worries. We have guests in the air-lock. My droids would have glad-wrapped em by now but take that laser-carbine and check them out. " I said and pulled my ship out of the wreck. My deflector took a bulk of the damage but the spider-like repair droids on board my ship quickly got to work repairing the minor cuts and bruises.

“Beehive, I have an injured pilot on-board. I’m coming in to dock. I also need additional repair droids. Please acknowledge.” I said to the station commander.
“Affirmative War-wolf. Docking bays 6-4-niner is clear.” The station replied.
“ Commander Anderson, what about those two prisoners?” the young lady asked me curiously.
“I have reserved them for a special purpose my dear. Get down towards those laser machine gun turrets in the station. You’re still in the fight.” I replied and dove southwards to the flat spanning docking bays of the station. The young lady jumped onto a hover-Sega and zoomed into the station while a group of mechanics came rushing towards the ship with metal boxes. The boxes opened with a small explosion and 5 pairs of spider-droids scuttled up onto my ship.
I blasted off and headed towards the incoming Drakes. By now most of my attack autons had been destroyed save a few which valiantly pursued the small pirate ships. I was waiting desperately for Tychus’ signal but he was nowhere to be seen.
The Drakes were growing more consistent in their attacks and eventually their KM100s began hitting the station. The first ten missiles hit the eastern part of the station however they weren’t able to do too much damage. The station commander began his morbid banter into the radio calling for all aircraft to react to the onslaught.
I knew all this was futile. The pirates had just begun their attack and I was expecting the first wave of the frigates at any moment. I continued hunting the Drakes but they continued to warp in.
The relentless waves of Vikings and Corsairs finally began to die down and any remaining fighters scrambled towards the star-gate. Everyone rushed towards the station to refuel- including me. We all knew that we'd be fighting again in a few minutes if not seconds. We had lost 4 Ronin gunships so far but thankfully all pilots were able to eject to the station.

I quickly rushed back to the peripheries of the station and then, from the corner of my eye I noticed a stray Stiletto heading towards the station. A laser turret melted the missile before it hit. Stiletto missiles meant only one thing- FRIGATES. I knew I had to make a decision that would rattle everyone to their bones however I was left with no option.
“Attention all spacecraft. This is War-wolf lead. We have frigates inbound! All spacecraft dock with the station and evacuate the station staff! I SAY AGAIN! ALL PILOTS HEAD FOR THE STAR-GATE NOW!” I screamed.
As expected, the station commander was flabbergasted.
"Belay that order! Keep fighting! Defend the station! War-wolf flight, you are ordered to desist from using this frequency!" he blasted.
"Beehive this is War-wolf. Most of our spacecraft are already battered and bruised. I will not risk the lives of these pilots. I order you- as Lieutenant commander of the Commonwealth Fleet to order immediate evacuation of all spacecraft from this system. Acknowledge or face the consequences for dereliction of duty." I announced firmly. The radio went completely silent.

"Acknowledged War-wolf. All spacecraft- retreat towards the star-gate. I'm staying with my station Michael. I will not let that pirate scum set their dirty feet here." he replied after a short pause.
"I'm staying back too commander- but I cannot risk the lives of these young pilots. I'm good to engage the frigates or anything they throw at us." I replied
At this, the other pilots also began to express their desire to stay however I had to pull rank again and ordered them off the station.
The Ronins docked with the station and hurriedly boarded the maintenance crews before shooting off towards the star-gate. Mine was the only fighting ship left to take on the oncoming wave of frigates. The station commander manned the large ion defense cannon at the top of the station- it was clear he was willing to fight and die for this station... however I had something else in mind.

The Frigates began their attack run and started firing their Starburst missiles at the station. The station immediately began to take damage as shrapnel ripped through the station at near light speed.
I sped towards the frigates and the first one fired fifteen stilettos at me. I dodged most but a few did hit. The repair droids got to work and began repairing the armor. I fired two MAGS back at it and saw large explosions in the ship's hull. It was a direct hit. I noticed escape pods hurriedly flying towards the other frigates, however I didn't bother engaging them. The other frigates unleashed their own missiles on me and I scrambled in all directions to evade.
A fourth frigate then appeared and fired five pairs of starbursts at the station and within seconds a large explosion ripped through the upper decks- where the station commander was manning the ion turret.
The turret exploded into many colors. I cursed in anger and watched helplessly as the decks broke off and floated into space.
I continued to evade the missiles and unleashed my final round of MAGS- killing the second frigate instantly. I was now left with just 8 or nine rounds on my Mark V.
More frigates began to appear and for the first time since the onslaught began I began to feel fear. I really needed Tychus to show up but I was increasingly becoming unsure of his own fate.

The frigates unleashed their missiles at me once more and I had no option but to run for it. My deflector had already come down to 56% and any further damage would result in a hull breach. I headed towards a nearby planet to regenerate my shields but the frigates were carrying Corsairs and they cut me off. I maneuvered haphazardly to evade and tried assiduously to get clear shots of the frigates but their gunships and missiles kept me really busy.
"This is War-wolf flight to Beehive! Commander? Are you there?" I made a last ditch attempt- I knew it was futile but I was hard pressed to contact the dead man.

There was no response and the silence only confirmed my fears but then suddenly I heard a small whispering sound. My face lit up.
"War-wolf! I'm okay! I scrambled before those missiles hit. The station is on fire Michael! The reactors are heating up beyond control. If they blow they'll take a quarter of the system with them. Get the hell out here!" he cried back.
"Is there anyone left on the station? Are you alone?" I screamed back even as I pulled the ship to its limits trying to avoid the army of missiles following me.
"Yes! That young pilot who you saved. She didn't leave! She's manning the laser machine guns on the lower decks!" he called back.
'Holy @#$!!' I thought to myself.
"Commander! Get your damn ass down there and take her to the hard room. I'm gonna come down to pick you both up. We're getting out of here now!" I hadn't finished speaking when three pairs of starbursts hit my left engine. I fell violently from my seat- belts and all and my ship swerved into a violent spin. My lips and forehead began to bleed slightly from the impact with the floor.
My cockpit lit up and the myriad of blinking lights and alarms began to blare loudly.
The ship's computer used the auxiliary jets and stabilized it from the spin. I got up and rushed back to the windscreen. My eyes open wide and saw the last thing any pilot would see. Six Viking II class gunships floating directly in front of my ship. There were five pirate frigates now circling the partly destroyed station. They all stopped firing and moved slowly towards the station.

"Oi! Look Ooo we ave ere guv! It's that little rat who's been kill-in all our men.' the lead ship blasted into the radio.
"Yeah! He's got Chuck and Sally captive in his ship. I read the heat signature in his cargo bay. I'd like to ave this one for lunch!" another one spoke. I stared blankly at the ships but didn't respond.
"Mike! Get the damn hell out of there! Mike! Lead them to the station. I'll blast them! Mike!" cried a young pilot from the station but she knew it was pointless.
"Oi! you! We're not interested in Sally and Chuck. We're interested in blasting your little ass to mince meat. Any last wishes mate?" the lead Viking said again.
I walked into the cargo bay and looked at the two handcuffed Viking pilots who were still their spacesuits. The radio was audible in the cargo room too so they were also well aware of their fate.

"Yeah, I have a last wish." I responded back coarsely.
"Yeah? Go on mate! My trigger finger's itching!" he snorted back.
"Surrender!" I screamed back to hysterical laughter.
"I'm kill-in the little @#$!!" the lead Viking. I closed my eyes and waited for the impact.
The Viking pilot had begun to squeeze his trigger when suddenly a large hexagonal ball flew over and stopped just behind them. All of the Vikings turned violently to face the ball while I engaged my reverse thrusters and began to move back quickly.
"Oi! Wot the bloody ell is this? Did our Frigs send this? " one of the Vikings said even as I moved out of range.
"This, my dear gentlemen, is a little gift from the Black Market Syndicate." blared an all too familiar voice. The Mag burst followed and the five Viking Gunships exploded into millions of fragments.

In the distance, I noticed a lone Wolfen Gunship ripping the frigates into pieces with it's barrage of Lucifer missiles.
"Tychus!! If ever there was a prettier sight than you!" I yelled.
"Hey Mikey boy! Sorry for keeping you waiting. I've brought friends and one special friend." he said as ten other bright green Molotok Bounty hunters warped in and joined the Wolfen.
The flight of Ronins that left the system also returned fully healed and battle ready. They began engaging the Corsairs and Vikings that were being fired off by the frigates.
"This is Foxtrot flight! You didn't we'd leave you alone did ya sir?" called in a jubilant Ronin pilot.
The frigates, now facing unexpected odds themselves, began to fire randomly at whatever they could hit but became overwhelmed by the Molotoks and Wolfen.
By this time my repair droids had almost finished repairing damage to the ship and my deflector also gained optimum power.
The Molotok hunters and the Wolf scooped up the final frigate. Thousands of escape pods could be seen ejecting from the Frigates and heading off towards the nearby planet.

The last frigate burst into pieces from the barrage of Mags and Lucifer missiles. After two more hours of cleaning up we returned to the damaged station and joined up with the station commander and the Ronin pilot.
We all burst into cheer as we entered the battered station. The station's robotic army had already gotten to work repairing it.
I jumped off my ship and ran to meet Tychus.
"I'm glad you're alive Mikey! A second too late would've meant the end of the pussy-wolf squadron." he laughed.
The station commander also rushed in. He was a tall dark man with a very well built body akin to Tychus.
"Well, you kept your promise. Thank you for saving my station Lieutenant." he said as we embraced.
The other pilots rushed into the large bar and everyone embraced each other and exchanged high-fives.
"Mikey there's a friend I'd like you to meet." Tychus said as he motioned towards a tall, blonde woman jumping out of a heavily modified Wolfen Gunship.
"Greetings Commander Anderson. I am Major November Caesar... I am a pilgrim headed to the galactic core under the divine guidance of Domina. You can call me Nova." she smiled. She had a pretty deep voice for her age.
I looked menacingly at Tychus but he shook his head.
"Ha Ha Ha! I've heard a lot about you commander. The battle arena in Rigel swears by 'The Slicer' but don't expect to see me in your bedroom anytime soon." she laughed.
I also gave an awkward laugh. "I'd like to see you in battle Major."
"It'll be an honor commander. What do I get for kicking your ass in the arena?"
"Ha ha ha! I have friends in high places. I can make your journey more comfortable." I laughed.

As we spoke a young female of around 5'7 inches in height came running towards me and bear hugged me- tears streaming from her face.
"Looks like you've got quiet a fan following commander." remarked Nova.
"You risked your life for me sir. You almost died!" the young pilot cried, still yet to gain her composure.
"You fought well kid. What's your name?" I asked as I wiped the tears of her cheeks.
"Jenna. I'm an adventurer. I wanna go to the outer regions. I didn't expect to be in a pirate battle. " she sniffed back. Nova pulled the youngster to herself and embraced.
"You fought pretty well for a rookie. You nailed 10 Corsairs with 4 Vikings to go- I'm surprised! You know Jenna, I'm going to the outer systems myself. I'd love to have a brave young pilot like you on my wing."
Jenna blushed and ran off towards the bar.

The Station commander then called the entire assembly to attention. Everyone was given their glasses of Champagne for the toast.
"Attention all those gathered. I , commander War-field of the Charon Korolov base would like to offer my most sincere gratitude to all of you for your bravery and honor in defending this station from the wicked Charon pirates. I would like to bring to special mention Lieutenant Commander Michael Anderson from the Commonwealth Fleet for standing strong in the face of unbearable odds. Commander Anderson sent his entire team to safety and fought alone against entire frigates even going to the point of inevitable death. And henceforth, it is my honor to promote Commander Anderson to the rank of Master in the Korolov Corporation." the commander announced as I climbed up on the hurriedly made stage. He then pinned a crystal medal to my flight suit.
Everyone burst into applauds and cheers.
"I would further like to mention Captain Moonjit Singh - commander of Foxtrot flight and Spaceman Abdul Rah-man, commander of Tango flights for their valiant defense of the station with their Ronin C gunships. I take the honor to reward these gentlemen with the rank of esteemed Journeymen in the Korolov Shipping Corporation." the commander continued. A round of applaud followed.

I was called up on the stage to say a few words and give further instructions to the awaiting pilots. I got up and held the mic firmly in my hands.
"My fellow pilots of the commonwealth and my brothers from the Black Market Syndicate. I ask you now to drink and eat and celebrate your victory. However, I cannot stress enough that this victory is ephemeral. The Charon pirates will not take the loss of their capital ships lying down. They are very likely to attack this station with a force much stronger than what we've seen today. It is therefore imperative that we hit back at them before that happens. I had crashed into a Viking during the battle and I recovered a pirate map ROM. It has revealed all the pirate strongholds in this system except the Charon pirate fortress.
We must obliterate these strongholds to oblivion. So now, I ask from among you someone who will lead this attack." I articulated.

The hall first fell silent and followed with tumultuous deliberations. The mission I was asking them for wasn't exactly a walk in the park. We had the locations of the pirate strongholds but no Intel on their defenses. The Ronins of the Korolov base were only good for base defense and not serious warfare. Finally Nova stepped forward.
"I'll go. Give me the ROM. Anyone who wants to join is welcome- if not- then I'm on my own- I trust Domina to protect me." she announced proudly.
As I was expecting Jenna also came forward. "I'll stay by your side if I have to die for it." she said to Nova who was now beaming with pride for her newfound apprentice.
The Foxtrot and Tango pilots also came forward. "Commander Anderson, we'll join Major November in the mission. We're planning to go to the Commonwealth dock with our Ronins to upgrade them. Count us in!" they exclaimed.

"Alright then." I announced. " Major November and her team will coordinate the attack on the Pirate strongholds. I'll see if I can pull some strings and have the Commonwealth fleet send in some Centurions to assist. I also have a regiment of Commonwealth Marine Commandos standing by. They'll probably start coming in within a few days." I continued.
The station commander stared at me curiously.
"What about the Fortress of the Charon Pirates Commander? Wasn't that on the ROM?" he asked as everyone's ears opened up expectantly for the answer.
"Negative sir. There was no mention of the fortress however I will be joining the pilots of the Black Market Syndicate and their bounty hunters to hunt them down. In fact, we'll be leaving shortly." I said. He now looked even more curious.
"There was a meeting supposed to be held here to track down some alien technology that is supposedly hidden in that fortress..." He began but Tychus waved him down.
"We will ensure that technology is safely DELIVERED to the good gentlemen in St. Katherine's. From here it's no longer the kind business of the Korolov Corporation." he said and he slugged his heavy armor on to the platform. The commander dropper his head and moved off the platform. He was smart enough not to argue with a mafioso with 10 bounty hunters docked in his station.
"Don't look so let down everyone! You've just won a victory! There are Frigates, Drakes and hundreds of Corsair corpses flying around our station. We're gonna loot em be rich!! Common! Let the party start!!!" screamed.
"Damn straight! Let the party start!!" cried Tychus as he started the large disco player.


"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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CHAPTER 6: Odds and Evens

The meeting was over and everyone got to work in repairing the station. The freighters also returned and assisted in the looting of the floating pirate shipwrecks.
Nova and her team went into their chambers to discuss their own mission and also to get well versed with each other.
Tychus and I- along with his 10 bounty hunters- climbed into our ships and headed to the planet where the pirates had ejected.

We reached it quickly and quietly- there was no radio communication between us whatsoever to avoid spooking the Korolov people.
Eleven Molotok gunships and my Manticore floated downwards onto the planet. As we entered the atmosphere we immediately began picking up the pirate signatures from their landed escape pods.
We hovered over to a make-shift settlement they had made. Here I instructed Tychus to signal St. Katherine's to arrange a POW pick up. Although pirates were the scum of human space, they were smart enough to surrender peacefully when they were out of their ships. Any who did not surrender faced the most horrid deaths the Commonwealth- live body harvesting, Teraton nests, or worse, death by supreme boredom in the Sisters of Domina.

Tychus instructed five of his men to stay back and coordinate the pick up. The remaining five were to travel with us to a planet hidden away in the asteroid belt to the north of the system.
This planet was unlike the others in the system. It was actually very hospitable complete with forests, calcium rich rivers and more importantly a breathable atmosphere. Despite its habitability however, not many humans bothered to live here due to the omnipresent threat of asteroid strikes- which, while not frequent, were enough to spoil a Sunday afternoon. We decided to land on the dark side of the planet to avoid unnecessary attention from the nearby outlaw miners. I fired off an incendiary MAG and created a clearing for us to land.
Owing to the vast distance from the Charon sun, the nights on this planet were extremely cold- going down as low as -20`centigrade (around -4 degrees Fahrenheit). Heavy snow covered the trees around us and while there was no wind as such, it was still bitterly cold. I lit up a fire in the middle of the camp and we all sat around it.
There were seven of us in all. Save for Tychus, they were all wearing the mafia olive-green uniforms except for one who sported an armor similar to that of Tychus.
Tychus came out of his armor- something he rarely does- to enjoy the cold night.

I walked over to the cargo bay of my ship and over to the still tied up Viking pilots I had captured. Judging by their condition, it seemed my team of droids had taken decent care of them. Their space suits were ripped open and thrown to a side and pieces of half-eaten meat and bread lay scattered on some plates nearby.
The co-pilot was a dusky young woman with about shoulder length hair. She growled at me through the handkerchief in her mouth. Her commander was also a young man with a shaggy french beard and long sprawling hair. They were both dressed in leather space pants and white linen shirts - typical pirate clothing.
One of Tychus' pilots came in to assist and we pulled them out of the ship and threw them in front of the waiting campers. They fell and began to struggle like worms in the cold melting snow around the fire. Tychus' pilot kicked the young man in his gut- he howled in pain. This was signal enough for the girl to stop squirming too unless she really wanted tangled intestines.

I turned to Tychus and his men.
"Outlaw miner base that signaled the pirates?" I asked. The viking pilots looked on at me in astonishment- almost as if they'd seen a ghost.
"Blown to smithereens. No survivors taken. sir." replied the pilot who helped me pull out the pirates from my ship.
"Excellent! The pirate fortress?"
"No clue of it's whereabouts sir. Unfortunately no pirate ship survived to take us back there either. If I may ask sir, what about that ROM you gave to Major November?" another pilot replied.
"That ROM? I got it from these two turds. No mention of the exact location of the fortress except that it's near the south-western asteroid belt in the system."
"Damn straight Mikey. Why the prisoners then?" Tychus asked.
"Lets find out Tychus." I replied and got up from my seat.

I pulled up the young man and pulled out the handkerchief from his mouth. He immediately began to curse but quickly quietened down when Tychus picked up a burning coal from the fire and waved it towards his mouth.
"Location of Fortress" I began with the first round of questions.
"Up your mother's arse you sad @#$!! " he screamed back. I chuckled to myself.
"Wrong answer. My dad's been there and he didn't find any fortress!" I said and unleashed a couple of punches into his gut. He screamed in pain.
"Look Chuck- that's your name isn't it?; I've just sent a thousand of your friends to a big bad Teraton nest but thought I'd let you and your little girlfriend here live. I'm gonna start one more time and if I don't get nice answers my friend Tychus will slowly shove a burning stick up your butt." I said firmly as Tychus pulled out a burning cinder from the fire.
Chuck looked visibly scared at this point but still put up a brave front for a pirate.
"Fortress Chuck. Give me the coordinates of the fortress!" I screamed again.
"I already told you! It's up your mother's butt! I built a big fortress there!" he screamed back.
Tychus then pressed the hot cinder deep against his lower thigh and he shrieked in agony. "Gimme some salt!" Tychus yelled at his pilot and rubbed it against the burnt flesh. The screams became egregiously loud and I noticed the young girl sweating profusely.
"He won't talk Mikey. Either he's either very well trained or he doesn't know. Lemme roast him on the fire!" Tychus said to me after painting the young man's leg black with burn marks.
"He'll talk alright, but let's check out his girlfriend first." I said and trudged over to the girl.
"Now your name is Sally. Chuck and Sally? Your other pirate friends were leaving you both for dead when they were about to blast my ship so don't play the patriot game with me Sally. TELL ME WHERE THE FORTRESS IS!" I blasted.
"Didn't you hear my brother you ugly bastard? It's up your mothe..." she began but I didn't let her finish and ripped off her linen shirt revealing her naked body. One of the Molotok pirates immediately caught hold her and held steady- she howled in indignation. Chuck saw this and also began to squirm. I had correctly guessed his weakness.
"Leave my sister alone you @#$!!" he screamed but I ignored him and continued to stare at the naked woman.
"Sister? I'll have her for dinner thank you very much" laughed Tychus and walked over to Sally. He reached out his hands for her bare chest but I stopped him angrily.
"Listen to me Chuck and Sally. You both have two options. Option 1) My men are going to rape Sally black and blue while Chuck watches. After this, we will burn Sally on this fire- again- while Chuck watches. Finally we shall very slowly shove this hot particle saber up Chuck's bottom. Option 2) You tell me about the fortress and we can all go home. Please take your time to decide" I said and waved to Tychus.

Tychus moved his heavy body towards Sally and was about to lay his hands on her when Chuck began to shout- begging him to stop.
"Look, I don't know where the Pirate fortress is! We're just grunts for God's sake!" he pleaded.
"Damn straight Mikey. They're only Viking pilots right?" suggesting Tychus curiously.
"I hear you Tychus, but they're not simple grunts." I turned to Chuck and Sally. "If I can risk the lives of a thousand people aboard the Korolov station, do you really think I'll crash my Manticore into your Viking to save a little Ronin pilot?? I'm getting impatient with you both!" I finished.
Chuck and Sally looked at each other and their eyes widened. "Okay Commander Anderson. I'll tell you the fortress's coordinates." whispered Sally. She was now flaunting more fear than she even was when Tychus tried to touch her. She blurted some coordinates and I noted them down.
Tychus and his men stood confused and bewildered. One of them was about to ask me but I answered first.
"Gentlemen, the Viking II Class gunship they were flying had a Black-Knight chess piece printed on it. Only 4 other Vikings and 5 Corsairs had this sign printed on them but they all got destroyed by the Ronins. I rammed my Manticore into the last one as a last resort." I elucidated.
"Knights?" remarked Tychus. "This means that Chuck and Sally here came directly from the Fortress!" he continued.

Chuck, who had been writhing in pain from his wounds fell to the floor. I ordered Tychus' men to provide him medical assistance so that Sally could speak calmly. They hastily picked him up and took him inside my ship.
I turned to Sally; she was now indubitably scared to her bones. I took off my winter jacket and wrapped it around her and despite being half naked in the freezing cold, she was sweating profusely. I calmly demanded an explanation.
" About a fortnight ago the chief of our Tripoli class Destroyers- The Pirate Ship Kronosaur- had delivered some 'alien' cargo that they picked up from the Eta Ceti System. There was not much talk about it since we're used to receiving secret cargoes. That was until my father - a communications officer on the Kronosaur- reported to the Fortress about some mysterious spatial anomaly that was following them. They started to beam signals to it. While they were unable to pick up the exact identity of the ship, they were able to identify a deflector- I think it was a Ki-dun, kite-dung... " As Sally tried to pronounce the word Tychus and I jumped up in sheer terror.
" Ares Kaidun shield generator!!!" we both screamed. Sally and the other present stared at us disconcertingly.
"Holy @#$! folks! That ship that was following them was no spatial anomaly! IT WAS A GOD DAMN PHOBOS!!" Tychus yelled again and all of the pilots with exception of Sally stared at each other in horror. Chuck, who must have heard the commotion came flying out in the hover-chair that my droids had given him.

Sally still looked confused but continued on with her articulation of events -we were all ears to her.
"When the news broke of this 'Phobos' as you refer to it, everyone in the fortress went haywire and ships from all of our systems were called to the Fortress. In the middle of this confusion we received a signal from one of our bases that the Korolov Corporation was planning an attack on the fortress. The source of the signal was from an outlaw miner camp so we were still unsure of it's authenticity, thus the fortress instructed another pirate base to deploy a small squadron of Frigates and Drakes to destroy the station. The Knights squadron was dispatched to do recon just to confirm that this was not an Ares trap. Seeing all of our squadron obliterated in the melee, Chuck and I decided saw the opportunity to take a prisoner home for questioning. We saw a Ronin escape pod and headed for it - that is when you rammed into us." she finished pointing her finger at me.

It all made sense now. The Ares were being harassed by Admiral Decker's new Olympus Class Carriers and upgraded Aquila cruisers. Naturally, the last thing they’d ever want is to let Decker get his hands on a fiendish weapon like the Lamplighter Arc-Cannon. But then, what's better than destroying a planet-destroying cannon? - Owning one for yourself of course!
We all sat down by the fire and pondered. I ordered the handcuffs off my prisoners now that I had their loyalty.
“Sirs, I am confused as to why the Ares Phobos didn’t destroy our destroyer and take the cargo.” Asked Chuck- now visibly relaxed.
“You see Chuck and Sally, that ‘special’ cargo is not the weapon. They’re the fusion triggers required to start the reaction in the cannon’s combustion chamber. Without them, you can't fire a peanut out of it” Tychus replied.
“Rightly said Tychus. The Ares were tracking the triggers so they could get to the… Holy @#$!! Everyone! We have to get to the fortress now!” I screamed.
“What? Wait, the fortress doesn’t have any weapon!” exclaimed Sally.
“We know that but the Ares don’t! Chuck you’re with me, Sally ride with Tychus” I screamed back as everyone got up hastily. We put out the fire and rushed into our ships. Tychus signaled the rest of his Bounty Hunters to form up. I also sent word of the Fortress to Nova and her team for additional assistance. We blasted off into space and headed in the direction of the Korolov Station.
The other five Bounty Hunters joined us as we zoomed past the pirate refugee camp. Large Aurochs transports were jetting out of the atmosphere. As we reached the Korolov station we saw around fifty small green dots heading our way.
“War-wolf, this is Nova. We’re forming on you.” Nova radioed as she, Jenna and their team of 40 Commonwealth Centurions and 10 Ronins from the Foxtrot and Tango squadrons formed up on our wings.
“Roger Nova. There is a perceived Ares presence so keep your squadron back until my order. I say again NO ONE SHOOTS ANYTHING UNTIL I SAY SO! Me and the Molotoks go in first.”
Once all 63 spacecraft were together everyone electronically linked their ships’ hyper-drives to the Trans-space Jump-drive on Tychus’ Molotok. A large electronic cloud immediately covered all of our ships and thunder and lightening began to crackle all around us. “ There’s the cloud, on my mark everybody.” declared Tychus. “MARK!” he screamed and instantly every single ship and their passengers disintegrated into Tachyons and sped towards the Fortress. Faster-than-light travel was by no means a comfortable experience but our F.T.L suits did make it less painful.

We warped in fifteen thousand kilometers from the fortress - just outside conventional pirate radar range but well within the advanced radars of the Ares. Everyone began to beam signals in all directions to check for movement but there was nothing.
"Attention all flights, this is War-wolf; Tychus and I are going in to investigate. I want all of the Molotok Bounty Hunters and Centurions to form a protective sphere around the Ronins and Major November.
Major November, you are to remain with in the sphere and take command of all flights. If we don't signal or come back within with the next two hours, you are to presume us dead and warp back to the Korolov station and signal the Commonwealth Fleet to prepare for a full scale emergency. Understood?" I told everyone and everyone sent their acknowledgements.
"Negative Commander Anderson. We won't leave you behind!" cried Jenna but Nova was quick to hush her up.
"What about Chuck and Sally Mike? Shouldn't we leave em here?" Tychus asked. I looked over to Chuck who was sitting beside me- he nodded.
"Negative. We'll need them to help find our way around the Fortress." I replied.
The other star-ships maneuvered into a spherical formation around Nova's Wolfen and the upgraded Ronins of Tango and Charlie.

We continued to head towards what was first a large white dot and eventually became a small circular structure. We noticed the first Pirate ships and also had our first encounter with the Infamous Kronosaur.
Chuck slumped his head down into his hands while Sally's wild screams could be heard on the radio from Tychus' Molotok. We had reached the Fortress.
"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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*** I've posted some photos at the end of this just to help you imagine the characters while reading. The characters are purely my creations but that's the image I'd like to portray for them.


Sally was inconsolable and would not stop crying. Chuck teared up but refrained from the excessive emotions his sister was displaying. I could understand their grief for floating right in front of us was the wreck of the Tripoli class destroyer- the Pirate Ship Kronosaur. Around it, hundreds of Corsairs, Vikings, Drakes and Frigates as far as the eye could see; and behind it was the burning ruins of the Charon Pirate Fortress.
"Chuck if there's any chance of your father being alive, I'll board the ship. What say you?" I looked over to Chuck but he nodded in the negative.
"My father was an honorable man- by no means a 'pirate' as you Commonwealth people would describe. He will have rammed his sword into his chest at the moment the Kronosaur went down." he replied solemnly.
I walked over to a small compartment in the backward area of my cockpit. A sliding door rolled up and my Commonwealth Marine Armour slid forward. My combat armored suit was different from Tychus' new heavy Marauder Combat Infantry Tank, it was smaller and sported a more sleek C-14 Dragon-Master Rifle. I hadn't worn it for weeks but my droids did an excellent job of it's upkeep. Chuck looked on silently as the suit sealed itself around me.
"Nova, I need all of you to come in please. We're too late, there is no fortress left." I messaged in disappointment.
"Roger War-wolf, we're on our way." she replied.
"Attention all flights, I need everyone in combat suits and with weapons ready. We'll be docking with the Kronosaur and the Fortress."
Around the asteroids we saw large broken cloaking towers- most had their cloaking crystals shattered.

Within a few moments the other star-ships formed up on us. The usual gasps of surprise, horror, and amazement lit up the radio waves. I was intent on boarding the Kronosaur first because I knew that these ships had hard rooms for officers. I desperately wanted to check out the siblings' father; if he was a comm officer he would have more information to give. Since all Centurion pilots were trained C.M.C Marines, they were to join us in the boarding party. I needed the Molotok pilots firm in their ships to assist the Ronins in case things should go bad.

"Alright everyone, I need you to keep your ships on standby if anything goes wrong. Major November, Tychus and the siblings are joining me to lead the boarding party which shall include Marine Team Hammer. Captain Jenna, Foxtrot, Tango and Bounty Hunters will standby on guard around the Kronosaur - avoid using splash weaponry. Understood?" I instructed. " Tychus, you have command inside the ship".
"Roger that War-wolf. Bounty Hunters assuming guard."
"Copy that Commander Anderson!" replied Jenna
"Understood commander. Ronins assuming left flank." replied Foxtrot and Tango

The Centurion pilots were the first to dock with the Kronosaur wreck while we quickly followed. All of us jumped onto the docking ports and the Marines, all wearing armor similar to mine, scanned the docks with their C-14s. Tychus and Sally were the last to come out. We had arranged for light combat armor for Sally and Chuck but for obvious reasons, didn't give them any weapons.
Major Nova sported a skin-hugging Sanctuary Specter armor which, though not as bulky or powerful as our suits, had the game changing capability to make it's wearer invisible to the naked eye.
We walked slowly into the dark burning ship, electrical sparks flew randomly across the room.
"Okay everyone, we're splitting up into three groups- Major Nova, you're going to the top with your team, Mike, you're going to the weapons bays at the bottom with Sally and I'm gonna sweep the middle with Chuck." Tychus instructed. He turned to two of the Centurion pilots to standby in case we needed to evacuate.

I asked Sally if she knew the whereabouts of the comm room but she had never served on the ship. We searched the whole top section when suddenly one of the Marines reported movement.
Before our eyelids could close for the blink, our fingers were in trigger position and we ran towards the direction of the sound. We ran through the large bridge area which was littered with bodies of dead pirates. There was blood everywhere and the entire hall stank of it. There was a small narrow corridor to the left section of the bridge. The corridor was just wide enough to squeeze two armored marines in side-by-side. I, along with the Marine who reported the noise went in first- behind us Sally and the other marines. We walked towards the door slowly, trigger fingers ready. Our heavy metal suits made a lot of noise as we approached causing the knocking became more intense.
"I'm gonna open this door, and you be ready to shoot anything that comes out with a weapon. Clear?" I said to the Marine as we stared at the large metal door which was sealed from the outside.
"Attention whoever is behind that door! We are armed Marines and we will shoot if we see any sign of aggression! You are to step away from the door this very instance!" I screamed and fired a heavy slug into the electronic circuit on the door.
The door hadn't quiet slid open that we rammed our heavy armors inside. An old man lay shivering on the ground on the other side. His white uniform was surprisingly intact. The room was completely dark so we dropped some illumination-tubes which revealed the entire area. In it all sorts of equipment and computers lay scattered and broken. There was also a large window to see into space.
"Who are you?!" we demanded as Sally ran up to help the man. "Sally, is this your dad?" I asked.
"Oh Selina! the horror! Oh the horror! Bodies everywhere!" the man wailed and began to cough blood.
"Darwin!! Darwin!! Where's father uncle Darwin?!" Sally screamed and began to cry wildly. I really didn't have time for this and trained the laser tip on my weapon to uncle Darwin's temple.
"Common uncle Darwin! Where's her father!?" I blasted.
"He's, he's in the Comm room on the aft section of the ship. I don't know if he's alive." he squirmed back.
"Who did this?! Who attacked you? Was it Ares?! Common! Tell me!" I screamed.

The old man lay his head into Sally's lap and closed his eyes. Sally wept slowly over him for a few seconds then got up and walked out of the hall silently.
"Attention all units! Report to the Comm section at the aft of the ship. We have reason to believe the Comm officer of this ship is still alive. He's probably hid in the engine room." I announced.
"Roger that Mikey, we're on our way. Oh and Mike, there's something I'd like to talk to you about." Tychus radioed back to me on a private frequency. I didn't respond.
"Copy that War-wolf. We'll be there." Nova called back.
We ran towards the aft part of the large ship (it almost half a mile away) and as we ran through the different sections of the ship, something flashed into my eye. I stopped but instructed the others to continue. I looked to my left and noticed a green sparkling rod about a good 15 meters in length stuck in a wall section. I scanned it with an analyzer which reported the composition. Suddenly a crazy cocktail of negative emotions surged through my body. I switched to the private frequency I had with Tychus.
"Tychus,..." I began but suddenly the large Marauder suit thumped right behind me.
"That's exactly what I was talking about boy! There's hundreds of em in the middle deck." Tychus said as his helmet slipped into his suit.
"Tychus, this particle residue- the kind left over by..."
"Tev- 9 Blasters Mikey."
Tychus looked down to the ground and shook his head.
"The Fortress was not attacked by Ares. It was attacked by a god damned Commonwealth Star-ship Carrier!" I began to notice tension in Tychus' speech.
"Any guesses? Most carriers are beyond Eta Ceti except one that had come to Point Juno to resupply. I think it was the..." I began.

"The CSC Europa!" we both screamed.

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Tychus' new suit.
Tychus' new suit.
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"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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Tychus and I looked around we found more particle residues littered everywhere. It was then that Nova killed any remaining doubt we had in our minds.
"War-wolf this is Nova, we've found the ship's comm officer. I think you both should come here right now." she radioed however Tychus and I were already running and almost there.
The engine room was a very large hall with four gigantic engine chambers protruding from the back wall. There were metal stairs everywhere and large overhead walkways. Nova and her team had lit up the place with white lights.
Everyone was gathered around a brown skinned, middle aged man seated on a chair. His legs, arms and neck were swollen. His son and daughter sat on the floor beside him holding his legs and crying.
As I approached Sally got up from her father's feet and began to scream at and violently struck her fists against my suit. I pushed her away and walked up to her father.
"The Commonwealth fleet attacked us! Your people! You son of a bitch! You're no better than we are! You tricked..." he began his rant but I hushed him before he could reveal anything to anyone.
"If the Commonwealth Fleet hadn't attacked your little base here then I would have. Either way- your life would've sucked. Now speak up pirate or watch both of your children's guts spill on your face." I said as Tychus picked up the screaming Sally and Chuck by their necks, their legs flapped above the ground.
Nova looked on at me indignantly but didn't speak.
"No! Selena! Charles! Let my children go coward!" the old man tried to scream but his voice rasped causing him to cough.
"Coward? You pirates have killed thousands of innocent Korolov pilots; destroyed stations without mercy; raped countless women and taken hundreds captive! You have the tongue to call us cowards!?" Tychus yelled back furiously and flung Chuck violently towards the back wall. He hit violently fell unconscious to the floor. "Answer the good Lieutenant's questions or I'm pulling out Sally's intestines!" Tychus pinched hard into Sally's bare stomach with his suit's robotic fingers. She screamed in agony.
"Will you stoop down to this level Mike?! Stop this!!" Nova screamed but Tychus dug his finger even harder into Sally's gut- her screams resonated throughout the engine room.
Nova pushed Tychus back releasing the girl from his grip and took her into her arms. Tychus stared back angrily at both of the women. "God damn pilgrims!" he smirked under his breath.
"Mike this is not you. Please! You're not your father!" she said as she comforted Sally who was still howling in pain..
I stared back into Nova's eyes. Nova turned towards the sitting man. "Sir, please tell us everything so more people don't have to die." she asked earnestly

"Okay! Okay! I'll speak! What do you want?! Please let my daughter go!" The old man finally said.
"How far did that Phobos follow you?" I demanded.
"Through many systems. All the way up to Point Juno."
"Who gave you the fusion triggers?"
"We got it from religious people. They call themselves the Penitents" as the old man spoke Nova's eyes widened.
"Penitents? Where could they have gotten such a thing from?" she wondered out-loud.
"I don't know... All I know is that the moment my children and their squadron left for the Korolov Station the C.S.C Europa warped above the fortress and destroyed everything. Swarms of Britannia gunships laid waste to everything and they flew away with the triggers." he wept.
"What about the Ares?!!" I yelled back.
"Two Sandstorms did a fly over the fortress this morning. They hovered over the fortress before coming over to this ship and then left as fast as they came."
"God damn it!! Now they're tracking the Europa! There are give thousand people on that ship and with a damn Dreadnought tracking them they're as good as dead!" I bellowed in anger.

Sally, holding her stomach with both hands looked up angrily at me. "You're worried about the people on Europa! What about these hundreds of thousands who YOU would have killed?" she cried. I stared at her angrily and was about to unleash hell with my tongue when their father interjected me. He reached out for his daughter's hand and wept slowly.
"Selena... My daughter, we are pirates. We had chosen this life for ourselves. We deserved what we have gotten. Major November, I beg of you to release my children from this curse. They are young and there is nothing left of the Charon pirates to fight for." He began to weep loudly. Nova turned to me.

I waved to the Marines to head back to their centurions. I thundered towards Nova.
"Listen to me Major. I'm going to Point Juno to intercept Europa and take those triggers, we must warn them before they encounter that Ares Phobos. You can do whatever you want to with this family. Tychus you in?" I said truculently.
" Ha ha ha, you know I'm always in Mikey." Tychus laughed back and we both began to walk towards the exit leaving Nova and the pirate family behind however I stopped midway and let Tychus walk on.
I trampled back to the four of them and looked at Sally. I looked deep into Sally's eyes and took a deep breath as Nova looked on.
I ejected out of the suit and looked down at the young girl.

"I'm really sorry for that Selena." I said as I pointed to her stomach. She didn't reply and continued to stare blankly at me. "I would not have killed anyone who surrendered. I would not have killed anyone who was unarmed. I am not a monster Sally and I sure as hell will not let you and Chuck become monsters." I looked over to Nova.
"I am sorry Nova. I didn't mea..."
"I know you very well Lieutenant Anderson. The grace of Domina is strong upon you- I can feel her essence when I'm near you. We'll patch up the kids along the way and send them back to Korolov. I'm coming with you to Point Juno." Nova spoke benevolently although I didn't understand a word about the Domina mumbo-jumbo.

I lead the group out towards the docks and into the waiting ships. I got into the Manticore and started up her engines. Sally and her family boarded Nova's Wolfen gunship.
"Attention all flights. We have a Mission Successful. We have information on the mainstay and we'll be in pursuit soon but for know we're headed back to Korolov. Prepare for warp." Nova radioed joyfully as a large electric cloud shrouded all of the ships.

"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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This story...IS FREAKING AWESOME! I'm waiting for the next chapter enthusiastically Mikey!
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TheLoneWolf wrote:This story...IS FREAKING AWESOME! I'm waiting for the next chapter enthusiastically Mikey!
Hey Wolf!

I'm thankful to you for taking the time to read it. It's my interpretation to some of the in-game events.

"Umm, I'm sorry I just killed your officer Akira, but he was getting on my nerves''
"Can I take his ship now?"

Calvin E. Taylor to Akira Gorbachev, the daughter of Ares Chief Admiral Vasily Gorbachev, after brutally killing one of her Tundra pilots.
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MikeAngora wrote:
TheLoneWolf wrote:This story...IS FREAKING AWESOME! I'm waiting for the next chapter enthusiastically Mikey!
Hey Wolf!

I'm thankful to you for taking the time to read it. It's my interpretation to some of the in-game events.

Ah! Np! Its been a pleasure anyway! The story is carefully planned out. Its not like someone just got up and said, "I'm bored. Lets write a fanfic." But it seems like intensive drafting and stuff. And that for sure leaves a good impression on anyone. There is humour (and boy I love it! Put a PEGI 16 rating and go into the details ;) ), the characters aren't from ground up, but still well defined. And you put faces to the names! This story makes me want to join that rag-tag squadron you got there. But you already got my favourite Manti and Wolfen. So awww. But still, freakin awesome work and brainstorming in there! Good luck!
I interpret that the Europa dies, the Moltoks die, you get the triggers, and then I'm blank.
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