Svalbard explorer’s mission bug

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Hi, I’ll report a bug about Svalbard explorer’s mission at the Heretic system.


1. Before starting Svalbard explorer’s mission, I shot a Pteravore lair at long range.

2. Pteravores attacked and dameged Svalbard Explorer, not me.

3. After I destroyed all Pteravore lairs, I docked with Svalbard explorer and started the mission.

4. Then, the explorer rushed at the Heretic stargate with her words “Scanning…”.

5. The explorer disappeared at the stargate, but it re-appeared at the same place where it had been at the first time when I re-entered the system.

6. After repeating the process 4 and 5 for three times, “Scanning” mission has been completed and Svalbard explorer’s mission has been normalized.
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