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Just finished SOTP modded run. It's been a while (probably four or five years) since I tried so hard to finish the game. Usually I play Transcendence just straight to mod testing and some of my playthrough didn't make it after St.Katharine. So anyway, I have some comment about few things during my playthrough:

1. NPC ship behavior is quite apathetic especially on trade routes. They were used to help anyone on their way, now they don't even shoot when there were enemies near them. I know they were made to solve problem with NPC always looking for trouble that often make escort mission getting harder. But what disappoint me most is this behavior affected Xenophobes. Once aggressive and brutal nomad that destroy everything in sight, now just space wanderer that doesn't even want to attack anyone. They don't even shoot at maximum range like they were used to.

I thinking the solution for this problem is to make NPC have weapon fire detection. So instead waiting someone land a hit on their hull, it's better let NPC check if there was projectile fired from hostile ship near them.

2. There was a bug on CSC Antarctica mission. I docked on CSC and let them die by Aquillas. Then going to CSC Terra, they said they still have no report on Antarctica. I'm not sure what caused this. I recall I was fighting the Aquillas (although I didn't really mean to kill them; just get bored waiting Antarctica dead) and some of my weapon hit Antarctica. I probably got Betrayal sequence, but I'm not sure if that was causing this bug.

3. Few years back, I created a thread about how ICS is weaker boss than Phobos. But now, ICS is much better and scary especially improvement with disintegration cannon. This weapon now have smaller projectile thus make missile defense had a bit hard time to destroy them. Not to mention its speed and long lifetime that makes the projectile act like boomerang. Man... I was not using missile defense at that time for challenge and regret my folly. Even with missile defense, I still getting killed by that crap several time (probably because I using ICX laser).

Even so, it's fun fighting ICS and it is pleasant victory after I finally destroyed them.
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