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Militia Captain
Militia Captain
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I have been play testing mods recently and have been using the auton bay a lot. I like it.

I was wondering which weapons, armor and shields forum members use in their autons. Any recommendations? TIA.
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Militia Lieutenant
Militia Lieutenant
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late post, i know xD

The best i got, parking ship on planet wreck or whatever and let drones do the cleanup while i take agro ^^

Until recently i dit alot of thinkerer self repair orthosteel lvl8's.... but duranium ore went out the window so now it is plasteel -> blastplate -> v300 -> adv italium /maybe diamond lattice if i can find it. But not light iocrym, those dont repair in the bay (max lvl 10).

Laser alot, than i ad emp and ion-disruptors asap.
I always skip kinetic particle and blast due to resists or projectiles that hit the drones instead of target. Same whit thermo... would be nice, but drones shoot one another whit that.
Resulting in:
1. laser + emp ion-disruptor
2. upping into ion regular + emp ion-disruptor.
Sheilds i simply max out on MW... doesnt matter mutch for drones, as long they got a regen on it, they usally live.... and win ^^

I sure like the new drone pickup system these days tho... same for ore to fly over / scoop-up.

An oddball is to domina enhance than max out (plasteel drums) a diamond lattice armor to 150%. Than drop sheild gen on a Lumierw battle auton, that way u can salvage the aa from Aegis drones and put 1 of those on your 100MW drone, making them end game boss capable ... gl hf ;-)
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