Transcendence Adoration Thread

General discussion about anything related to Transcendence.
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I love Transcendence because even after continually forgetting about it I keep getting drawn back with every new release :)
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Aye you never know what is going to be in a new version of this crazy game!
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I like Transcendence because it is a world of its own:
Windslavers are the wrath of an AI scorned ; then I started to discover your posts after I met up with the 330 mule and wanted to know what it was , it was following me around, just staring at me...stopping behind an asteriod when I stop, watching me....It would not attack anything, it did not get closer......did not behave like the autons I was getting used to.........
I hit my windows key and googled it and it led me here .

Since then I have got versions 1, 4, 5 .....I have been trying extensions to see what I like and what works with the game without "taking away" from it : reading your posts almost daily to get information on my questions about a thought or question I had for the game : seems you people work over-time thinking of almost everything:) And I THANK YOU.
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The mule auton is pretty cool-- I first thought it was a flying couch!
What really made me stick with Trans though is its modding capabilities and the small, but great, community of modders and players of Trans. Overall, a great experience to accompany the game as you meet others who have played the game and mod it as well.
By the way, thanks for all of the modders who helped me work on my mods, without you guys, I'd be staring at the .tdb and the outdated Xelerus functions for hours on end!
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