How to check exactly how much domina attitude/relationship

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Hey there,

I spend a huge chunk of money buying medical items and donating to domina. When I read the wiki, it says there was a timer between donations or my later donations will not count in adding attitude.

Because of that, i was wondering, is there a mod, or how do i check exactly how much domina attitude / relationship I have?

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PM's got a mod for that--I think it's "Hints" or something. Unless george changed that too in the latest version, the timer applies to credit donations, not item donations. (That would be because credit donations' efficacy are based on your ship's net worth, so donating rapidly would let a determined player game the system.)

Donating inventory items (the "Offer Item" in the Sanctum) shouldn't be on a timer, since the effects of any given donation are a function of what you gave up, not what proportion of your inventory you gave. In practice, donating 1 halo gem 10 times should have the same effect on Domina relations as donating 10 gems once, though the former approach takes longer.
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Attitude is a hidden stat. You will never see how much you have without a mod. Raw relationship is also hidden, but having more of it unlocks Domina powers, and that is all that matters.

Credit donation is a royal pain to exploit at best, and a trap at... any other time. Just stick with donating fuel (or a few other consumable types) if you need attitude points. 750 credits worth of fuel per attitude point is easy to remember. If you still want to donate credits, load my mod Hints Shown to see what you need to do.
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