What is balance, and does it matter in Transcendence?

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Atarlost wrote:
bzm3r wrote:1) "Balance" is a concept from games where competitive encounters between human players is possible. The history of the usage of the term also justifies that definition because usually "balance discussions" come about in RTS games like Starcraft (played competitively), FPS shooters like CounterStrike (played competitively), MMORPGs with competitive elements (e.g. World of Warcraft) or more recently, MOBAs like League of Legends or Dota 2 which thrive on the competitive scene.
Balance is also used in cooperative games and single player games and has been for longer than most of those have been things.
Yeah, that's a good point. Actually, from what you and sun have said, I think when I say one has to make sure content "meshes into the game", I am referring exactly to "balance" -- balance and design are too closely intertwined to simply gloss over like that
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