The New Korolov : same old tricks

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For many of these versions I confess I played with extension.
I am slightly obsessed with the Traffic Orders & always looking for ways to improve them
without detracting or distracting ( I usually fail at the 'distracting' part because I love watching the fights I start )

Anyway.. over the versions Korolov has randomly ignored it's orders and sent both the Player & a regular escort on the same assignment - This was usually ignored because of the use of extensions that tampered with Korolov or other traffic orders for shipping companies.

However, today I had this happen to me on a straight out of the box game....

Looking at the jumble that is the new Korolov.xml I can immediately see that there isn't a STERN order to avoid sending the player on assignment with a regular escort.

While I truly believe that the New Korolov is a dream come true with it's NPC escorts to Gates & new escort mission lacks some of the old Stern orders that kept this double escort thing under the carpet.

Of course, I don't think this is serious enough to try to attack the issue...I only feel this way because I have not seen anyone else reporting it....

so, am I alone in this one so far or do we have enough experiences to consider the random event a hostile activity?
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I experienced something like that! It was in one of my games in June, and I forgot to make a ticket of it. I took a screenshot:
The Ronin here was definitely escorting the Antares during my mission.
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This is because the escorts only have their orders changed back to guard when the station's <OnTrafficControl> event runs, which is every 8 seconds. If you accept a mission between when the freighter docks and that event, the escort will keep escorting.

Here's the fix: ... 2eecdaef31
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