Transcendence Broadcast: The Sung Slavers

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george moromisato
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In my permadeath run I'm now in the Ungoverned Territories, so I thought I'd focus tomorrow's Twitch session on the Sung Slavers: lore, mechanics, strategy, etc.

If you've got ideas for new mechanics or missions, or if you've got questions about the Slavers, please tune in and contribute. Post responses here too so we can have a wider conversation.

See you all tomorrow: Thursday 4 PM Pacific Time on Twitch:
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Militia Lieutenant
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The player should get some really interesting reward for freeing lots of slaves (i.e. maybe 42 of them) at the Commonwealth.
  • A mission where the player acquires a way to use (possibly) unlimited cyberattacks (i.e. ShieldsDown and Disarm ROMs).
  • An alternate introduction to the Huari mission arc.
  • A (possibly Huarian) wingman who wants to help you destroy Sung outposts.
Here are some questions
  • Who makes CyberDeck items?
  • Are the Sung Slavers the only ones (besides the Player) who regularly utilize cyberwarfare during in-game combat? Why is that?
  • How much computing power would a Slave Coffin provide? How would the total computing power of the Sung Slavers compare with that of the CDM or Luminous?
Fleet Admiral
Fleet Admiral
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There could be better rewards at 12 and 24 slaves. Longzhus are the only useful thing, but not so great since they do not stack anymore, and the rest of the items are junk. However, even if rewards are better, slaves being the only practical way to get tier 5 powers means players who want those powers will always deposit slaves at Sisters on first opportunity, and why not if player wants to power-game?

As for the stream itself, is the link between IRC and Discord still down?
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Militia Commander
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For Sung Slaver backstory, I was thinking about mad scientist which discovered how to transform human calories into energy. Its energy converted into Longzhus so they can sell or use it. They hunt and kidnaping Commonwealth and most Huari peoples to enslave them.
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