Transcendence Broadcast: George plays Starbound

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george moromisato
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Tomorrow on Twitch ( I'll play Starbound with Ttech. I've heard great things about the game and I think it has a lot in common with Transcendence.

If you've got any tips for playing, please post them here.

Tune in tomorrow at 4 PM Pacific time. See you then!
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Militia Lieutenant
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I'll join the server when it goes public. The game looks a lot like Terraria, which is comparable to Minecraft.
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Starbound is a really fun game! I recommend it.

It's a bit rogue-like with procedurally-generated planets and biomes. However, the start of the game might be a bit frustrating due to how easy it is to die simply from collision damage with the monsters. There's also the risk of falling damage and being trapped underground without a clear access to the surface.

If you're playing, hit me up via username: H4mmerhed. I've cleared several games already, so I can speed you through or help you get used to the system. It's actually quite fun, even in single player.

Edit: Tips from a long-time player

1. Craft. Torches. Use them to mark your path of descent when going underground. It will help you keep track of your whereabouts as well as provide you quick access to an escape route should you ever feel the need to ascend to the surface post haste.

2. Upon landing on your starter planet, build an outpost as a bunker. It will be something like your safe zone where you can sleep peacefully without the wildlife trying to kill you every chance they get. Also, make doors. Bunkers without doors often lead to the death of its occupants.

3. Grow crops that can be used as food on the top most layer of your bunker. Take advantage of the occasional rain on your starter planet to get food that you can eat to stave off hunger. Especially useful when playing Survival where the player can die from hunger.

4. Don't harvest crops until you need to use it. Food will spoil after a period of time unless they're put in a refrigerator. Crop will not rot if you leave it on the plant itself.

5. Keep a stockpile of ores in boxes in your bunker. Put items of the same type in the same box for easy organization. Reminder: If you try to collect a box or crate by dislodging it with the Matter Manipulator (or it falls off a tile block), its content will spill out onto the floor and immediately collected by the nearest player.

For starters, I guess. Once you get to playing, you'll be able to come up with your own rules that work for you. Good luck! :)
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